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Silver Tongue PowerUp #6 [KINDLE] ❂ Silver Tongue PowerUp #6 Author Marie Harte – Kitty Nelson works for the PowerUp gym as the day manager But the empath does a lot than run the gym She keeps the team in shape tempering emotions in a high strung group of psychics It's not easy but Kitty Nelson works for the PowerUp gym as the day manager But the empath does a lot than run the gym She keeps the team in shape tempering emotions in a high strung group of psychics It's not easy but Kitty keeps the peace until one day she meets her match in a man who won't cave to her looks her smiles or her psychic skills Who knew meddling with a couple in Silver Tongue PDF/EPUB ² love would lead to man straight out of her fantasiesand nightmares Because with Dane she knows he won't accept less than total controlDane Hanson did his time for the Marine Corps He also got shot and found himself medically retired leaving him aching for the excitement of a job he loved He found solace in his artwork and it's that ability to create that has Kitty needing his help He's back in the thick of things on an undercover assignment but everything's different Kitty is psychic her skills don't work on him and she's the hottest thing he's ever seen Even better the woman has submissive tendencies he's dying to explore But when the mission turns deadly Dane realizes he doesn't just want to play with Kitty he wants to own the feisty redhead for a lot longer than this mission That's if she'll let herself surrender the bad guys don't shoot them and the weird statue they're sent to retrieve doesn't curse them to deathNote Warning This book contains explicit sexual situations graphic language and material that some readers may find objectionable anal playintercourse Dominationsubmission.

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  1. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    Power up the vibrator on this one A silver tongue is someone who can clearly express themselves and convince others Is this Kitty Nelson or is it Dane Hanson?Kitty is an empath that can sooth even the most troubled soul She's part of the former secret government psychic group Now she works in the private sector with many of her former teammates Their day job cover is a gym Dane is the brother of Kitty's good friend Dane does not like Kitty the red headed busty ian woman because he knows there is something odd about her A former marine Dane knows Kitty is the reason why his sister is marrying his family's archenemyKitty and Dane in a room will definitely heat up the temperature Ms Harte writes sexual tension like no other Kitty is a powerhouse both physically and psychically She fears submission due to watching someone she loves crave the pain and degradation She euates submission with being a doormat and desiring abuse She's seen it with her own eyesDane is an alpha male who is physically strong and psychically a null In some aspects a null is even powerful due to the neutralization effects Dane immediately picks up on Kitty's submissive side and it brings his dominance out The things he does with Kitty are perfect for a wary submissive Everything he does is just the right balance of orders mixed in with some kinky sexThe BDSM focus here is on the Ds It's an excellent demonstration of erotic power exchange with very little SM and mild BD Kitty is definitely not into the SM and fortunately for her Dane can do without SM The Ds is hot in this story Ms Harte turns it up a notch in her smexy Dom Each book in this series is building in BDSM intensity One can only hope it continues to increase in an exponential mannerThe plot in this story continues with Owen's stolen psychic artifacts This time it's a statue called The Little Death It's Kitty's job to retrieve it There is only one sure way to retrieve this statue from the current owner Kitty needs a personal invite to the owner's home This is where Dane comes in His hobby as a part type sculptor gives him an in with the statue's owner Dane agrees to help secure an invitation only if Kitty submits to him sexually for the duration of the assignment Holy HR violations While this is very wrong of Dane this horny reader can't help but wish to be in Kitty's lucky shoes Kitty grudgingly accepts the deal but it's clear she is excited and wants to submit badly If she needs to be blackmailed to ease her conscience – so be itThis smexy paranormal suspense story is recommended to kinky readers who loves when an alpha male and female fight for dominance

  2. Yvenande Yvenande says:

    Actual Rating 35 Stars This book is going to be a little hard for me to review because while I enjoyed it I still felt like something was missing This series so far as been a fun one with lots of enjoyable uick reads This book though was a little different than the others For one I didn't instantly love both characters like I usually do with Marie Harte's characters I won't lie Dane got on my nerves He's just so obnoxious and arrogant obnoxiously arrogant and I swear if I had to hear his opinion on women or him brag about the size of his euipment one time WellHowever against my will despite myself he grew on me toward the end of the book As for Kitty I felt for her she was raised in an environment that led her to euate submission with abuse and weakness I understood how hard it must be for her to want submission but being too afraid to make her mother's mistakes I was happy for her though that in time she was able to get past this and fall for Dane I hope I didn't make her sound soft and sweet because she's not; she's mean and sarcastic especially for an empath but you got to love her anyway I love the scenes where they call each other bully because it shows how comfortable they are with each other and their not so pretty sidesAs for the villain of this book well All in all a fun read like the rest of the series

  3. Eva Millien Eva Millien says:

    As a powerful empath Kitty Nelson tempers the emotions of a team of high strung psychics keeping the peace until she meets her match in a man who won’t cave to her looks her smiles or her psychic skills in this thrilling paranormal suspense This is the first book that I have read in the series I know shame on me but I had no problem picking up on overall theme of the series although I certainly feel as if I have missed uite a few exciting stories because of all the intriguing characters and fascinating elements of this one so I will be remedying that soonanother words I enjoyed Kitty and Dane’s sexy and combustible romance“Copyright Night Owl Reviews”©See my full review at

  4. beth m beth m says:

    Book 6Not my favorite of the series Empath and a null go on a business trip find they share the same tastes Honestly there’s something a little ewmeh about the constant “master” talk The male lead instructed the female lead to call him master or Sir she keeps saying master idk something about that Word where it sounds like a slave or servant that I’m not a fan of in a sexual sense Idk I get the whole domsub relationship but for the love of everything please just call him Sir it got awkward after a while The story itself was just fine I felt like the mission was super rushed with not a lot to it it was a lot of steamy sex which was great just the whole domsub thing in almost like every steamy scene with the constant master talk Boring This story was just not one of my favorites

  5. KDL editing KDL editing says:

    WowThis series has such an interesting premise The characters are well developed but nothing compared to the action and drama

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    I gave this book three stars meaning I liked it It becomes apparent when you start out that this book must be a part of a series Unfortunately I didn't realize that when I purchased the book This can be read as a stand alone but it often feels like you are missing information about characters that would help to build depth to the story and add to your overall enjoyment So if you are just checking this out I recommend you find out what other books are in this series and start there I know that I will There is a really cool paranormal element to the bookseries To summarise the basics of the book without giving away the cool parts there is a group of psychics that work at a Gym called Power up They used to work for some super hush hush government agency that has now been disbanded due to funding issues Kitty Nelson the red headed heroine ever notice there are a ton of red heads or strawberry blondes in romance storiesis an empath and has the ability to manipulate the emotions of the people around her She encourages a man and women to get together when she senses there attraction to one another and that they are genuinely goodnice people The push to get together works and all three of them become friends Now Dane Hanson the Hero enters the picture He is super pissed that Kitty got his sister together with a man who ends up being from a family he has fueded with for years They are deeply attracted to one another and when the opportunity to work together arrises Dane uses his leverage to say he will help Kitty on the mission if she agrees to sleep with him Reader be forewarned that this book has strong BDSM elements I didn't think there was anything over the top or really pushing too far but it is good info to have when selecting a book The sex scenes are hot and plentiful and the characters are solid Kitty is definitely no shrinking violet and several times she indicates that she would be than happy to put her foot up where the sun doesn't shine to get Dane back in line This is a solid story with BDSM elements and I think it would be even better if you read the previous books in the series first I say go for it

  7. SirenBookReviews SirenBookReviews says:

    Hello Talk about a sizzling smoldering smoking hot read Marie led me into the Power Up member’s lives once again with Kitty’s book I enjoyed the new article they were meant to steal and the mystic surroundings of the piece Kitty is everything I love in a woman a little shy when it comes to things not in her control sexy and smart and saucy as hellThe team members’ mannerisms and easy banter made the story a fun read When Dane enters and the story kicks up full throttle I was enthralled with the decision Kitty makes to give what he suggests a thought and the ride they took me on during their assignmentFrom the villains to long time friend relationships I’ve enjoyed reading all the stories I cannot wait until the next one releases I definitely have them on my kindle to pick up and read again

  8. L-D L-D says:

    Kitty is the day manager of Power Up and Jack's most dependable and trusted agent An empath Kitty is able to feel what others feel which makes her a bit of the local den mother When she is sent on a mission to retrieve a statue she learns that the owner of the statue is interested in meeting a local artist Dane Unfortunately Dane is the sister of a gym member who gets on Kitty's last nerve with his arrogance and bossinessDane turned out to be one of my favorite characters of the series even though he wasn't even an agent and had no psychic skills A former marine Dane is still tough as nails but his artist side was cool to see as well This was one of my favorite couples of the series so far

  9. Tracy Tracy says:

    Silver Tongue is book 6 in the PowerUp series from Marie Harte This is Kitty Dane's storyAs you would expect from Marie this is a hot steamy tale full of action adventure and laced with intrigue suspenseThe sparks between Kitty and Dane fizz fly from the outset and things get hotter as the story progressesThese books can be read as stand alone stories but in my opinion they are better read in order as this gives you a better introduction understanding of the PowerUp world and characters

  10. Hc Hc says:

    While being of a Mastersub relationship these characters again came across as developed then the beginning books Dane the 'null' compliments Kitty perfectly giving her a chance to relax and be herself without her gift getting in the way Kitty proves again that being the submissive is actually the hardest half of relationship being able to give your trust over to the dominant personality

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