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The Beast Within [Reading] ➿ The Beast Within By Edward Kendrick – A cannibalistic serial killer targeting gay men is on the loose Devin who has become increasingly erratic in the last two months just split up with Gary his lover of three years Vanni a habitue of the A cannibalistic serial killer targeting gay men is on the loose Devin who has become increasingly erratic in the last two months just split up with Gary his lover of three years Vanni a habitue of the gay clubs makes extra spending money on his knees in the club johns Is one of these men the killer Or will one of them instead become the killer's next target Detective Hollis Robbins is in charge of The Beast MOBI :º the case He intends to stop the killer if he can When the killer strikes again the four men's lives intertwine as the search for the murderer intensifies Will the attraction that two of them begin to feel for each other survive the hunt Do they have the strength to continue on after tragedy strikes and teaches them that love can be bittersweet CONTENT ADVISORY This title involves a happily for now conclusion.

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Beast Within
  • Edward Kendrick
  • English
  • 02 August 2015
  • 9781614953708

About the Author: Edward Kendrick

Born and bred Cleveland I earned a degree in technical theater later switched to costuming and headed to NYC Finally seeing the futility of trying to become rich and famous in the Big Apple I joined VISTA—Volunteers in Service to America—ending up in Chicago for three years Then it was on to Denver where I put down roots and worked as a costume designer until I retired in I began writi.

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  1. Emily Emily says:

    I fell in love with this story It made me laugh cry want to scream cheer for the characters and made me believe in true love and that love can conuer The shocking twist near the end was unexpected and I bawled like a baby while reading it On that note this book was very moving and covered a lot of the aspects of love; first love in a way love gained love lost love in the faced tragedy and illness second chances at love and learning how to love again This book had a little bit of everything from a man discovering he’s gay to a man discovering his worst nightmare just came true I truly enjoyed this book as it’s rare for a book to make me feel so much for the characters in so few pages 200 pages are not usually enough pages to make you go through all these emotions and feelings without some disconnect And with 4 main characters and a fifth at the end several plot lines including a murder and being that short of a story it’d be easy to get lost or confused or disconnect with the story along the way Yet Mr Kendrick does an amazing job at making everything run smoothly while still keeping the story realistic and a wonderful read And as a writer I can understand how difficult and impressive that is I saw the characters as real people who I could meet just walking down the street and a few even reminded me of people I knew And contrary to popular belief it's not easy to make your characters that life likeThe only potential downside was that the ending was a HFNwhich upset me since by the end of the book I was very emotionally involved and I wanted a HEA for my boys And the horrible tragedy that occurs near the end was very upsetting as well but was necessary to help make this book as powerful as it was Other than that the story wasindescribable There aren’t words great enough to define this book I’ve got to say that I don’t often give many books 5 stars and very few have ever been books that I consider deserve a higher rating This story is one of them I would definitely recommend this book for everyone who wants a wonderful read I started this book at 2 in the morning and didn’t stop till I was done it was so capturing If you’re looking for a good read with a plot this one is for you and you won’t regret it And to dear Mr Kendrick I hope you continue writing and giving us wonderful books such as this one And thank you for your portrayal of the police force in a positive light I have several cops in my family and not everyone always shows that cops are regular chill people who have feelings and are than just a badge

  2. Portia Portia says:

    This review was originally featured on MM Good Book Reviews and included a chat with the authorhttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscoThis was an absolutely fabulous read It starts by following three gay men who awaken after a night of clubbing not being able to remember details of their night befores Intermingled is a police investigation where gay men are turning up dead It was very Agatha Christie and I loved it I HAD to move to the next chapter to see who might have gone missing nextIn my mind this book could be divided into three parts Unfortunately I can’t put labels on those parts or I’d have to give away the whole story Suffice it to say Edward Kendrick has penned a tale that is eual parts romance and suspense There is grittiness in this book that I think he was going for in some of his other work but didn’t uite achieveI’d also like to note that I really appreciated the inclusion of an HIV positive character albeit one of the secondary characters Don’t worry the guy doesn’t die or anything but it was nice to see an author addressing the issue without getting all angstyI will say this The Beast Within is not a uick paranormal read There are no sexy werewolves or shifters coming to save the day The Beast could dwell in anyoneIf you are up for a well written tale of intrigue broken men coming to terms with life and death and than one beautiful love storythis is a definite must read

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