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    Ballard me est fascinando Esos paisajes ambientados en futuros desolados, narrados de una manera tan clara y po tica, dejan huella.Estos son los ocho relatos incluidos en Las voces del tiempo , en la edici n de Minotauro de 1992 Existe otra edici n de 1978 con el mismo t tulo, en la que solo coinciden tres cuentos Las voces del tiempo El barrendero de sonidos El hombre sobrecargado Trece a Centauro El jard n del tiempo La jaula de arena Las torre...

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    En mi af n completista, ten a que leer el resto de cuentos que no aparec an en la edici n de Minotauro de 1992 Ambas ediciones solo tienen tres relatos en com n Las voces del tiempo incre ble relato, de lo mejor que he le do ltimamente , El barrendero de sonidos que gran idea para un relato y El hombre sobrecargado.Estos son los cuatro cuentos diferentes para esta edici n Zona de terror Larsen est en una zona de retiro, en pleno desierto, en una urbanizaci n donde solo est n l y un psic logo La idea es la de la empresa de Larsen, para darle un respiro Pero de repente empieza a tener alucinaciones Nicho 69 Donde se experimenta con tres pacientes la necesidad de dormir Zona de espera El protagonista se traslada a Murak, en otro planeta, para trabajar en el observatorio Va a estar dos a os, sustituyendo a su predecesor, que...

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    Margaret Atwood wrote a great thing about reading Raymond Chandler for his descriptions of furniture I think I feel that way about JGB and his topography It is like Freudian psychedelic dreamscapes that leak fleeting cosmic revelation while some plot stuff goes on in the foreground So so good

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    It s a tribute to both the nature and scope of Ballard s imagination that this 1964 collection of stories has scarcely aged at all The technological barely concerns him, only intruding into his narratives as a part of the fabric of life Where it is central, as with the capture of embedded sound in The Sound Sweep , it s often so bizarre as to be completely original But what really seems to motivate Ballard is mood Again and again he returns to the same haunting images, like a vulture circling the carcass of his unconscious Abandoned cityscapes recur constantly, a recapitulation perhaps of his boyhood experiences of an evacuated Shanghai It makes for an eerie body of fiction that I find irresistible.The most notable stories in this collection are The Overloaded Man , a frightening stu...

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    I loved these short stories so vivid and the imagery haunts me occasionally still The Garden of Time story in particular filled me with irreconcilable pathos I wonder why I have not gotten around to reading Ballard

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    Think this was the first short story collection I read by Ballard.I never quite know how to describe him but weird and wonderful are always in the list of adjectives.

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    Not a ton to say on this one The thing is, because Ballard is such an intense writer, I had trouble going directly from one story to the next which is great Except that I never really felt an actual pull to go back to the next one, so it took me awhile to get...

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    I m going to briefly review each story individually The stories included in my edition, with this cover, are not all the same as those listed in the description here on Goodreads Voices of Time 5 starsI don t know why exactly, but I was blown away by this story I found it the most difficult to follow in the whole collection, and I think that is what made the story so great it leaves a lot of detail for the reader to fill in Ballard sets the scene the reader realizes the reality, assuming the story works for a given reader It worked for me This story has it all obscure references to a past WW3 genetic mutation from nuclear radiation, resulting in awesome and creepy creatures an eerie disease threatening the human species an unsettling, mystery ending to a space mission a limited, teasing form of contact with aliens and general metaphysical ball tripping related in my opinion to the incomprehensible nature of time and the insubstantiality of the physical world, at least from the perspective of an insuperably human mind The Sound Sweep 2 starsThis story was far too long for what it was The concept was kind of cool a near future where ultrasonic music has rendered audible music obsolete and where people have discovered that sound leaves an annoying residue which must be swept away but Ballard asks far too much of the reader in terms of caring about characters that no one in there right mind would care about To that extent, the story exposes a prominent weakness of Ballard s...

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    A rather unequal collection of stories involving time travel The one that made the best impression was about an apparatus called a Sonovac In the near future, people only listen to ultra and subsonic music Normal sound residues are cleaned away out of buildings, like dust A professional sound cleaner wants to re launch the career of an opera diva, who has sunk into oblivion after the disappearance of audible music She hardly deserves it, beacause she has a horrible character ...

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    Another magnificent collection of perception altering weirdness by one of the finest author s the United Kingdom has ever produced The Voices of Time not only reaches the same vertiginous heights of excellence that his Te...

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The Voices Of Time Susan Sontag, Anthony Burgess, Graham Greene, William Burroughs, Robert Nye And Angela Carter Are Among The Host Of Admirers Of J G Ballard S Fiction His Extraordinary Inventiveness And The Unfailing Grace And Energy Of His Writing Are Triumphantly Displayed In This Classic Collection Of Stories, Which Includes The Overloaded Man , Chronopolis And The Garden Of Time , Which Anthony Burgess Called One Of The Most Beautiful Stories Of The World Canon Of Short Fiction.These Haunting Tales Of Pity And Terror And Longing, Firmly Grounded In Psychological Realism And Tightly Plotted, Transcend Classification As Fantasy Or Science Fiction They Are Literature Of The Highest Order Jacket Description