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    a physician in africa a world of disease decay takes strange shape a move into the unknown the inexplicable finds its form and renovates, reconfigures a new, dead life figures in a landscape become one with that landscape stylized characters form a comic tableau, fighting and fucking and dying, always dying a journey up river in...

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    Kind of a wild mix between Joseph Conrad and Erich Maria Remarque, with a nod to Malcolm Lowry and with the edgy other worldliness of Philip K Dick The comparisons to Vonnegut s Ice nine from Cat s Cradle will be inevitable, but the distinction is one of procedure rather than substance.Vonnegut used Ice nine as a plot device, whereas Ballard s crystals are a metaphor for our unavoidable demise, our inescapable mortality The novel s protagonist Dr Sanders specializes in the treatment of leprosy patients in rural Africa, and several connections are made between the spread of leprosy and the strange crystallization Also evident, though somewhat muted, is Ballard s search for faith and questions about the crystallization as a symbol for Christianity.Visually, this is impressive and mesmerizing The world Ballard creates, his pulsating description of the crystals and jewels in the jungle sunlight and making strange silhouettes of the characters is dazzling, as if he had painted a portrait.First published in 1966, a reader may ask of what sort is this speculative fiction Science Fiction, fantasy, magical realism Was Ballard stoned out of his mind Do crystals look cool in the glow of a lava lamp And of what importance does Ballard make to the diamond mines trapped in irony amongst the crystal jungles Ballard answers many questions, but leaves many unanswered in this hypnotic but puzzling tale Ultimately s...

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    Ballard novel subject, end time Crystal, metaphor Verbs Inappropriateness Nouns, exclusivity Technique problems Action omission Review inanity, boredom Book impossibility Author choices, comprehension Ballard uniqueness, praise OULIPO Disagreement.LSD Certainty.

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    What do I think of this novel I already got a glimpse of it amidst several of the first half of the complete short stories of Ballard, so I knew what to expect before sinking my teeth in it Time flowers leads to these crystals The Illuminated Man himself was drawn into the theme of the Crystal World There s a lot of great imagery going on, and surprisingly, it isn t just the descriptions of the the world being consumed by a time reversed or rather, collided time with anti time semi liquid crystals that shine with their own internal light There s a dialog about religion and survivalism, an undercurrent of revenge and guilt, acceptance and futility People do say it s a sci fi equivalent of Heart of Darkness, but I think it s than that.I like to digest some of the deeper currents in the work Discover how it truly applies to the crystallizing world After all, the tortured priest discovered t...

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    This book totally crashes the already ridiculous for me GR 5 star rating system because honestly this is an awful, awful book, ridiculously awful, and I loved it completely This writing Wow there are weird unlikely dependent clauses all over the place, and there as so many bizarre actually what I meant to write just then is freakishly bizarre descriptions of characters and of their behaviors There is the story itself for some inexplicable reason the world is going to pot in a very beautiful way, in this particular apocalypse, where organic growing things are becoming crystalline structures When people start to turn spiky, they kind of like it It doesn t hurt and they get to merge with everything else in a kind of eternal not death To top it off there is a bit of a Heart of Darkness feel to this novel, including of course a big dark river, and an odd jungle, and ...

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    The Crystal World Time and death are defeated as crystallization takes overOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureThe Crystal World 1966 is J.G Ballard s third apocalyptic work in which he destroys civilization, the other two being The Burning World 1964 and The Drowned World 1962 It seems he likes the elements, having employed floods, draughts, and now crystallization The process somewhat resembles Ice 9 in Kurt Vonnegut s Cat s Cradle 1963 , but there is no ironic humor to be found in this book as far I could tell In The Drowned World, the flooding of the world was used as a metaphor for diving deep into the collective racial memories of the Triassic age, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth This time, Ballard posits a mysterious crystallization process in the forests of Gabon, which slowly transforms everything around it into organic crystals, including plants, minerals, and living creatures The crystal trees among them were hung with glass like trellises of moss The air was markedly cooler, as if everything was sheathed in ice, but a ceaseless play of light poured through the canopy overhead The process of crystallization was advanced The fence...

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    Welcome to another J.G Ballard Weird Environmental Apocalypse See The listless male protagonist, mired in ennui and sleepwalking towards his fate Watch As environmental forces beyond his control reinforce his powerlessness Feel Depressed at the inescapable sense of doom that hangs over beautiful descriptions of ruined landscapes, lyrical depictions of environmental catastrophe and all too plausible scenes of petty interpersonal violence that continue even while human extinction looms J.G Ballard loved writing about the end of the world a theme he explored in The Drowned World, the Drought and here in his novel The Crystal World While the themes and characters all seem pretty similar the first of these novels is a great work, the second is pretty good, and the one under review here The Crystal World is well its not as good Actually, I found it a little dull.The story focuses on Edward Sanders, a British doctor in Africa who works in a local hospital and runs a leper colony Like most of the Ballard protagonists I ve encountered he s an ennui stricken guy, lost and se...

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    JG Ballard s The Crystal World is a mindbending book that, by the last page, I was glad to end The premise is fascinating out of nowhere jungles across the globe begin to crystallize The crystallization slowly spreads, enveloping everything in its path, including animals, buildings, and people Ballard is enad with describing the silent, alien landscape inherent in the crystal zone, definitely to the point where the jungle becomes a character and possibly to the point of overkill The novel focuses on a doctor from a leprosy clinic searching for his former lover who may or may not be caught in the crystal zone He meets a journalist, a strange priest, and, uh, an adventurer type not sure what else to call him just outside the forest and connects and disconnects with each as he delves deeper into the jungle The Crystal World reads like Ballard s version of Heart of Darkness except the jungle appears to balance on the cusp between crepuscule and blinding light Characters dwell in the same regions symbolically too, of course and can get lost in either area My main problem with the book was the fact the crystal jungle is so overwhelming the characters can seem stock and half drawn At one point a couple characters just fuck I would probably not have noticed if they didn t reference the act later I could see why Ballard want...

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    Will review later Reminds me of several other of Ballard s environmental disaster transformation novels with a bit of Conrad s

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The Crystal World J G Ballard S Fourth Novel, Which Established His Reputation As A Writer Of Extraordinary Talent And Imaginative Powers, Tells The Story Of A Physician Specializing In The Treatment Of Leprosy Who Is Invited To A Small Outpost In The Interior Of Africa Finding The Roadways Blocked, He Takes To The River, And Embarks On A Frightening Journey Through A Strange Petrified Forest Whose Area Expands Daily, Affecting Not Only The Physical Environment But Also Its Inhabitants.Through A Leaking Of Time, The West African Jungle Starts To Crystallize Trees Are Metamorphosed Into Enormous Jewels Crocodiles Encased In Second Glittering Skins Lurch Down The River Pythons With Huge Blind Gemstone Eyes Rear In Heraldic Poses.Fearing This Transformation As A Herald Of The Apocalypse, Most Flee The Area In Terror, Afraid To Face A Catastrophe They Cannot Understand But Some, Dazzled And Strangely Entranced, Remain To Drift Through This Dreamworld Forest Travelling Through This Gilded Land, The Doctor Tries To Resist Its Strange Allure While A Tribe Of Lepers Search For Paradise