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Monkey and Rabbit Together Beautifully Illustrated, This Picture Book Tells The Fun Filled Tale Of Two Friends Monkey And Rabbit Who Have An Adventure Trying To Rid Themselves Of Their Bad Habits And Eventually Decide To Accept Each Other The Way They Are The Unique Storytelling Style Turns An Old West African Folktale Into An Exciting Story For Modern Readers Both The Book And The Accompanying Audio CD Are In English And Chinese, Making It Especially Useful For Those With Interests In Learning About The Chinese Language.

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    Monkey and Rabbit Together is a bit different when it comes to my Children s Hour books in that I was asked to review it I usually just review what the children have been enjoying The author sent me 3 of his children s books and Monkey and Rabbit together is definitely my favourite I was unsure of how the kids would react to it however as I thought it might be a bit long and grown up for the toddlers In some ways I was right, the younger toddlers did find it a little difficult to stay focused throughout the story but the older toddlers enjoyed it quite a lot I think the pictures initially attracted their attention, they are very bright and bold and the kids tend to like animal based stories They also found the references to monkey scratching his bottom to be funny, and laughed and said ewww every time he did it They l...

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    This is a classic folktale about accepting others for who they are I thought I knew the story, but this one has a twist I didn t see coming Bright, humorous illustrations and a classic story combine in a To read our full review, go to book sure to get kids laughing and thinking.

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    I highly recommend this book, especially for friends siblings families who struggle to accept each other s differences Delightful

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