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Night Sounds [PDF / Epub] ☀ Night Sounds ✍ Javier Sobrino – Buyprobolan50.co.uk When the moon comes up over the mountains all the animals in the rain forest go to sleep Butwhat’s that noise And how can the animals make it stopWuaaah wuaaah wuaaah The noise goes on and on Cuddle When the moon comes up over the mountains all the animals in the rain forest go to sleep Butwhat’s that noise And how can the animals make it stopWuaaah wuaaah wuaaah The noise goes on and on Cuddled up inside an abandoned box someone is sobbing and one by one the animals try to comfort the little one But with each offering—of a blanket some fresh water mango and so on—the small creature settles only briefly before wailing once again Finally Tiger disappears and returns with the little elephant’s mother Peace is restored until Wuu wuu wuuuuuu cries a child in a nearby village This time it is the baby elephant who solves the problem by yelling out That child must have a kiss Then we can all go back to sleepWritten and illustrated with very young children in mind this book is perfect for bedtime Children will be intrigued by the mystery of who is crying in the abandoned box and what he could be crying about and they will be reassured when the little elephant’s mother returns just in time to give him a good night kiss They will also be delighted by the surprise twist at the end when a human child begins to cry just when the animals think their troubles are over for the night—and like the little elephant readers will know exactly what the human child needs.

  • Hardcover
  • 36 pages
  • Night Sounds
  • Javier Sobrino
  • 14 June 2016
  • 9781554983322

10 thoughts on “Night Sounds

  1. Wanda Wanda says:

    The busy animals of the jungle finally fall asleep But a noise awakens them What is it? The mysterious box is cold then thirsty then hungrywill it never end? Will they ever get their sleep? Well you'll find out if you read this book

  2. Ryan Ryan says:

    A lovely book about animals that are trying to get a little one to stop trying The illustrations are lovely and so is the story

  3. Tasha Tasha says:

    When the animals of the rain forest head to sleep they are awakened by noises coming from a box The sound just goes on and on “Wuaah wuaah wuaaah” Something is crying and won’t be easily comforted The animals do try to get it to be uiet offering a blanket water and a doll But the crying only stops for a little while and then starts up again and again Finally Tiger heads off to find the mother Then the identity of the crier is revealed finally but there is crying to come in a clever twist at the endTranslated from the original Spanish Sobrino does a great job of keeping readers guessing about the identity of who is crying in the box As each new sets of cries starts their sounds change slightly and add variety to the book The structure of the book is based on repetition with some changes along the way It makes for a book that will work well for very small children but also has plenty of surprises for older preschoolers as wellUrberuaga’s illustrations are filled with deep rich colors They evoke the night beautifully and the animals sleepy eyes and lack of smiles show how very tired they are The reveal is cleverly done without any real visual hints allowing it to be a complete surpriseGreat fun this book could be made into reader’s theater with younger children and will also make a great bedtime story as long as a blanket water and doll are provided ahead of time Appropriate for ages 2 5

  4. Shelli Shelli says:

    I'm not sure what it was about the writing that I liked but it had a uniue feel to it I think the author Javier Sobrino was a touch inspired by Rudyard Kipling perhaps? In this story there is a crying sound coming from a basket This bellowing is keeping the forest animals from blissful slumber so they tend to the depressed being in the box Each time aiding with a bit less patience The author does a wonderful job of keeping the identity of the crier a secret for some time so I will not spoil that information in this review I was wrong in my guesses though A fun read aloud that kiddos will love I would have enjoyed sharing this with students and asking for their prediction about who or what is in the box or how the animals may react next?

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    The sounds of a crying baby keep the inhabitants of the rain forest awake but they patiently and then with a little less patience try to soothe its fears Young readers will enjoy trying to guess the identity of the baby and be delighted at the ending as all of the animals finally settle in for some much needed sleep The watercolor ink and crayon illustrations show how helpful each of the animals tries to be After all there's an unhappy baby in their midst and no one wants to leave a baby crying

  6. Christine Christine says:

    Wuaaaah Wuaaah Wuaaahwho is unhappy and not able to sleep? Young children will enjoy hearing all about an unhappy baby and what the forest animals go through to try and get this little one to go to sleep glass of water candy blanket and so on The ending will make even the most tired parent laugh along with what many of us know as the long and drug out ritual of bedtime

  7. Mary Mary says:

    This is the story of a young animal who is having a hard time falling asleep The other animals all do their best to calm the little one but Mom's the only one who can All of the noises in the forest keep the animals awake The text in this book is long but repetitive so children can guess what might happen next

  8. Roben Roben says:

    Knowing that the book was translated from Spanish to English helps explain a bit of the lost rhythm of the text But it's a fun book and one that children will enjoy The first read through will have them trying to guess what animal is hiding in the box but I think they will enjoy subseuent readings as well PreK would be a perfect audience

  9. Paula Paula says:

    A little thing in a box keeps all the animals in the rainforest awake with its crying until finally mommy shows up

  10. stillme stillme says:

    A book good for bedtime that both parents and children will relate to

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