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    The story has a familiar ring to it, and its style is similar to The House that Jack Built The mouse is adorable like when he is pleading with the farmer for hay or wearing a headband on the jog to the butcher I also liked how the conversation is incorporated into the illustrations.Pros Children will enjoy hearing the story as you tell it, but also listening to the lyrical narrative accom...

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    Mouse has come to Cat asking for his tail to be returned to him You see in the Mother Goose poem the cat bit off the tail of the mouse This story has a similar sing song tail, I mean tale as the Mother Goose poem The mouse has to go on quite a journey visiting many characters along the way in order to get his tail back The Storyteller tells a fun tale that children and adults will enjoy reading over and over The audible CD that is included will provide even entertainment The author presents the story in English and Chinese which I found a major plus towards a child education into learning another language Then there is the unique illustrations created with fabric which depicts the tale to perfection Young readers will be able to pick up on the story even if they can t read because the illustrations tend to talk for themselves But you will definitely be eager to read this book to your little ...

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    This is not the exact book of The Cat and the Mouse, but I could not find it on Good Reads A young mouse is sick and tired of being chased by the cat and comes up with the idea to put a bell around the cats neck while he is sleeping Every time the cat moves, the be...

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The Cat and the Mouse Based On A Little Known Mother Goose Poem, This Bilingual Picture Book Tells The Tale Of A Cat And A Mouse Who Played Happily Together Until The Cat Bit Off The Mouse S Tail Giving A New Spin On The Original, This Version Becomes A Cumulative Story That Helps The Mouse Get His Tail Back Told In Both English And Chinese, And Filled With Exciting And Vivid Illustrations, It Also Includes An Audio CD Of The Story.