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Grimms Märchen, Band 2 [Reading] ➹ Grimms Märchen, Band 2 ➯ Jacob Grimm – We all know the stories — or do we We know who Snow White is but what about Rose Red And what happens to an all too willful child Learn intriguing stories about Wise Folks The King's Son Who Feared We all know the stories — or do we We know who Snow White is but what about Rose Red And what happens to an all too willful child Learn intriguing stories about Wise Folks The King's Son Who Feared Nothing and well Donkey Cabbages to name a few Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were well known nineteenth century German storytellers academics linguists and cultural researchers who did not Grimms Märchen, MOBI :º hold back when telling terrifying tales including parables and fables designed to teach and entertain readers of all ages The Brothers Grimm Volume Grimmer Fairy Tales is perfect for the short story lover and offers many entertaining tales to delight and fright literature loversAbout the Word Cloud Classics seriesClassic works of literature with a clean modern aesthetic Perfect for both old and new literature fans the Word Cloud Classics series from Canterbury Classics provides a chic and inexpensive introduction to timeless tales With a higher production value including heat burnished covers and foil stamping these eye catching easy to hold editions are the perfect gift for students and fans of literature everywhere.

10 thoughts on “Grimms Märchen, Band 2

  1. Art the Turtle of Amazing Girth Art the Turtle of Amazing Girth says:

    Some were ok most were bleh I'm happy I'm done I guess this was high life reading back when they were done by the Grimm Boys but now? Meh

  2. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    Note this edition has 319 pages; the page count is incorrect but there is no way to edit itLast year I read volume 1 While I can't say that it was a great book the stories were ridiculous repetitive and strange they were amusing and it was worth reading However volume 2 was really disappointing The stories were not of the same uality and this book was not worth readingTale #4 Stories about Snakes consists of three stories about snakes Here is the third story in its entirety A snake cries Huhu huhuA child says Come out The snake comes out then the child inuires about her little sister Have you not seen little Red Stockings?The snake says NoNeither have IThen I am like you Huhu huhu huhuHuh? Or should that be huhu? Were they high? What is this?view spoilerTale #16 The Willful Child was pretty weird In summary a child would not obey her mother so God had no pleasure in her and let her become ill and the child died The dead child was buried and her arm popped out of the grave and the mother had to beat the arm to get it to rest underground So I guess the moral for children is obey your parents or God will let you die? That is some messed up shitTale #74 The Owl is about burning an owl in a barn because people are afraid of itWhile the first volume had a lot of repetition volume 2 was excessively repetitive I suspect volume 2 are all the stories that didn't make the cut for volume 1 The majority of the stories were either about a young man often a prince having to save the a king's daughter who has been enchanted or kidnapped and hidden away usually in a glass mountain or about someone dying The last 10 tales are listed as children's legends and are preachy religious fables about god and heaven and at the end of most of them someone dies The worst one was legend #8 The Aged Mother there is an old woman whose entire family and all her relations and friends have died over the years and she's all alone The deaths of her children are the most painful and she's upset with GodShe goes to church and sees a vision of her two sons one hanging on the gallows the other bound to the wheel Then her aunt huh? I thought all her relatives had died says You see this is how it would have been with them if they had lived and if the good God had not taken them to himself when they were innocent children Geez that's comforting be thankful that your children died when young as they would have been tortured and hung Then three days later the old woman dies hide spoiler

  3. Ryan Aday Ryan Aday says:

    The Brothers Grimm Volume II 110 Grimmer Fairy Tales is a collection of some of the Grimm Brother’s famous stories following off of the previous book The Brothers Grimm 101 Fairy Tales It includes the original and unchanged tales of witches sorcery and monsters in the woods and kingdoms of the eleventh to fourteenth century Having lesser known short stories such as “The Two Travelers” “The Three Army Surgeons” “Hans the Hedgehog” and “Star Money” the book still has the well known and told stories like “Snow White and Rose Red” As implied in the name these stories can be uite gory and write about torture and death which was very common in the Medieval and Dark Times Although the book can go into detail with violence the brothers have written charming and peaceful tales as wellWithin the text of the novel the writers always try to conceive a message within them “keep away from strangers” “work hard to get your reward” and “be nice to others” to name a few The tone is definitely medieval in all of the tales since “thy” “thou” and “wherein” are used freuently throughout the pages and not one word has been changed from the original The violence does appear uite a few times in some if not most of the stories written and may cause children to be frightened of some things after listening to them and having nightmare about the monsters Even though the book can be scary for some it is still a great read but only the brave and bold during the day

  4. Megha Megha says:

    This collection of fairy tales seems to be the origin of all fairy tales afterward So many different movies and books can be traced back to the very words on these pages Some were eerie some were light and some were religious but overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading these fairy tales I found that although some morals lined up with my own beliefs some were very far off Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about this book was being able to read in between the lines and compare the thoughts written back then to what modern authors would have written about the same topic now Although Jacob Grimm wrote this book with children in mind it is not difficult to see how his adult experiences were shadowed in the lives of some of the characters and settings Further like most fairy tales these stories heavily revolved around appearance and social class One would think that ideas about ineuality in social class would be outdated since these stories were written in 1812 but believe it or not Grimm's society and ours have many things in common I gave this book four stars because of its ability to amuse me with only short fairy tales normally intended for children

  5. Skye Skye says:

    There seems to be a lot of stupid Hans’ in this collection Or at least a patch towards the later middle that has a lot of stories that feature a dumb young man named Hans And the recurrent theme seemed to be honesty truth and fairness Give to others The typical ideas of fairy tales that I grew up with Just with a far twisted take and journeyIt’s a little difficult for me to seriously review a collection of traditional fairy tales The things which normally trigger me and make me frustrated are rife throughout stories of women beating princess needing saving etc But it is a different time and I don’t really believe in rampaging about ideals of different times and places The fact that the underlying message and themes are all about integrity and honesty Not taking others for granted Treating people as you wish to be treated The kinds of things that I love to see perpetuated through tales stories and journeys

  6. Vitak Vitak says:

    All complexity started out simple There has to be that first line that first string that first word that first knowledge All the stories might be too young for us adults But it shall mark the beginning of our reading lifestyle It shall engrave the starting point of our first knowledge our common sense our imagination These are the kinds of stories I wrote when I was little Although not many people had a chance to read it I am sure it is buried deep down there somewhere And I am thankful for it

  7. Tyler Tyler says:

    This book contains 110 fairy tales that are all special in their own way I personally adore this book because the stories are fun to enjoy and have their own personality I would recommend this book to anyone who likes short stories and fairy tales My favorite is the 3rd story about snakes This is my favorite because I find it amusing

  8. Bloss ♡ Bloss ♡ says:

    35 Stories aren't uite as good as Volume I

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Truly grimmer than the first volume Hilarious stories ie Donkey Cabbages and many religious ones which aren't as fun Still enjoyable to read overall

  10. Ali Ali says:

    I am not uite sure this book is the exact one I had on my ebook on my tablet but it looked like the closest one and had most of the same story so I am assuming it is I really really liked reading all the classic fairytales and it was really great to read ones I had never heard before just an overall fun collection of fairy tales

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