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Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar – 1 Kärleken ➮ [Read] ➪ Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar – 1 Kärleken By Jonas Gardell ➺ – En skildring av 1980 talets Stockholm sjukdomen aids och de människor som drabbas Här finns Rasmus som 1982 lämnar den lilla bruksorten Koppom och kastar sig ut i de homosexuellas Stockholm Benjami En skildring av tårar utan PDF Ë talets Stockholm sjukdomen aids och de människor som drabbas Här finns Rasmus som lämnar den lilla bruksorten Koppom Torka aldrig PDF/EPUB ² och kastar sig ut i de homosexuellas Stockholm Benjamin som är Jehovas vittne och en dag ringer på hos Paul den varmaste roligaste och aldrig tårar utan PDF/EPUB Ä bitchigaste bögen som Gud någonsin skapat.

  • ebook
  • 291 pages
  • Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar – 1 Kärleken
  • Jonas Gardell
  • Swedish
  • 03 March 2014

10 thoughts on “Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar – 1 Kärleken

  1. Mirjam Mirjam says:

    They continue to walk Hand in hand It's snowingThey don't know where they're walking or where they're headed But right now it doesn't matter Because every step they take in any direction is a first step in a new direction It's snowing and snowing over StockholmWhen I was trying to find my favourite uote in this book I realised that I hadn't marked any passages except for a paragraph at the beginning of the book where the reasons and motivations for the book are discussed This is a story about things that happened People who existed Lives that ended and tears that were shed This is a masterfully told story about religion identity friendship love sex shame about so many things It's so relevant and speaks freely and directly about the lives of the characters using beautiful and poetic language It might sound odd to describe the style as both direct and poetic as those two are rarely thought of as connected But in this text it's the simply stated truth that is the most poetic The narrative steps carefully respectfully through the lives of the people it tells of It speaks beautifully about ugly things Terrible opinions awful conduct painful situations and abused feelings Ruinous attitudes that made my stomach turn This book demonstrates the importance of reading To experience life from other perspectives through someone else's eyes and hopefully learn from it To expand our knowledge and the capacity of our hearts in order to be understanding of the world I didn't mark any other passages in this book than that one paragraph because it was too hard to pick out certain sentences that felt relevant than others This story in its entirety is beautiful heart breaking and important Everyone should read it

  2. Amanda Landegren Amanda Landegren says:

    The one thing that always strikes me with Gardell's writing is the sadness The short snappy paragraphs and the descriptive and imaginary sentences manage to portray a melancholy I seldom find with other writers The story of homosexuals in Stockholm is in many ways a story about sadness and loneliness but also a story about discovery and inclusion Sections of the book cover the vibrant nightlife of the city just as sections break in showing the sterile life in a hospital bed Aids is creeping up upon the city and although the characters are not yet aware Gardell makes sure we know what will happen I think this is a phenomenal read that should reach people It is an important read that will give insight and understanding

  3. Linda Linda says:

    During the 80's a homosexual life in Sweden and most of the world probably was almost impossibly difficult Everywhere people judged them and even the high esteemed newspaper Dagens Nyheter viewed homosexuality as a sickness The book being the first of three is loosely based on real events and real people known by the author Where ever Gardell appears to talk about the horrible past he tears up It was his friends that without receiving any acceptance or comfort died like flies of a strange unknown and incurable disease which would later be known as AIDS Gardell states that it is so incredibly important never to forget these people and how they were stigmatized by the society until their very end They deserve to be remembered People always say that the past is the past but that's just an excuse to avoid responsibility The world has to remember for it to never happen again It's an incredibly sad story but at the same time there are a few glimpses of real relieving happiness when the two men one of which a former bully victim and the other a jehovah's witness finally drop their disguises and are themselves onlyGardell's writing alternates between being magnificent and very simple but perhaps that's the perfect way to reach through to people This isn't meant to be a big work of prose This is meant to reach and affect people and that it absolutely did Reading this book is almost as being there back in the early 80's in the middle of all the injustice alienation and the AIDS epidemic This is the most important Swedish literature in a long time

  4. Jari Jari says:

    I loved the TV series so I had high expectations for the book I'm so happy that it is as good if not even slightly better than the TV series I appreciate the historical tidbits that Gardell has dropped here and there throughout the book The story is already based on real events and Gardell's real life friends and acuaintances so adding those tidbits that document gay rights issues etc and general atmosphere towards LGBT people in Sweden at the time gives a nice touch to it all You didn't get that from the seriesThe book starts uite slowly but after Rasmus moves to Stockholm everything starts falling into place If you've seen the series you know what happens in the book They go pretty much hand in hand Some of the dialogues in the series are taken straight from the book no words changed That didn't bother me thoughIt's a well written book In fact I found the language to be uite beautiful The characters are crafted with care and even though you haven't really gotten to see behind their surface yet Gardell does a great job making us feel for them Strong mood You can sense the darkness and the terror looming around the corner I'm already anticipating it getting stronger I suspect this might become really powerful reading experience once I get to read the parts 2 3Even though nothing has yet happened to the main characters my heart is already breaking for them Just like my heart breaks everytime I think about the real people who went through hell during the HIVAIDS crisis in the 1980s and 1990s I can never say I know how it felt or I know how they felt but they are my brothers and sisters I'm related to them I feel for them They are my people If I had been born 20 years earlier I could have been one of them

  5. Sebastian Sampallo Sebastian Sampallo says:

    A powerful and detailed depiction of the conditions of life as a homosexual in Sweden during the 1980's The book had a great flow and interesting characters It was put together in an interesting way and Gardell adeptly weaves together different story lines with general informative sections about eg homosexuality in history and the HIV epidemic While the informative sections do deviate from the voice used in the story driven sections of the book it feels like the informative sections are told by Gardell rather than Rasmus or Benjamin I never felt that they broke the flow or felt misplaced or too preachy I learned a lot from this book The first part of the Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar series focuses on Benjamin and Rasmus and their youthupbringing as well as their journey to become themselves While there are dark parts of the book especially when reading about the abuse experienced by Rasmus during his youth and the alienation he felt growing up in the small society called Krokom the primary focus is on Benjamin and Ramus and their struggle to finally be their real selves For Benjamin this means having to accept that he is homosexual and put the oppressive church and family behind him ie or less his whole existence while for Rasmus it means leaving his old life and loving family behind entirely to finally find a place where he can finally be his true self Gardell masterfully juggles different storylines perspectives and timelines while never losing the reader's focus Underneath the story the future threat of HIV is ever present although the characters do not know it yet which causes a brooding feeling Having seen the series which NB was also excellent I know that the series will take a darker turn in the future Overall a great book about an interesting time and event which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in and open to new perspectives and to learn about homosexuality the HIV epidemic and the historical maltreatment of homosexuals in Sweden and world wide

  6. rameau rameau says:

    Earlier this year I saw a wonderful heart rending miniseries about two young men falling in love in Stockholm in 1980's If you know your history you can guess how it ended I decided to read the books and I'm glad I did It isn't just the love story that's touching it's the sections where the author describes real history his own history and the history of Sweden and the world at that time I kept flashing back to my own school years that came ten years later and comparing them to the sex education described in the book So much had changed and yet so little had Things are still changing for the better I hopeI read both the Swedish original and the Finnish translation side by side

  7. Martina Martina says:

    This was soooo good I really look forward to reading the other books as well I really like the characters in this one so I have really high hopes for them

  8. LaFée LaFée says:


  9. Simon Simon says:

    Emotional work but mediocre writing

  10. S S says:

    Brilliantly constructed

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