Bride of the Castle Epub Ó Bride of Kindle -

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Bride of the Castle
  • John DeChancie
  • English
  • 22 January 2014
  • 9780759232402

8 thoughts on “Bride of the Castle

  1. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    11618 99 for Kindle

  2. Frank Frank says:

    It was either 1992 or 1993 when I picked up the first Castle Perilous book I've been picking through the series ever since It's been about eight years since I read book 7 in the series I didn't want to read book 8 I didn't want it to ever come to an end But there was a book added to the series in recent years and I've finally allowed myself BRIDE OF THE CASTLEBRIDE OF THE CASTLE is pretty middle of the road as the books in the Castle Perilous series goes Its fan fodder that's for certain Its intent no doubt was to say farewell to John DeChancie's long running series and pay service to the fans like a long running sit com might And it delivers Its not the greatest offering in the group buts its good and its the least a fan could ask forI'm happy to have read it knowing there is now a 9th book but fear book nine may be a dip in the well one too many times This 8th book feels like the series overstayed its welcome just a tad But it wasn't horrible and if you've visited Castle Perilous enough you'll want to have this one last adventure as well

  3. Book collector Book collector says:

    The castle perilous series is difficult for me to review as it's a series I read a long time ago and my memories of it are hazy I do remember enjoying them and I do remember this clearly but the general review still stands The characters were good and the stories fun But the detail escapes me One thing of course is that these depend entirely on your sense of humour If it appeals which it did to me then you'll enjoy them The writing isn't going to win any prizes but then that's not what this kind of book is for I remember lots of this type of comedy book being published in America by the likes of ace books from around the mid 80's probably due to the success of Terry pratchett These are what they are Comedy books pure and simple

  4. Ward G Ward G says:

    Wowww did this one run out of gasMaybe the worst of the seriesThe characters attitudes towards each otherI think I love you let's screwThen nah nope maybe notHey I'll just get it on with this characterPersonal relations between characters simply patheticLooks maybe like it will give you solid relation between two main charactersThen just blows it off like fluffThe separate story arcs are just lousyNothing in any of them Seems resolved by the end of storyTwo stars highest I could give this oneSome good ideas that just went nowhere

  5. osoi osoi says:

    Последняя книжка про Замок оказалась очень и очень душевной и я влепила ей все пять баллов хотя бы потому что серия в отличие от большинства многотомников закончилась крайне элегантно А это редкостьЯ даже расчувствовалась 3Самые главные пупсики Замка решили пожениться но до этого еще уйма времени А пока что Карми находит способ отдохнуть и поработать одновременно кто то получит шанс прожить жизнь так как всегда хотел Такстон и Далтон опять расследуют убийство альтернативные отражения проворачивают махинации за спиной своего оригинала жених опаздывает на свадьбу а невеста мутит со своим давним увлечениемА конец — ах Такой замковый Я к этой серии отношусь очень нежно но перечитывать — очень вряд ли Тем не менее она принесла в мою жизнь такую идею как Замок а еще сочетание несерьезности и идейности что уже немало

  6. Travis Travis says:

    At this point the series had degenerated into a very thin plot and a lot of gagsNot thrilled with that trend but I had grown to really like these characters and most of the jokes are actually funny A nice change from most 'humorous' SFFantasy booksNice light fluffy read but also a sign that this series was starting to run out of steam and was on it's way out

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Terribly disappointing Gives on the feeling that something needed to be written to satisfy a contract so DeChancie or perhaps someone paid to write it for him just threw some ideas together and half assed his way through 170 pages Boo

  8. Sara Sara says:

    I read all the Castle Books as they came out I seem to remember loving them

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Bride of the Castle❮BOOKS❯ ✭ Bride of the Castle Author John DeChancie – Gene and Linda's wedding seems to bring out the best in Castle Perilous even if that's not much better than the worst When the happy groom suddenly prefers confronting barbarians over entertaining his Gene and Linda's wedding seems to bring out the best in Castle Perilous even if that's not much better than the worst When the happy groom suddenly prefers confronting barbarians over entertaining his wedding guests a battle ensues that will change his life infuriate his bride and make for one bizarre wedding day.

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