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Philosophy and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy This Is The Philosophy And Book That Really Needed To Be Written Because It Is About The Hitchhiker S Guide To The Galaxy For To Paraphrase The Great Man Himself Hitchhiker S Is Not Above A Little Philosophy In The Same Way That The Sea Is Not Above The Sky Moreover This Edited Collection Combines Accessibility And Some Humor With Rigor It Contains An Introduction, Nine Chapters, A Glossary, And Multiple Indexes Topics Covered Include The Meaning Of Life And 42 , Vegetarianism, The Ethics Of Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Multiple Worlds, God, And Philosophical Method.

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    I like the idea of the book than the execution Some of the authors did a pretty good job of being both informative and interesting, but others seemed to be dry philosophical discussions with occasional opportunistic Adams references.I ve only recently been getting into philosophy This book wasn t...

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    Really interesting dive into philosophy from the perspective of one of my favourite works of literature I highly enjoyed this book

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    We are philosophers Though we may not be With these lines, Douglas Adams effortlessly both sums and sends up the business of philosophy No wonder editor Nicholas Joll was inspired to base a book of philosophical essays around his work.This is a serious attempt to examine both philosophy in a Hitch Hiker s context and Hitch Hiker s in a philosophical one There are nine essays in total, divided between four sections Ethics , The Meaning of Life , Metaphysics and Artificial Intelligence , and Logic, Method and Satire My personal favourites were ...

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