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    If you want to read an interesting and authentic view of biker culture this is a good read The Aging Rebel is a real voice for motorcycle clubs He s very intuitive, perhaps a bit paranoid, but makes good arguments to support his opinions regarding the freedoms that are trying to be ...

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    Decent book A compilation of Essays from The Aging Rebel blog.

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    A series of great essays from the motorcycle frontier The author is a good writer and an incisive social critic.

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The Aging Rebel In 2008, Donald Charles Davis, As The Aging Rebel, Began Writing News Reports, Essays And Reviews Aimed At An Audience Of Motorcycle Outlaws The 50 Selections In This Book Were Originally Published On The Web At Www.agingrebel.com Readers Have Described The Site As William Saroyan Meets Hunter Thompson What Sets This Site Apart From Everything Else Out There, One Fan Wrote, Is The Amazing Literary Coverage Journalism In Probably Its Finest Form Of The Most Riveting Real Life Story Lines Imaginable In This Age Of The Celebration Of The Vapid And Irrelevant Rebel S Writing Makes Me Laugh At What S Not Funny The Work Is A Real Contribution To The Efforts Of Western Literature In General, And A Celebration Of True Americana It S Uplifting, Unifying And Edifying At Once, And Appropriately Hilarious.