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Remembered Prisoners of a Forgotten War The Korean War POW Remains The Most Maligned Victim Of All American Wars For Nearly Half A Century, The Media, General Public, And Even Scholars Have Described Hundreds Of These Prisoners As Brainwashed Victims Of A Heinous Enemy Who Had Uncharacteristically Caved In To Their Communist Captors Or, Even Worse, As Turncoats Who Betrayed Their Fellow Soldiers In Either Case, These Boys Apparently Lacked The Right Stuff Required Of Our Brave Sons Dr Carlson Debunks These Popular Myths In This Captivating Oral History From The Tiger Death March To The Paranoia Here At Home, Korean War POWs Suffered Injustices On A Scale Few Can Comprehend Here, At Long Last, Is A Chance To Hear The True Story Of These Brave Men In Their Own Words A Story That, Until Now, Has Gone Largely Untold.

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    A very insightful book of the trials and horrors of the Korean War POW s and the aftermath of their incarceration Recommended to anyone who wants to understand the mind set of the Korean War POW.