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Callimachus Callimachus Of Cyrene, 3rd Century BCE, Became After 284 A Teacher Of Grammar And Poetry At Alexandria He Was Made A Librarian In The New Library There And Prepared A Catalogue Of Its Books He Died About The Year 240 Of His Large Published Output, Only 6 Hymns, 63 Epigrams, And Fragments Survive The Fragments Are In Loeb No 421 The Hymns Are Very Learned And Artificial In Style The Epigrams Are Good They Are Also In The Loeb Greek Anthology Volumes.Lycophron Of Chalcis In Euboea Was A Contemporary Of Callimachus In Alexandria Where He Became Supervisor Of The Comedies Included In The New Library He Wrote A Treatise On These And Composed Tragedies And Other Poetry We Possess Alexandra Or Cassandra Wherein Cassandra Foretells The Fortune Of Troy And The Besieging Greeks This Poem Is A Curiosity A Showpiece Of Knowledge Of Obscure Stories, Names, And Words.Aratus Of Soli In Cilicia, Ca 315 245 BCE, Was A Didactic Poet At The Court Of Antigonus Gonatas Of Macedonia, Where He Wrote His Famous Astronomical Poem Phaenomena Appearances He Was For A Time In The Court Of Antiochus I Of Syria But Returned To Macedonia Phaenomena Was Highly Regarded In Antiquity It Was Translated Into Latin By Cicero, Germanicus Caesar, And Avienus.

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    I read several pieces by Callimachus in school At some point I d love to finish the book

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    To a ancient Greek freak, this was interesting but not memorable except for filling in a few spots in the chronology of the myths involving the Trojan War.