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  • 06 March 2015

10 thoughts on “Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts

  1. Irena BookDustMagic Irena BookDustMagic says:

    This was a nice short readAlthough it takes place during winter it doesn't take place during Christmas but it still has that festive vibeMain character is not too likeable but overall I really enjoyed reading this book

  2. Nicola Clough Nicola Clough says:

    Another very uick read but had you hooked from the first page and full of romance but is everyone worth a second chance and can everyone be happy A great uick read

  3. Nenette Nenette says:

    My first book of the year a short chick lit that's so light I like that for a startFor anyone who doesn't mind short simple and yes shallow this is for you If you're in between serious reads and want a respite somehow pick this up; won't take a couple of hours to finish

  4. Melissa ♥ Melissa& Melissa ♥ Melissa& says:

    This uick and fun chick lit romp packed a lot into its short length I didn't realize going in that this was a novella rather than a full length novelbut it was a great introduction to Talli Roland and her writing style The story flowed perfectly and I never felt that she was cutting corners to accommodate the length of the storyI loved the character of Rose and how she somehow managed to be so hopeful and optimistic despite the fact that I many times wanted to just grab her by the lapels and yellGet real girl Wake up She leaves a stodgy position for a uniue opportunity to help open and run a new museumfeaturing the a collection of mementos from couples love lives I loved the concept of this and the museum in it's entiretyRose of course falls for the handsome museum owner who is estranged from his mother and she decides that this is one broken hearted situation that she can fix What ensues is a cute romantic comedyesue situation that happily ends with love and hope prevailingAn amusing and unapologetically girly romantic seasonal romp

  5. Monique Monique says:

    While I don't like really care for snooping interfering heroines the fact that her machinations worked kept me from totally disliking Rose It took a while for her to face reality in regards to her own relationship situation though and as such she was a moron A sweet but complete moronThis was a cute and clean short story A weak 3 stars

  6. Susan Francis Susan Francis says:

    This is unashamed 'Chick Lit' so perhaps it would be naive if not foolish not to expect a girl meets boy girl and boy get close girl falls out with boy girl makes up with boy and they live happily ever after type of scenario But hey it's Christmas and a lighthearted read can be just the thing to curl up on the sofa with Done well it can be great escapismThe problem occurs when it is done badly And this book is one of those The main problem being Rose who is not exactly flying the flag for 'the sisterhood' On getting dressed up for Heath's benefit she tells us Heath's eyes flashed with what looked like appreciation and I smiled to myself Ha I knew men were interested in than 'skills' That was the reason I tried to look nice around Gareth Then she explains how she let herself go after he left for Vietnam Why bother to look nice if there is no man to look nice for???There is something I don't get Rose is supposed to be highly educated so how come she is vacuous? Her job as assistant curator is to remove all of the items for display from the boxes and there are a lot of boxes catalogue them and then display them for the museum She comes up with this ingenious plan I'd managed to map out everything in my head I was going to lay out each room as if someone still lived there; with the salt shaker one of the items for display on the kitchen tableHer PhD thesis was supposedly about relationships and so she is supposed to be an expert in this area yet she displays such ignorance and stupidity in that regard it is beyond belief The plan she hatches to help Heath resolve his professional and personal problems and that she could not recognise the need to differentiate between the two demonstrates this Her behaviour was tactless intrusive and a complete invasion of his privacy But Heath recovers pretty uickly forgives her and then confesses he has a thing for herThe conflict Heath's inability to connect with his mother has a chance to develop but the resolution is very abrupt and completely unconvincing The book was free on but I would not recommend it

  7. Maureen Vincent-Northam Maureen Vincent-Northam says:

    The story centres on Rose who gets a dream job in a new museum – The Museum of Broken Hearts – a place that will exhibit poignant items that once belonged to people who yes have been left with a broken heartRose falls for the good looking curator who has a broken heart of his own But his ‘other woman’ is his mother and Rose sets out to fix their relationship and get the museum open before ChristmasAn interesting concept but it all ended a bit abruptly and before any kind of romantic rapport could develop between the two main characters

  8. Carla Carla says:

    I wanted to read something other than the articles and books for my research papers and was glad to find something christmas y and that featured a museum Seemed a nice read but it was really full of clichés and annoying main character It could also do with a bit development

  9. Jaymi The OC Book Girl Jaymi The OC Book Girl says:

    Super sweet and short romance perfect for the holidays Rose Delaney has just gotten her dream job curating a collection of curios and letters and keepsakes in the Museum of Broken Hearts and the opening day is right before Christmas Her boss Heath smells good and is than a little distractingRose was a cute character and I was rooting for her to find what she was looking for

  10. Dee Renee Chesnut Dee Renee Chesnut says:

    This ebook has been in my Nook library since I downloaded it for free from Barnes and Noble in 2012 It is an entertaining novella and a uick read I recommend it for readers who prefer the romance genre

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Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts Author Talli Roland – Buyprobolan50.co.uk All Rose needs is a miracle or does sheWhen chief romantic Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London’s uirkiest new attraction The Museum of Broken Hearts she thinks she’s got it made Sure it’ All Rose needs the Museum PDF É is a miracle or does sheWhen chief romantic Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London’s uirkiest new attraction The Museum of Broken Hearts she thinks she’s got it made Sure it’s a little depressing dealing with relics of failed relationships each day but Rose is determined not to let it break her ‘love conuers all’ spirit After discovering the museum’s handsome curator is nursing a broken heart of his own Rose steps in to fix it But does every Miracle at Kindle - relationship truly deserve a second chanceMiracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts is a novella of words and also gives readers a sneak peak at the first chapter of Talli Roland's latest novel.

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