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Tinker Bell and Her Magical Arrival (Disney Fairies Graphic Novel #9) Disney Fairies Goes Back To The Start, Telling The Story Of Tinker Bell S Original Arrival In Never Land Tinker Bell Has To Find Her Talent And Adjust To Life In Pixie Hollow Fans Of The Disney Fairies Series Will Delight In Seeing Tinker Bell Meet Vidia, Silvermist, And The Other Fairies For The Very First Time

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    Graphic Novels 1While I was reading Tinker Bell, I obviously compared it to the movie about Tinker Bell Other than that, I compared it to Mean Girls In both of the stories, a girl has to move to a new place and make new friends They both try to change themselves because they aren t happy the way that they are, but in the end they realize that they can t change who they are I think this is a good thing to compare to real life It is very true that you can t change who you are I think it is important to talk to students about how, just like TInk, you have to be accepting of yourself and others In comparing this to my life, I thoug...

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    I love the Disney fairies films They are so happy and optimistic I loved Tink s inventions, especially the one to paint the ladybug s spots Tink s inventions efficiency, and that is so cool to see I also DEFINITELY prefer movie Vidia to book Vi...

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    A great book for young girls who love all things fairies It is the basic story of how Tinker Bell came to Never Land and found her talent as a tinker As a graphic novel it is great for kids learning to read because the images help to...

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    her origin story.

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    It was AWSOME

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    I liked it I m surprised that the book that they made off of the movie was that good

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    4.5 solid stars I obviously have a thing for fairies I have the movie on dvd and prefer the movie but the graphics were decent enough.

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    2.75 Not that I hated it or anything It s just that I have read ALOT of Disney Fairies Tinker Bell books.So, I am getting tired of reading about Her Magical Arrival already It gets discussed alot So, I felt like I had already read this Deja Vu

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    tink has to figure out her talent since she is a new arrival tink wants to go to the human world but can t because she s a tinkering fairy.