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The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia By Martin Olson – What time is it Adventure Time™ Explore the magical world of Ooo with Jake the dog and Finn the human along with the Ice King Princess Bubblegum Marceline the Vampire ueen and all your favorite Adve What time is it Adventure Time™ Explore the magical world of Ooo with Jake the dog and Finn the human along with the Ice King Princess Bubblegum Marceline the Vampire ueen and all your favorite Adventure Time characters in this first official guide to Cartoon Network’s hit animated series       Written and compiled by the Lord of Evil himself The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia matches the playful subversive tone of the series detailing everything anyone will ever need to know about the postapocalyptic land of Ooo and its inhabitants—secret The Adventure PDF/EPUB or lore and spells fun places you should visit and places where you will probably die whom to marry and whom not to marry how to make friends and how to destroy your enemies—plus hand written marginalia by Finn Jake and Marceline An indispensable companion to the show this side splittingly funny love letter to Adventure Time is sure to appeal to fans of all ages Heck yeah From the Back Cover Written by the Lord of Evil Himself Hunson Abadeer aka Marceline the Vampire ueen's dad to instruct and confound the demonic citizenry of the Nightosphere The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is perhaps the most dangerous book in history Although seemingly a guidebook to the Land of Ooo and its postapocalyptic inhabitants it is in fact an amusing nightmare of literary pitfalls bombastic brain boggles and ancient texts designed to drive the reader mad  Complete with secret lore and wizard spells fun places you should visit and places where you will probably die advice on whom to marry and whom not to marry and how to make friends and destroy your enemies this volume includes hand written marginalia by Finn Jake and Marceline Arguably the greatest encyclopaedia ever written since the beginning of the cosmos it is also an indispensable companion to humans and demons who know what time it is  Adventure Time.

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  1. Damian Dubois Damian Dubois says:

    For some reason I pictured Finn's hair when reading scenes involving the Fool in Assassin's Apprentice Yes I'm obviously bonkersAnd also thisHair Absurdly blond and absurdly long When he removes his hat with a flourish his gender becomes an impenetrable mysteryThis is going to sound a little silly considering this really is a book for childrenearly teens but I was hoping for something a little serious in tone around a show I absolutely love I mean the show is absurd in a fantastic way of course but this book was a little too absurd overall But since it is Christmas and and I am in a cheerful Christmassy frame of mind I'll round up my two and a half stars to three and leave you with a few random images of my daughter's favourite characters and pics from the book

  2. Jack Jack says:

    This book as mentioned in my review of adventure time comics #1 is my favorite adventure time book yet As well as being awesome and funny it is a great source of adventure time knowledge for people who want to learn about the mystical land of Ooo

  3. Christina Imbro Christina Imbro says:

    I love everything about this book oh my godsuch an elaborate review so classy

  4. Shawna Braswell Shawna Braswell says:

    Entertaining as Adventure Time usually is Hunson Abadeer Martin Olson is the greatest

  5. Jasper Jasper says:

    originally posted at of the popular teen tv show currently has to Adventure Time on Cartoon Network The show originally aired back in 2010 but has been steadily ongoing and airing regularly Adventure Time has been nominated for many awards for both the TV show as well as the comic book spin off The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia aims to explain address and unearth a few subjects of this popular TV; from the character cast down to the world itself The encyclopaedia is written by the nefarious Lord of Evil himself Hunson Abadeer It's totally not the boring run of the mill encyclopaedia on the contrary it falls directly in the lines of the great humor of Adventure Time itself though i have to mention that some of the jokes and puns used are aimed at a adulterated audienceIn Adventure Time you follow the adventures of Finn the Human and his friend Jake the dog who has uite a few magical abilities up his paws I have watched several episodes myself and they have all put a large smile on my face I like how this TV series is different that many others the animations are great and the storyboards show a lot of diversity and adventure to be explored Finn and Jake all have their adventures in the magical Land of Ooo a post apocalytic version of Earth now this might sound dark and grim but it's on the contrary the land is divided into many different parts like ice Kingdom Candy Kingdom Cloud Kingdom and many others In the adventures that Finn and Jake undertake they meet a lot of different inhabitants of the Land of Ooo the Ice King Princess Bubblegum Marceline the Vampire ueen and again many others Lets move onto the encyclopaedia So what's in it? The encyclopaedia is divided into five different parts Book I Worthless Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo Book II Utterly Insignificant Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo Book III The Land of Ooo and You Book IV THe Lost Tests of Ooo and Book V Forbidden Chapters in the Encyclopaedia of Ooo In the first book Worthless Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo the Lord of Evil Hunson Abadeer briefly introduces the reader to the main cast of the TV show our adventures Finn and Jake Princess Bubblegum Marceline the Vampire ueen Ice King Lady Rainicorn and the Lumpy Space Princess Each of their backgrounds and their uirky traits are explained in a humurous way and with each character gets you get to learn 10 supposed rumors about them All written in a funny way The second part of the book shows the A Z of the Oooians and here you get to see both some major and minor players of the Land of Ooo who they are and what they are You see BMO the mobile computer Billy the idol of both Finn and Jake Gunter the Ice Kings chief penguin The Lich the only true rival to Hunson Abadeer cause he is better and of course much much Besides the A Z this second book also contains a detailed usage guide to using BMOThe third book shows the geography of the Land of Ooo as told by Princess Bubblegum and maybe even importantly a detailed travel guide It highlights the Candy Kingdom Fire Kingdom Ice Kingdom Lumpy Space Breakfast Kingdom and the Wild Locations Here you get briefly introduced to some little uick facts about each of these magical kingdoms who is the ruler and what you can find Besides the travel guide Marceline the Vampire ueen adds her own thoughts on several iconic places in the Land of Ooo mostly the dark damp and evil places The fourth book is just a small one and shows the Lost Texts of Ooo and tells you how for example to kiss a princess that it's uite different from you mother or grandmother how to avoid traps and pitfalls and some spells and secrets of the Land of Ooo And it wouldn't be the same without Hunson Abadeer promoting his owns spells and curses really a deal to die for The fifth and final book should only be read with extreme caution As it is highly possible that you will die after reading itWhat I have mentioned above is purely the content but where the books picks up a nice pacing is with the way that Martin Olson has written the story and mainly by the perspective of The Lord of Evil himself Hunson Abadeer this point of view added a nice rind to it You can clearly make out that Hunson Abadeer dispises every inhabitant of the Land of Ooo with the exception of his daughter of course showing the store from his side must speak to a lot of teenagers as it is something totally refreshing I did find the encyclopaedia to have just the perfect length it could have happened that if the story would have gone on much longer that the narration would fall into a repetitive mode but for me this wasn't the case and besides this the encyclopaedia offers a lot of diveristy also letting other inhabitants speak like the guides etc And some parts that really made me laugh were the comments in the sidelines by Finn Jake and MarcelineThe Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is a very funny and humorous addition to the Adventure Time franchise I wasn't that familiar with a lot of the details that featured in the TV shows I watch is sporadically so for me this was a valuable read in terms of learning about this magical kingdom and about the characters themselves It's all shown in full color and plenty of witty and smart banter It's a recommendation for every Adventure Time fan but beware some remarks might be aimed at a adult audience

  6. Sophie Crane Sophie Crane says:

    While it Doesn't include characters events that happened later in the show's run There's Still Plenty in the Book to Satisfy First time Adventure Time Fans

  7. Yesenia Yesenia says:

    This is a great little book written from Abadeer's perspective on the Land of Ooo and its many inhabitants with margin comments by Marceline Finn and Jake It should be noted however that there is no new information in this book Perhaps to some who haven't seen all the episodes or are just starting to get into the show some sections may certainly help clear things up but for the most part this is a book made to accompany the existing canon in a streamlined fashion rather than give insight into unknown aspects of the Land of OooThe book's sections are as follows Detailed bio pages on Finn Jake PB Marceline Ice King Lady Rainicorn and LSP A to Z mini bios on recurring minor characters A mini glossary on Wizards A mini glossary on Princesses Ice King's fanfiction made to look as though drawn and written by Ice King himself An instruction manual for BMO PB's Travel Guide to the Candy Kingdom and Beyond Marceline's Travel Blog for Demon Backpackers Excerpts from The Enchiridion Abadeer's Novelty Spells and Cures Rather creepy end pages which I will leave you to discover for yourself but let this be a warning that it may not be appropriate for young childrenNow as much as I enjoy the consistent writing style and voice throughout there are some missing characters whose absences I can't really understand particularly when Abadeer really has no business knowing a few of the characters that were included in the book Granted I understand that not every single character can be included but I can't really make a case for every character that was included in the book eitherOff the top of my head here are a few notable characters missing from the A to Z mini bios Flame Princess I would just like to point out that she only appears twice First in Finn's bio pages when she's described as his rebound fixation and second in PB's guide to the Fire Kingdom when she's described as the Flame King's very hip teenage daughter That's it Nothing else about her Gumball Guardian Cosmic Owl Pillow People Island Lady Prismo Psychic War Elephant Bounce House Princess Lady Rainicorn's parents as a preemptive note to the angry commenter Jake's and LSP's parents are included Sleeping Magi probably several othersIn short I still very much enjoyed Abadeer's humor in this book and while I don't really understand how some characters were included over others I would recommend this as a gift to anyone who enjoys Adventure Time provided they understand that they won't really receive any behind the scenes info as one reviewer has criticized Read the book description before you decided whether you would like to purchase the book; it'll save you a world of imagined disappointment

  8. Charles Charles says:

    Stuff I Read The Adventure Time Encyclopedia by Martin Olson ReviewSo I might be a bit of a fan of Adventure Time A bit of a lot of a fan So I rather devour all the tie in media available like a good capitalist drone and I have to say that most of it is very high uality So when I saw this done by the voice behind Hunson Abadeer I had to have it And it's definitely a cute book The introductions are probably the best parts of it but for those who like Adventure Time the entries into the encyclopedia portion are rather neat if not offering an awful lot of newness There are a few flourishes that make the book worth getting the bit of Ice King fanfiction and other extras I was a little disappointed though at thte lack of depth in the book Obviously it covers a lot of ground but it's just sort of an overview very brief and there's not an awful lot of story to itNot that it's really supposed to be a lot of story It is after all an encyclopedia But that aspect of the book just falls a little short for me I mean I like that it's all done in character as Hunson but at the same time that sort of becomes a little much given that Hunson isn't particularly the deepest of characters The jokes are fairly disturbing and fun I like the bit about dreaming about LSP but at the same time I wish there was a little of that dialogue between Hunson Marceline Finn and Jake that the beginning of the book promised Maybe that was viewed as too distracting but I wanted a bit marginalia a bit little easter eggs to go along with the entries on the various personalities and locations of Ooo I do like the voice overall though and I think the extras are worth checking outIndeed the extras are the star of the show I loved the bit from the Ice King a peak into his rather messed up mind and highlighting how he uses fanfiction to try and bridge his loneliness I also like that the book does not hold back the spoilers It does go in depth a bit into some of the characters For Ice King it means explaining his backstory It also does a nice job of Finn and Jake and all right with Princess Bubblegum But I thought it was a bit of a let down when it came to spilling the beans on Marceline herself and LSP's entry was almost all aside with the backstory from her first episode thrown in As a fan of LSP I wanted Really this is a nice resource for people wanting a little taste of a lot of different aspects of Adventure Time Because it is an encyclopedia though it doesn't really have all that much story It hints and it revisits certain jokes and ideas throughout but this is a nonfiction piece in the Adventure Time library a little dry but still funny and still a must for fans of the show A 6510

  9. Erin Britton Erin Britton says:

    Hunson Abadeer aka Lord of Evil aka the Nameless One whose unnameableness makes the junk mail of eternity undeliverable has kindly compiled written and painstakingly edited this priceless brilliant and ineffable Encyclopaedia of the Land of Ooo Drawing on all of his most evil and nefarious knowledge as well as being aided by some totes radical handwritten marginalia by Finn Jake and Marceline Abadeer offers his startlingly illuminating and not at all biased insight into the inhabitants lore spells and ancient crypt warnings of the Land of Ooo circa 1956 BGE to 501 AGEThe first book of awesomeness in the Encyclopaedia critiues those worthless inhabitants of the Land of Ooo whose souls the most marvellously benevolent Lord of Evil refrains from sucking out in deference to his daughter There are detailed entries including myths legends and press releases for Finn the Human Jake the Dog Princess Bubblegum Marceline the Vampire ueen Ice King Lady Rainicorn and Lumpy Space Princess Ice King most clearly wins the award for most tragic bummer of an origin storyThere follows in book two some pages devoted to the lowerarchy of utterly insignificant inhabitants of the Land of Ooo all of whom the Lord of Evil yearns to destroy Although these despicable creatures are most certainly beneath the contempt of the most EVIL of Evil Lords Abadeer has promised that this Encyclopaedia will offer a comprehensive survey of all things Ooovian and so has amassed the reuired information through a combination of evil psychic resonance spy networks and other shadowy sources The likenesses of the multifarious Ooovians are Technicolor triumphs and the biographical sketches are true masterpieces of minutia The Brief Glossary of Most Hated Princesses of Ooo would prove particularly useful in instances of Ice King marriage emergenciesThe rest of the Encyclopaedia contains such needful items as Ice King’s incredibly pathetic little homemade fanzine and trading cards BMO Instructional Pamphlet and User Guide Princess Bubblegum’s Official Travel Guide to the Candy Kingdom and Beyond NB everything is edible but you can’t eat anything that talks Marceline’s Travel Blog for Demon Backpackers and the Lost Texts of Ooo It might not tell you anything you want to know about Adventure Time but the Encyclopaedia will certainly tell you than you ever wanted to know about life and life forms in OooThis is absolutely the most utterly awesomely useful guidebook to the Land of Ooo that I have ever encountered Mathematical

  10. Ed Dexter Ed Dexter says:

    I was very excited when I first heard this book was being made I've been a huge AT fan since the show began and was hoping the book would be like an actual encyclopedia of the Land of Ooo I didn't get what I wanted but it's still pretty mathThe author of the book is the voice actor for the character whose voice the book is mostly written in Hunson Abadeer father of Marceline Oddly enough Martin Olson is the real life dad of the actress who supplies Marceline's voiceI think I would have much preferred the book be written by a scholarhistorian living in Ooo At times Abadeer's personal point of view gets boring and repetitive This is especially evident in the A Z mini bio section where some characters are described simply by how useless Abadeer thinks they are and not giving any useful info about them Also his choice of vocabulary will have many kids freuently running to their parents to find out what his words mean That can also be a plus for teaching new words thoughThe sections I enjoyed most were the ones not written by Abadeer or sections where he isn't talking about the characters BMO's manual is weird but just the right amount Ice King's hand drawn fan fiction and character cards are spot on Abadeer's Novelty Spells and Curses is reminiscent of the ads you'd find in old comic books Also having Finn Jake and Marceline's comments in the margins is pretty funnyThe truth is if you're an AT fan you've probably already bought this book While I would have liked a comprehensive guide book to Ooo with detail I think this book would be especially great for kids as long as you don't mind helping them with the ten cent words and fans that came to the show later who might not know as much about the setting

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