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The Gilded Mirror (#1) ❮Ebook❯ ➠ The Gilded Mirror (#1) Author Jocelyn Murray – Genre TeenYoung Adult Historical FictionFifteen year old Anna Moore discovers an antiue mirror that whisks her back in time to seventeenth century England The year is 1643 and the English Civil War is Genre TeenYoung Adult Historical FictionFifteen year old Anna Moore discovers an antiue mirror that whisks her back in time to seventeenth century England The year is and the English Civil War is underway Anna finds herself at Corfe Castle with the Bankes family when the castle is laid siege Against all odds The Gilded PDF \ she helps the family defend the castle from rebel forces who hopelessly outnumber them What will happen and will Anna be able to return to her own time Inspired by true historical events The Gilded Mirror Corfe Castle is a tale that crosses centuries in time through the forces of a mysterious mirror It is a story of friendship tremendous courage in the face of adversity and the indomitable human spirit.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 203 pages
  • The Gilded Mirror (#1)
  • Jocelyn Murray
  • English
  • 10 September 2016

About the Author: Jocelyn Murray

Jocelyn Murray is the author of Khu A Tale of Ancient Egypt as well as the teen historical fantasy fiction series The Gilded Mirror.

10 thoughts on “The Gilded Mirror (#1)

  1. Christopher Christopher says:

    I bought this for my 12 year old daughter as an alternative to the dystopian fiction that kids seem hooked on these days and when she took a break I grabbed it and started reading it myself What a great surprise I occasionally read historical fiction so am familiar with the genre and this is all based on a remarkable true story but I never remotely thought I'd get pulled into this like I did Murray is a very talented writer and story teller and I'm again jealous of another author If there indeed were punctuation and grammar issues when the book was first offered as one reviewer complains of they have since been fixed I noticed noneThe plot is simple Anna a bright and curious 15 year old discovers an old mirror in her grandmother's house and magically steps into 1643 smack in the middle of the English Civil War In the ensuing adventure she begins to learn the meaning of courage Murray doesn't spend time explaining how or why this happens but gets right into the telling of the storyThe first half of the book is very descriptive thoroughly fleshing out the environment of 17th century English castle life Foods clothes customs the darkness of the nights without electric lights the uietness of the days without planes and cars and all the little things that might not occur to you at first thought are explained in thoughtful detail Anna looked out over the landscape It rose and dipped for miles rugged and rocky then soft and velvety as the meadows blended into the craggy heath It was hard to believe that something so pretty had been witness to something so ugly But then she remembered the spider and the butterfly they had just passed moments beforeAround the mid point of the book the excitement begins and Anna is pulled into the conflict as she tries to find her role while helping her cousin Elizabeth defend the castle from a besieging army There is excitement trickery humor doubt and fear and a poignant moment when she comes face to face with the evils of war as she struggled for her very life Tossing hot embers was just as difficult when Anna watched in shock as several of the enemy caught fire One of them had reached the top of the wall his roughly gloved hands grasping the battlements His helmet must have fallen off in the climb Stepping back briefly in surprise she grabbed one of the embers with her gloved hands and threw it in his face He ducked a moment so that the smoldering piece glanced off his head One spark was all it took for his hair to ignite For a moment Anna could do nothing but stare in horror as his hair caught fire and burned wildly The pungent smell of scorched hair and flesh was revolting but she still could not avert her eyes as she watched in morbid fascination the flames engulfing his face like a malevolent halo crowning a god of the underworld Then their eyes locked in an excruciating moment that Anna would never forget as long as she lived In the depths of those liuid orbs wild with panic and fear Anna saw the awareness of his mortality flash before him and the vain grasping at a life that was fast slipping away He stared into her eyes pleading for something but what? And as the fire consumed him he lost his grasp and footing and a blood curdling scream escaped him as he plunged to his death belowAnd as the story progresses to its finish Murray inserts some fine examples of insightful and touching writing Time stops when one is ill Gravely ill Anna told her She was remembering a time when she had been sick with rheumatic fever as a young child Her joints had been so inflamed she could not even walk to the bathroom Her father had to carry her The pain was a blur now but time seemed to have stopped then Pain and illness have a way of pulling you out of time's current and leaving you momentarily by the wayside Your world shrinks to a string of moments held together by an acute awareness of nothing save your own overwhelming predicamentThe Gilded Mirror Corfe Castle is a surprise gem a clean and healthy well written alternative to what's commonly offered to teens and adults these days Murray obviously loves her subject and is as good a writer of historical fiction as is out there

  2. Richard Richard says:

    Synopsis Fifteen year old Anna is exploring her grandmothers house that is full of antiues She discovers an old mirror when she wipes the surface she finds herself in Corfe Castle in the year 1643 She meets up with Elizabeth Bankes daughter of the family that owns the castle Elizabeth believes Anna is her cousin and gives Anna a tour of the castle and the estate The two soon become friendsThe English Civil war comes to the castle as the Parliamentarian Roundheads surround the castle and lay it under siege The girls help the family defend the castle but even if Anna survives will she ever be able to get back to her own time?The story is based on the real life siege of Corfe Castle and the Bankes family that lived thereReview In full disclosure I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway The book came beautifully wrapped and made a wonderful early Christmas present thank you Jocelyn Murray for doing thatThe first eighty pages of this book felt like a guided tour of the castle complete with re enactment actors It was nice to see the world brought to life by the various characters and to see medieval times being taught in an informal easy to follow and fun wayThe language is semi authentic with the use of words such as Aye Tis and O although it doesn't go to extremes and is easy to read and understand The book is probably targeted at girls aged between ten and sixteen although people outside of the target group can enjoy it as well The writing style is fairly simplistic but it does make it a uick and easy read and it does teach the medieval world to its audience in an easy to understand wayThere was some mild violence and one use of William the Bastard also known as William the Conueror making it unsuitable for very young readersThe characters were well written and the main ones undergo some development despite being a fairly short book They really bring the medieval world to life and make it seem very interesting Although they were fairly simplistic with the enemies being a one dimensional pantomime villains who enjoy doing evil things and are only capable of being bad where as the good characters only want to do good things and feel bad when they are forced to kill while defending their homeIt is also one of those stories where the children take huge risks and do things that seem unlikely For example at one point the girls sneak out of the castle and into the enemy camp where they steal some supplies they are not spotted my either sideThe book is nicely presented with some illustrations and photos of the castle I liked the front cover that has a illustration of the castle being viewed through the Gilded MirrorOverall I would say this was a fun and uick read targeted at teenage girls that are interested in history but can be enjoyed by others as well

  3. Rob Slaven Rob Slaven says:

    As is usual I received this book through some mechanism by which I didn't actually have to pay for it The author approached me for a review and true to that desire I give my honest opinions belowThe plot of this little novel is fairly standard escapist juvenile literature A young girl finds a mirror and uses it to travel to another time and place and thereupon has adventures of an educational variety as she witnesses an episode from the English Civil WarSince this is youth literature I judge it by two basic criteria The first centers around what age group of children would actually wish to read it and find it engaging The second amounts to whether I would want my own children to be exposed to the contentOn the first account this book is rather a tough sell I have an 8 and a 14 year old and they both turned up their noses and there wasn't much I could say to engage their interest Having read the book myself it does go into some interesting tidbits of history but does take a considerable amount of time to get started Any real action begins at page 80 of 200 leaving the text before that simply as background and local color While this is educational it doesn't grab the reader from the beginning so younger perusers will likely find this initially tedious unless they have a keen interest in life during this time periodIn the area of content this book is delightfully devoid of sex drugs and other negative influences There is some brief violence as a few soldiers die but this is after all a war we're talking about Educationally speaking this book is meticulous in its coverage of a section of history we just don't hear much about on this side of the pond In a genre usually dominated by domestic history it is refreshing to read from an author who remembers that the rest of the world has history tooTo summarize like other titles by this author Corfe Castle is delightfully educational and does dual duty as both entertainment and erudition She brings a level of sophistication to the juvenile literature genre that's atypical and refreshing Unfortunately in this case I see a potential problem with engagement of the audience They'll be entertained if they hang in there long enough and learn something along the way but they'll have get there first and that will take some doing

  4. Rosie Amber Rosie Amber says:

    This book is a great read for the teenage market and upwards It is the first book in a series of historical fantasy travel writing I chose this book because I have had several holidays in Dorset and in particular the Isle of Purbeck where Corfe and it's castle are built Most roads on the Isle lead through Corfe and it is a magnificent sight high up on the hill Parts of Dorset today make me feel like I'm stepping through to a different world particularly the rural hideaways so the descriptive scenes in the book worked well for me Anna is a 15 year old girl who steps through a magical mirror that she finds in her Grandmother's house and has a wonderful adventure in Corfe Castle during the English Civil War Roundheads battled Royalists and Anna's adventure is a good historical lesson for any young reader This book is the first in the series with adventures for Anna to be had in Vesuvius and Constantinople in the second and third books

  5. Brittany Brittany says:

    Original Review Gilded Mirror is a historical fantasy that includes time traveling through a mirror It has a very Chronicles of Narnia feel to it because all of the adventure the British element and the time travel On that same note it is historical fiction so it’s less fantasy than the Chronicles of Narnia I didn’t know much about this historical element so I found it a very informative and fun readI usually like historical fiction but I also like when I have a little background knowledge about that certain time period or place I know nothing about British history or the Corfe Castle and I liked finding out about it It was a little slow to start off but once the adventure began I got into it I would definitely recommend this book to my students who love British literature or are looking for a an adventure like the Chronicles onr Narnia

  6. Stephen Fraser Stephen Fraser says:

    This is a beautifully written story about a fifteen year old girl who steps through a mirror and steps back in time to a castle in seventeenth century England Certain events of the book are based on actual events that actually happened It is a great fiction story that is based on historic events The author does a great job recreating the castle and the characters This is a book I would recommend to any teen that wants to read a story and learn about a historical event at the same time

  7. Michael Michael says:

    This was a really engaging and entertaining read The descriptions were particularly strong and I was totally immersed into the environment and characters As a history buff I really enjoyed reading about life at that time and the writing was smooth well edited and easy to follow Highly recommended and I think it's a book that will appeal to all ages

  8. Lady Entropy Lady Entropy says:

    It might be because I'm not the target audience for this book but I just couldn't get into it There is obviously careful research gone into the whole thing from food to clothes but the whole thing feels rushed and not true in some partsI stopped reading it and decided I had better books to read so automatic one star from me

  9. Darlene Ferland Darlene Ferland says:

    What a wonderful way to actually feel as if you have lived in 1643 Jocelyn Murray has written a book that can be read by young adults or old adults and anyone in between I know the concept has been used before but the manner in which Ms Murray weaves her story captivates the read I didn't want to put it down

  10. Julie Scott Julie Scott says:

    Nice little book about a girl who travels back in time via a magical mirror she finds in storage at her grandmother's house The characters are engaging and I found this to be a very good read and a nice piece of escapist literature I may get the second book to see what happens next

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