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  1. Tiffany (About to Read) Tiffany (About to Read) says:

    My Epic Fairy Tale Fail picks up shortly after the events of My Very UnFairy Tale Life Jenny has grown since the last novel and therefore is much less annoying She wasn’t overly annoying in My Epic Fairy Take Fail but there were a few points when she got on my nerves because she was so cheesy The plot is sophisticated this time around and still has tons of action and adventureAt the end of My Very UnFairy Tale Life Jenny found out that she could finally share her adventures with her friends Because of this Jenny is a relatable character and the story as a whole really benefits from the addition of her two friends Having real relationships with people in the human world has helped Jenny grow upNot only is Jenny mature but the plot has grown as well Instead of being a somewhat silly albeit engrossing story about an evil clown My Epic Fairy Tale Fail has a lot of twists and mysteries as well as a story line that will continue into the next installment of the series My Epic Fairy Tale Fail is another page turner from Staniszewski The plot is still filled with action and adventure and it’s very hard to put down This is a fast uick read that I would have devoured and middle school and can still enjoy as an adult I am happy to see that the characters have grown and the plot has become complex since the previous novels

  2. Bianca Bianca says:

    The book My Epic Fairy Tale Fail by Anna Stanszewski was an amazing book This book is about a girl named Jenny Jenny travels through magical kindoms defeting evil and in this book Jenny goes to The Land of Stories with her friends Jasmine Trish and Melissa They have to face off an evil witch but not everything goes as planned Jenny thought that going to a magical kingdom was going to be fun especially with her friends but it was anything but fun I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy and needs a good book to read

  3. Hannah Russell Hannah Russell says:

    What did I just read?

  4. Haleigh Chacon Haleigh Chacon says:

    My Epic Fairy Tale Fail by Anna Staniszewski was a awesome bookThe book is by the same author of the gossip file which I have recently read so if you enjoy Anna Staniszewski 's books then this will be your favorite book from her yetIt tells of a girl named Jenny who saves mermaids and other fairy tale characters but when she gets a special mission everything changes and impacts herJenny the character is humorous and shows the real side of fairy tale landWhile she tries to go to the land of tales she tries to accomplish three tasks which seems impossible at firstJenny realizes she is capable to take on her missionI really liked the book b cause it mad me laugh several times and helped me imagine what it would be like to save fairy tales stories and charactersIt might not be the perfect world for Jenny but I would LOVE that jobThe book was different books that I have previously read so it was like a fresh start so I give the books five starsI would love to meet Jenny in real life and ask her so many uestionsTherefore Anna Staniszewski did a great job writing the book My Epic Fairy Tale Fail

  5. Heidi Heidi says:

    Three and a half stars A fun series for young readers that features a spunky heroine Jenny just wants to live a normal life Go to school a few dances and have real friends but that is extremely difficult considering every time she turns around Anthony the Gnome is popping in insisting she go on another uest to save some far away land Today Jenny is struggling to break up a mermaid war between the green tails and blue tails Just when things are getting particularly nasty Anthony comes along and tells her she can uit this uest as there is another pressing adventure Jenny groans until she finds out that she is headed to the land where her parents were last seen seven years ago Now she is incredibly anxious to get there to see if she can uncover the truth behind the disappearance of her parents Luckily Jenny gets a little help because Anthony is letting her take along her two best human friends Trisha and Melissa Now the uestion is can Jenny save the Land of Tales from the witch's curse before all the magic is drained from the land and can she find her long lost parents?What I LikedThere is plenty to love about this cute fun middle grade book There is magic fairy tales adventure and lots of mythical creatures and delightful world building Any young reader will enjoy being swept away into the magical world of fairy tales I love that Jenny is a spunky and resourceful heroine She is constantly thrust into difficult often life endangering situations where she has to be uick to think on her feet Jenny must solve her problems with wits as she is a human without magic In this book she faces terrifying riddling trolls monstrous sea creatures an insidious witch and an impossible mountain Not to mention the fact that the villagers are very trustful of adventurers Jenny faces three impossible tasks and manages to come out on top I like that she is spirited and she doesn't easily give up even when things are grim She is a positive role model for your young readersThis is a great coming of age series as Jenny at thirteen is beginning to discover all kinds of things about herself Even though she complains about her adventurer life I think she is learning that it isn't all bad and I am enjoying watching her growthThis is a uick easy read and it is age appropriate I would recommend this series for young readers 8 13 It is clean and fun and has plenty of positive messages There are also lots of funny and somewhat cheesy lines the author even pokes fun at the cheeziness so it should appeal to your young reader Hand this to them with confidence as there is nothing to fear in this seriesAnd The Not So MuchI am constantly complaining about cliffhanger endings in the YA genre and I was completely disappointed to find a cliffhanger type ending with this book Jenny gets to the end of her uest only to find out that the person she thought was behind all the evil in the land is not and now she must now seek out the real culprit Basically Jenny goes on this uest and achieves her goals only to be slapped in the face with an oh sorry you didn't get it right I was expecting a bit of resolution and found that there was really nothing The Land of Tales is still in disarray and unrestored her parents are still missing and she must now track down the real villains I just don't think that younger readers are as apt to stick with a series if they don't get an ending I know as a younger reader I would have been disappointed to read an entire book and not get the satisfaction I was seeking The one positive at the end was that Jenny remains determined and she and her friends vow to help the people of the land learn to live without magic Along with the cliffhanger this book leaves remaining unanswered uestions As an older reader it is not an issue for me but with younger readers they have shorter attention spans and I fear that not giving them satisfying answers may deter them from the series If you are interested in these books for your young reader I still recommend them I would likely get them together so once they finish they can move right into the next one without forgetting anything Even as an adult reader I struggle remembering everything between books especially if there is a long duration so I can see this being an issue with younger readers Luckily this is not a huge issue because the final book My Sort of Fairy Tale Ending will release in November 2013 So the wait is not long My Unfair Fairy Tale is a magical book with a admirable protagonist Jenny who will certainly appeal to younger girls This is a series with lots of magic faraway kingdoms and plenty of mythical creatures I like that it has positive messages and especially reminds readers not to give up I would recommend this series for younger readers but keep in mind that not everything comes to a closure so it might be best to acuire them and read them all together to prevent frustrations with forgetting details You can hand this to your young reader with confidence as it is age appropriate and clean Favorite uotationsI'd never heard of anyone being turned into a rug Suddenly the phrase letting people walk all over you had a totally new meaningThe first step so better times is to imagine themI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this reviewPostedRainy Day Ramblings

  6. Amy Holiday Amy Holiday says:

    Gets better with the second book maybe because I had time for the cheesiness to grow on me and I thought her friends were pretty awesome Jenny finds herself in the Land of Tales the place where all fairy tales come from Cute interpretation from Hansel Gretel's wish to the diamond mountain from the Princess who Never Laughed and a the giant rooster Jenny saves the day of course and then finds out where her parents disappeared to setting up the third in the trilogy

  7. Abigail Abigail says:

    I loved this book just as much as the first one which I loved

  8. Sophisticated Night Owl Sophisticated Night Owl says:


  9. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    This review first appeared on my blog at Thoughts and PensI immediately jumped into My Epic Fairy Tale Fail after I finished My Very Unfairy Tale Life I was really excited to accompany Jenny again to one of her adventures In this second book Jenny was assigned to go to the Land of Tales to help stop a nasty witch from draining all the magic of the landJust like the first book My Epic Fairy Tale Fail offers another humorous and refreshing story In the Land of Tales Jenny were introduced to a new set of characters who are already familiar to us like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood Nessie the Lochness Monster Sleeping Beauty and the Hansel and Gretel witch What’s good is that Anna gave a new take to these characters which brought things to a whole new level of fun Add the fact that there’s a significant development to Jenny’s character She became sort of mature but still retained her spunk But what really made me happy is that her friends Trish Melissa and Anthony the Gnome really joined on in the fun Thumbs up to Anna for remembering these characters in this second book They were really left out in the first bookI also appreciated the fact that the villain of this book is a female And the good thing is she’s not the stereotype old hag witch Anna really made a lot of effort to ensure that the overall series does not join the trope of fairy tales that saturated the market todayAside from the characters My Epic Fairy Tale Fail has a lot of improvement when it comes to the plot Compared to the first book this one has a lot of story to tell particularly that it involved Jenny discovering a secret that could be the answer to her ultimate desire and trying to outlast a wicked witch Though predictable it was still interesting to read with its fast paced action sprinkled with fun moments and of course lessons in lifeThe world building also saw a significant development but I must say that it was still lacking I expect like maps and a bigger world instead of giving me this impression that the Land of Tales is just a subdivision where everything is a 15 20 minute walkOverall My Epic Fairy Tale Fail is a perfect seuel to My Very Unfairy Tale Life It wrapped up some of the loose ends of the first book and brought something new to the series whilst maintaining the main theme of the story It’s definitely an innovator instead of a maintainer I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend My Epic Fairy Tale Fail to all Middle Grade book lovers

  10. Sharon Tyler Sharon Tyler says:

    My Epic Fairy Tale Fail is the second book in the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series for children by Anna Staniszewski Jenny the Adventurer is back and has come to terms with her magically manic life Her new mission includes heading to the Land of Tales otherwise known as the place that all fairy tales come from It also happens to be the world in which her parents disappearedAll she needs to do is defeat an evil witch by completing three impossible tasks while keeping herself and her best friends alive If she can succeed maybe Jenny can finally get answers about what really happened to her parents Jenny has never faced a greater challenge or higher stakesMy Epic Fairy Tale Fail is a wonderful follow up to My Very UnFairy Tale Life Jenny is comfortable in her role and responsibility she has to carry out her promises in the fairy tale worlds She is very aware of the dangers but does not let them stop her from doing her best to help others Stereotypes of trolls knights witches sea monsters and just about every fairy tale character can be found here and turned on their sides Making readers of all ages recognize the archetypes and how things are much than they seem is another great aspect of this seriesI liked that there is wit and humor throughout the book while Jenny faces some serious struggles even the darkest moments carry a thread of light and hope despite the seriousness Balancing the humor with tough situations and danger without making light of a particular character's issues is a tough balance to maintain however it is demonstrated here jenny has to face life threatening situations while dealing with the realization that she needs her friends but cannot protect the people she cares about from everything Facing seemingly insurmountable odds Jenny still puts others ahead of herself and acts like a real girl in the same situation might and still comes out as a hero any young girls can both relate to and look up toI recommend My Epic Fairy Tale Fail to readers that enjoyed My Very UnFairy Tale Life For readers age nine and older that enjoy adventure fairy tales and spunky girls that spout witty sayings when feeling threatened I suggest starting with the first book and reading both I am very eager to see where the series goes from here in My Sort of Fairy Tale Ending which is currently scheduled for release on November 5 2013 and am a new fan of Anna Staniszewsk

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