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What We Found ➸ [Reading] ➺ What We Found By Kris Bock ➭ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A summer afternoonA stranger’s bodyA life changed foreverAnd above a hunter watchesWhat We Found When Audra stumbles on a murdered woman in the woods than one person isn't happy about her bringing t A summer afternoonA stranger’s bodyA life changed foreverAnd above a hunter watchesWhat We Found When Audra stumbles on a murdered woman in the woods than one person isn't happy about her bringing the crime to light She’ll have to stand up for herself in order to stand up for the murder victim It’s a risk and so is reaching out to the mysterious young man who What We Kindle - works with deadly birds of prey But with danger all around some risks are worth taking.

10 thoughts on “What We Found

  1. Jay Jay says:

    Part murder mystery part romance part coming of age WHAT WE FOUND had the potential to derail itself with too many moving parts But it held together until the very end The mystery had a Nancy Drew Grows Up sort of vibe and I mean in that in a really good way Audra is like Nancy intrigued by a mystery that she can't ignore even though it could be dangerous to pursue the truth even though the police consider her a suspect when she finds clues than they do Like Nancy Audra isn't deterred She uestions her own choices wonders at the wisdom of what she's doing puts people she loves in jeopardy but ultimately has to do what she thinks is right all hallmarks of the hero's journey and coming of age Add in a dose of steamy romance and WHAT WE FOUND strikes the right balance

  2. Christine Christine says:

    Fresh out of college 22 year old Audra lands her first job at a resort in New Mexico When she finds a dead body while on a walk with the boss's son it could be a career ending move if she reports it Audra does report the murder and her brother talks her into trying to solve the mystery with him But Audra finds herself with mysteries than she bargained for Not only is she threatened by her boss and his son but she falls for a mystery man who also has a secret In this mystery murder Romance WHAT WE FOUND Audra struggles with who to trust Will the mysteries be her undoing? Kris Bock writes a suspenseful murder mystery romance that will leave you guessing until the last pageWhat I like about this book is that the Romance is light yet realistic

  3. Nick Wilford Nick Wilford says:

    This is an entertaining read with a great sense of menace The narrator has recently returned to her home town to work and already feels like an outsider; her problems just get worse when she discovers a body in the woods The author has done a great job of taking us inside this gutsy protagonist's thought process at every step of the way and she ultimately emerges as a sensible heroine who wants to do the right thing in spite of adversity Recommended if you like tense mysteries with a touch of romance

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Wasn't what I expected good story line and characters who aren't one dimensional

  5. Ellen Behrens Ellen Behrens says:

    If someone had said to me You should read this book it's a great romantic suspense novel I would have shook my head and tried to be polite as I explained I just don't read romance novels But I was sold when I read a post the author wrote on the Motive Means Opportunity blog about how she was led to write this book by a personal experience she'd discovered a body while hikingMy husband and I hike a lot In many places In many remote places We've never found a body but we sometimes speculate Do you think a body is under that tattered piece of cloth over there? I couldn't imagine that actually happeningSo I couldn't resist getting a copy And after I did I couldn't stop readingFirst I love the main character's name Audra I'd met an Audra once and she was a lovely gifted though troubled teenager I even named a character in a short story after her Audra is faced with a real life dilemma do you do the right thing or do you do the easy thing? When you meet her mother you understand why doing the easy thing was Audra's first choice Mother is not easy to please Audra's desire to keep a low profile while doing a good job at her new position goes out the window Her fellow staffers at the resort in her old hometown find out she'd not only discovered a body but might have something to do with it She gives in to her younger brother's plea to investigate not only to keep him safe but to clear her nameAlong the way she meets a fascinating falconer struggles to confront her overbearing mother and protect her brother all while dodging false accusations and wayward golf ballsI honestly couldn't put this down Kudos to Kris Bock for giving us a memorable heroine in an engaging plot

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    I was given a copy of the ebook in exchanged for my honest opinionIn this book you have Mystery Murder A little Romance HarassmentAudra is a college graduate She went back home to take a job at the Mountain Inn and Resort What would you do if you found a died body in the woods? Run? Scream? Would go call the police? Would you do nothing?I feel bad for Audra because of the harassment from her boss and his son I think the son is hiding something I am not going to say what I think he is up toAudra's mother has a point of view on men that is something else I feel bad for her brother Audra is a good big sister who wants to protect her brother from the verbal abuse from their mother This book had me so curious You will see I say that a lot about a book with so much mystery in it Who killed the person? I don't want to give away too many details It is better to read them yourself This book definitely had me wondering a lot of uestions Who? Where? this has to be explained in details but I won't get into it Why? I think this is the big uestion to know What?☆☆☆☆☆I give this book 5 out of 5 starsWould I recommend this book? Yes Author? YesWould I read from this author? YesHappy ReadingMelissa

  7. Julianne Redmon Julianne Redmon says:

    I really enjoyed reading What We FoundIt's mystery romance and coming of age story all wrapped into one I enjoyed the plot line and the fact that it wrapped up nicely in the end without going off on some weird twist The points of the investigation were easy to follow one by one and there were even little clues as to the true identity from soon after the body was found If you go back through the book after you are finished you will have several a ha moments I truly liked the characters as well All of them are multi faceted and complicated but genuinely good people wellexcept for the killer LOL It seems like the story is going off in a lot of different directions but when does real life ever just have you dealing with one thing at a time? The story and characters seemed real to me because of the fact that they were trying to handle multiple happenings at once I absolutely love the rich detail in the settings Like the trouble that Audra had walking in the field not really a spoilerI could feel how uncomfortable she must of been trying to traverse the uneven rocky terrain in her work shoes Little things like that really help me to get immersed in a story and forget the rest of the worldA fun read for lovers of mystery and romance

  8. Carl Brookins Carl Brookins says:

    This is a novel rich in details So rich in fact the plot is occasionally bogged down and the pace becomes glacial On another level the location of the story the town the state the uniue characteristics of the locale are often ignored Too bad because there’s an enriching mother lode of detail availableThe story line is not particularly unusual but it has potent possibilities A young woman Audra returns to her small hometown to a good job after college She’s there for altruistic reasons to protect her younger brother a bright boy of twelve from her man hating dominating mother The mother is an interesting character as is the boy Ricky Hardly settled into her job at a fashionable resort Audra goes for a walk in the woods and discovers a body It turns out that Audra is herself a bundle of nerves and contradictions packaged in a fairly attractive body Unfortunately Audra whines and seems to collapse at the least opportunity That’s unfortunate and detracts from a really good idea whose full potential is never uite reached The story and setting are well done and rich in useful detail I just wanted to like the central character a lot

  9. Niki Driscoll Niki Driscoll says:

    This was a good murdermystery with some romance on the side A well thought out story line keeps you trying to figure out who did the dead while we watch Audra and Ricky play The hardy boys finding clues to help lead the way There were a lot of players all used to misdirect the reader and enhance the plot The relationship that develops between Audra and Kyle is very sweet and touchingdelivering a message about the struggles our returning military face when they return home to civilian life I am usually really good at finding the bad guy when I read these type of books and I have to say I was not sure until right up to the point they revealed themselves I found the character interactions realistic and even though I thought Audra needed to get some back bone it was a very entertaining read I was surprised to find out that people do not report crimes like dead bodies and it is in fact uite common I would think that would be the one thing everyone reported A great reading experience and I look forward to checking out other books by this author

  10. Sara Sara says:

    What We Found was a well written and realistic book I would call it less mystery and suspense to me the story was about the events leading up to the conclusion than a who done it story At points Audra drove me a little nuts she was very insecure and weak but as the story progressed her character grew which I enjoyed I loved Kyle and Ricky they both were well developed and Ricky's character really instigated Audra and helped her to grow I think this was a great story including a sweet romance that didn't steal the focus off the action

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