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The Cocoa Conspiracy (A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery #2) Chocolate Mixed With Conspiracy Is A Recipe For Death Lady Arianna Hadley, Now The Countess Of Saybrook, Is Slowly Settling Into Married Life With Her New Husband, The Earl Of Saybrook To Celebrate His Birthday, She Finds The Perfect Gift A Rare Volume Of Botanical Engravings On Theobroma Cacao, Or Chocolate But She Is Forced To Fight Off A Mysterious Stranger Who Tries To Steal It Away From Her.The Incident Is Forgotten Until Arianna And Saybrook Are Asked To Attend A Gathering Of International Dignitaries At A Country Estate, Where She Is Shocked To Discover That Her Erstwhile Assailant Is Among The Guests But Other Events Quickly Prove Even Ominous And When The Chocolate Book Yields A Bitter Surprise, Someone They Hold Dear Is Incriminated In A Plot To Betray Great Britain At The Upcoming Peace Congress In Vienna Murder, Treason, Money, Power Once Again, Arianna And Saybrook Find Themselves Drawn Into A Deadly Web Of International Intrigue To Unmask The Real Traitor, They Journey To Vienna Where Amidst The Seductive Pomp And Pageantry Of Europe S Reigning Royalty They Must Root Out A Cunning Conspiracy Armed Only With Their Wits And Their Expertise In Chocolate

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    I had just finished the Lenora Bell and her book and this book were about the same event in history It was weird and cool at the same time, because I wasn t lost about the event and even knew where the dastardly deed ...

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    Interesting, the slang and heroes may not be in tone with the setting there is useful info dumps in between the action pieces.

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    Even worse on audio than the first was in print Mary Sarah reads this breathlessly, as though she is reading erotica The characters have truly odd accents, including our hero who has what must be intended as a Spanish accent, somewhat nonsensically did the narrator read the first book , as does the heroine, also mostly nonsensically Hennings, the Scot, ventures into pirate territory frequently The French Comte is frequently Polish, the Czar is some kind of Walter Slezak in The Inspector General impersonator I prefer accents to differentiate characters rather than straight reading but not if they are so muddled that the wrong characters pick up piracy during the conversation The way Sarah reads the word chocolate makes me feel quite icky and I can only recommend that her manager arrange plenty of hard core romance to make the most of her talents.The story is very bad also, stringing out the romance between our now married heroine and hero, setting them up as blackmailed into s...

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    This book was just as action packed with an easier plot to follow Unfortunately, cliches, puns and chocolate was still in abundance Even still, I really enjoyed it I would like to see the relationship develop This book would easily be a 4 4.5 if not for the excessive cliches, pu...

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    The puns ruined this book for me I really liked the first one because I thought it was interesting that there was a strong female character who was kind of a cold hearted bitch but still warm enough to fall for the hero.So naturally I was excited to read another story with the Ice Princess Arianna my own term and the Sexy Spanish Prince Sandro also my term coming together to solve a mystery that in the process allows them to get closer together.Welp, it didn t happen in this book.In this book the character development was relegated to the background and any sort of closeness was described in a sentence while the plot was heavy on the puns and littered with heavy pieces of history I understand that it s a historical fiction mystery I didn t realize it was a history book, which has its own place in my pantheon of reading.I don t have the book on me to give you a play by play of the whole sections that seem to be full of information that was disseminated in such a clunky fashion and neither can I show you the constant play on words Shakespeare this is not but trust me You ll notice it right away.Which is a shame because the characters and the world building were shrouded in bits that were too dense and slightly boring At other times it was woefully melodramatic.This...

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    Forrest Gump is famous for telling others at the bus stop, My momma always said, Life was like a box of chocolates You never know what you re gonna get In the case of an Andrea Penrose book, you know exactly what you will get a Regency mystery laced with charming characters and witty dialogue.We first meet Lady Arianna and Alessandro de Quincy, Earl of Saybrook, in Andrea Penrose s SWEET REVENGE They return as newlyweds in THE COCOA CONSPIRACY Arianna is still a quirky fish out of water among the ton yet Sandro loves her all the No sooner do they settle into their married life, academic pursuits, and chocolate delights, a mystery blows their way When Arianna purchases a rare book with intricate engravings of Theobroma Cacao cocoa tree for Sandro s birthday, she stumbles into a political conspiracy that follows them to a house party Arianna then realizes the explosive nature of her recent purchase Once again, Arianna and Sandro team up to solve the mystery while maintaining their precarious standing in society.Penrose excels in taking the reader back to Regency England She doesn t miss a beat by adding a host of nontraditional characters who contribute to or help solve the book s mystery Penrose also dishes up a side story the growing romance between the married couple ...

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    THE COCOA CONSPIRACY written by Andrea PenroseA Lady Arianna Hadley Regency Mystery12 11 Penguin Group USA Mass Market Paperback, 336 pagesWhat truly is sweeter the smell of money or the taste of chocolate Arianna Hadley is now The Countess of Saybrook but that has not slowed down her love of creating a chocolate convection or solving a great mystery Her husband Alessandro Henry George De Quincy, the fifth Earl of Saybrook is very fond of the chocolate delights she masterfully executes, and less fond of her ability to wind up on the wrong end of a pistol The woman is a complete confusion of emotions for him but love does have a way of muddying the waters and stirring up all things primal in a male.Saybrook is still in his spy element and trying to keep Arianna out of it but to no avail as a string of coincidental events have had Arianna uncovering paperwork While shopping for a book Arianna finds information about a potential traitor and destruction of the delicate peace being brokered between warring nations Europe is ready to explode and the papers Arianna has found might be able to defuse the situation if the correct steps are taken to prevent an eruption...

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    Still vastly enjoying this and fwiw i m listening to the audiobooks, which i find riveting and not distracting, cloying, or unskillfully done at all, so i ve missed whatever editing mistakes others may have caught The history lessons were a bit heavy handed and exposition y in t...

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    I liked this one even than the first one I am really enjoying how their relationship is slowly unfolding and the mystery was quite good Can t wait for the next one

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    What No This dumb I mean, I don t mind dumb things, but this is real dumb.

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