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Butterflies Dance in the DarkA Novel ❰Read❯ ➲ Butterflies Dance in the DarkA Novel Author Beatrice MacNeil – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Destined for limbo because of her illegitimacy and labeled retarded because of a learning disability young Mari Jen Delene retreats into silence Around her revolves a vividly drawn cast of characters Destined for in the Kindle Ð limbo because of her illegitimacy and labeled retarded because of a learning disability young Mari Jen Delene retreats into silence Around her revolves a vividly drawn cast of characters her mother Adele; Misha a Polish Jew; the willful bitter Mother Superior; and her powerfully intelligent twin Butterflies Dance PDF/EPUB or brothers who sleep beside a map of the world they long to explore Brilliantly imagined and buoyed by the clear eyed perceptions of youth it is an elouent and profound story from a gifted writer.

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  1. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I actually chose to read BUTTERFLIES DANCE IN THE DARK by Beatrice MacNeil because of the yellow dress the girl is wearing on the cover and the word BUTTERFLIES in the title This time choosing a book by its cover paid off Beatrice MacNeil's writing resembles painting a beautifully textured wondrously detailed painting GEORGE ELLIOT CLARKE With her colourful detailed writing Beatrice MacNeil transported me back to 1953 in the fictional Acadian village of Ste Noire Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia CanadaThe characters came to life I loved 5 year old Mari Jen with fiery red hair and her intelligent and rebellious twin brothers Alfred and Albert made me smile sometimes laugh aloud and other times shake my head in disbelief I liked their mama Adele Delene Daniel Peter the kind hearted holocaust survivor and Sister Theresa a teacher at school Mother Superior and Uncle Jule who I disliked immensely brought uncertainty and fearI observed life and the interactions between Mari Jen and her family and people of the village for nearly two decades Here are my favourite uotes from this book My words buzzed around and around like a fly trapped in a jarWHAT IS PAIN but knowledge learned backwards?Elegantly written and profoundly touching Butterflies Dance in the Dark stands as a testament to the vibrant resiliency of youth and the enduring powers of the imagination uote from the Overview I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and must give it 5 because it shocked me and brought me laughter and tears

  2. Janet Janet says:

    I met the author Beatrice MacNeil when we went on a cruise from Boston to Halifax Sidney Nova Scotia She was a very nice lady and told me why she wrote books about handicapped children I found her fascinating I bought two of her books The other one was The Geranium Window I haven't read that one yet

  3. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Really beautifully written

  4. Fred Ann Fred Ann says:

    A strong religious ethos hovers over this child's life and book The church and sinfulness play a dominant role Mari Jen is an illegitimate child as are her two fatherless twin brothers Their mother struggles bringing up her children superstition and fear influence their daily lives Mari Jen is labelled as retarded at school by an unrelenting Mother Superior who seem to have it in for the child Mari Jen lives in a lonely friendless silent world which she allows herself to slip into entering adulthood Mari Jen receives help and she leaves her silent mode to embrace life a bit fullyA wonderful read and study of a uiet shy lonely little fatherless girl

  5. Courtenay Courtenay says:

    A simple and entertaining read yet there is actually substance to is as well I think what really kept me turning the pages is that it reminded me so much of the stories my mother has told me about going to catholic school in New Brunswick She had a teacher like Mother Superior thankfully only for one year and mischievous older twin brothers to take care of her too

  6. ALexis ALexis says:

    Author from L'Ardoise Cape Breton Nova Scotia I was easily drawn in by this local Author as much almost as when I read the book KIN by Leslie Crewe Going to look for books be Beatrice MacNeil

  7. Mary Stetter Mary Stetter says:

    Disturbing situation Who was paying attention to these children?

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    I really enjoyed this book I loved the main character and really felt for her

  9. Robin Watson Robin Watson says:

    I found the book depressing until the end Then I realized why Mari Jen went thru what she did But the book did not cast a favorable look at the Catholic Church I’m not Catholic so although it bothered me not in a personal way My mother and aunt had gone to Catholic Church so some of the punishments weren’t a surprise But then there were some that did get to me Like the binding of the breast Mari Jen must have felt as free as a butterfly when that came off And her mother always wanting to protect her from badness Life happens

  10. Marlene Marlene says:

    Set in Cape Breton Island in the 1950's where punishment in schools were still administered with a strap Mother Superior has little sympathy for an illegitimate child and continues to belittle Mari Jen by referring to her as retarded and placing her in a group of misfits and she slips increasingly into a protective limbo of silence At a crisis point in her life Mari Jen gets the help she needs in her journey to adulthood and begins to re establish her dialogue with the outside world

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