The Peterkins' Christmas ePUB è The Peterkins'

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Peterkins' Christmas
  • Elizabeth Spurr
  • English
  • 24 January 2016

8 thoughts on “The Peterkins' Christmas

  1. Dianna Dianna says:

    This is my first encounter with the Peterkins They come up with fantastic solutions to simple problems such as raising the ceiling to accommodate their tall Christmas tree instead of cutting off the bottom of the tree and playing the piano through the open window instead of moving it so the keys face into the room My four year old son thought it was pretty funny I love the period setting and the beautiful illustrations

  2. JaNeal JaNeal says:

    This book is almost of a 3 12 for me it's a little long and the letter excerpts are not seamless but the tongue in cheek humor is so much fun I just couldn't write this one off Some of the word crafting is genius and the twist and turns can be hilarious The comedic story model it follows is also excellent Though I see some hiccups in this book there is still much I can learn from itReading this book has motivated me to send the original Peterkin classic to my Kindle I'm curious

  3. Donna Huber Donna Huber says:

    I read this short story in A Christmas Treasury It is a silly sort of story though I can see it delighting children I'm not familiar with the author Lucretia Hale but I think I will look her up

  4. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is an entertaining and silly tale about a family's preparations for Christmas The story doesn't make very much sense but I suppose it isn't supposed to It's the first story we've read about the Peterkins family and I've just discovered that these stories go back to the 1800s The illustrations are wonderful and remind us of Wendy Anderson Halperin's work on the Cobble Street Cousins series The story is a bit long for a picture book but would be appropriate for older children We enjoyed reading this book together

  5. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

    The Peterkins are a mess They want to surprise their neighbors and relatives with a beautiful Christmas tree but the tree is too tall and they have no ornaments and it’s hard to play the piano sitting outside in the snowbut there is always the Lady from Philadelphia to help them Best part humor Ages 8 12

  6. Relyn Relyn says:

    I wrote about the Peterkin's Thanksgiving recently Their Christmas adventures are just as entertaining This book is a hoot As always Halperin doesn't disappoint Check it out

  7. Vivian Vivian says:

    This hilarious illustrated chapter from a children's novel is reminiscent of Amelia Bedelia

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    Very funny I am now reading the orginal Peterkin Papers by Lucretia P Hale

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The Peterkins' Christmas❴Reading❵ ➸ The Peterkins' Christmas Author Elizabeth Spurr – First introduced than 120 years ago in The Peterkin Papers the Peterkins now appear in this brand new holiday tale Intending to surprise the young ones with the tallest Christmas tree they can find th First introduced than years ago in The Peterkin Papers the Peterkins now appear in this brand new holiday tale Intending to surprise the young ones with the tallest Christmas The Peterkins' PDF/EPUB ² tree they can find the Peterkins' plans go awry because their special tree is too big to fit in the house Full color.