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Teach Yourself Calculus (Teach Yourself Educational) Fully Revised And Updated, This Title Gives A Comprehensive Coverage Of The Subject Of Calculus And Is Suitable For Those Studying Pure And Applied Mathematics, Engineering And Allied Sciences It Gives The Essential Mathematical Background To Understand And Apply The Calculus Required In These Areas.

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    Reading Jesse Kraai s novel Lisa a couple of weeks ago, I was once again reminded of the dreadful state that school math teaching has somehow got itself into Lisa, a gifted young Aspie chessplayer, is failing most of her classes Her mentor decides that she should at least be able to handle math, and takes her off to visit a research mathematician he knows I need to know how to do the ninety degree triangle theorem, says Lisa sullenly What s that asks the mathematician, surprised After a while, he figures out that Lisa means Pythagoras s theorem She has a bunch of exercises she s supposed to complete, but they make no sense to her The mathematician isn t interested in teaching her the rules for passing the test instead, he shows her how you prove Pythagoras s theorem This is a novel experience for Lisa, who has never seen a mathematical proof Kraai, unfortunately, isn t making it up A mathematician friend, who s an expert on geometry, says the situation is beyond belief After complex negotiations involving mergers between various or less inco...

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    Teach Yourself Calculus is a self instructional mathematics novel that aims to give an complete knowledge of beginning to intermediate calculus With clear and workable definitions and precise examples even on the most comp...

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    I m still teased for this one Whatever I like math Calculus isn t all that superadvanced and esoterical with a good explanation It was a great refresher.

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