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I Heart Paris ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ I Heart Paris Author Lindsey Kelk – Buyprobolan50.co.uk De Engelse Angela Clark heeft een droomleven in haar lievelingsstad New YorkNiet alleen krijgt ze een opdracht aangeboden van het tijdschrift Belle de bijbel voor iedere modeliefhebber haar sexy vrien De Engelse Angela Clark heeft een droomleven in haar lievelingsstad New YorkNiet alleen krijgt ze een opdracht aangeboden van het tijdschrift Belle de bijbel voor iedere modeliefhebber haar sexy vriendje Alex vraagt haar ook nog mee naar de meest romantische stad ter wereld Parijs Angela neemt beide uitnodigingen gretig aan Terwijl ze de hipste plekjes in het mekka van de modewereld opzoekt besluit ze dat ze wel aan dit leventje kan wennen Maar er lijken kwade krachten in het spel die Angelas geluk proberen te saboteren En dan ontdekt ze ook nog eens dat Alex I Heart Kindle - een rendez vous met zijn ex vriendin heeft.

About the Author: Lindsey Kelk

Bestselling British author based in Los Angeles Lover of books watcher of wrestling wearer of lipstick Karaoke enthusiast and cat wrangler Lindsey is the author of twelve novels including the bestselling I Heart series About a Girl The Single Girl’s To Do List and Always the Bridesmaid.

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  1. Monica (crazy_4_books) Monica (crazy_4_books) says:

    GOOD COMEBACK FOR ANGIE AFTER THE DEBACLE OF THE SECOND BOOKI heart Paris may be the best so far in the series a 45 rating I'm waiting to be blown away with this series to give a full 5 star rating The plot line is a light comedy as always better developed compared to the second book and less dull There's an evolution for the better after some missteps in the romantic Angie Alex relationship The annoying Jenny Lopes is AWOL for 99% of the book Thank goodness sadly I know she's back in #4 I read the blurb Alex's band is also present in this book and we get to know his band mates and his ex French bitchy girlfriend who causes than one disturbance in the paradisaical Paris trip for Angie Alex Angie finds a couple of new nemesis in this book Poor Angie she tries hard to be nice but she keeps gathering enemies along the wayI had fun maybe than with the first book Hope the series doesn't go downhill from now on Hope it goes up

  2. Sara Sara says:

    SpoilersWell Angela really annoyed me in this one She wasn't acting like a grown woman she was like a teenage girl Even worse In the last book when Alex thought she was cheating on him he came to LA to see her And now she sees him walking and talking to his ex and she decides to run away? She is not finding solutions to her problems instead she is creating problems for herself Also she deffinitely needs to stop drinking cuz it's not doing her any good Overall I didn't like this one

  3. Chelsey Chelsey says:

    This is my favorite book in the series so far Probably has something to do with the fact that I'd love to travel to Paris someday I got completely caught up in Angela describing how beautiful Paris is and it has made me want to go there even What I liked The progression of Angela and Alex's romance They are obviously crazy over one another PARIS Alex can speak French Incredibly sexy The drama of ex girlfriends being drawn into the mix made for an interesting plot Introducing Alex's band mates to the reader What I didn't like Angela is rather silly If I saw my boyfriend heading out of a bar with his ex girlfriend I would certainly follow them out OR have a seriously discussion about it later There's no way I'd just take off She is kind of a walking disaster I have a hard time believing the characters when they describe her as being beautiful But then again none of are perfect so maybe this is a positive part of the book? That someone can still be pretty sexy loveable etc while still being a klutz making foolish decisions etc She's a freaking alcoholic I don't know how many times Angela has a bit too much to drink and naturally regretted it the next day while nursing a massive hang overAm excited to read the next book Angela and Alex are very much in love and I look forward to reading about them

  4. Hannah Hannah says:

    This is my favourite books in the series I Heart #3 introduces in depth the rest of Alex's band Stills which I was so interested in from the beginning While playing a festival in Paris and holidaying with Angela for his 30th Birthday Alex bumps into his ex whose also playing for the festival Alex and Angela are very make and break in this story and i like the outcome at the end of the book My one disappoint is Jenny isn't in this book an awful lot

  5. Elle& Elle& says:

    Release Date July 8 2010 Genre Chick LitI Heart Paris is the 3rd book in the I Heart series and should be read in order of publication This is a fun and humorous chick lit series that will keep readers laughing at the misadventures of Angela for days This is also one of my favorite chick lit series and reminds me of the Shopaholic series without the shopping addiction by Sophie Kinsella So if you like Kinsella's books then you will love Lindsey Kelk's books I am going to keep this review short and sweet because it is an older title If you haven't read the series you need to start with the first book I Heart New York and go on from there The entire series revolves around the heroine Angela and her adventures and mishaps around the world well almost The stories like this one are fun lighthearted and downright hilarious This is a must have series for all chick lit fans and I couldn't recommend it enough In this one Angela sets off to Paris with her boyfriend Thinking it will be a lovely trip with lots of romance and galloping the streets of Paris Angela feels ecstatic That is until ex girlfriends come into the picture her suitcase gets blown up and someone plays her for a fool when it comes to her job Sigh Will Angela ever catch a break? Or will this trip to Paris shatter her world then she ever thought possible? Read the book and you will find out

  6. Sonja Sonja says:

    The first book in this series was great the second was uite good but this one totally sucked To be honest I started this one a long time ago so by now I can't remember much but when our dearest Angela wanted to lick a French woman's face because French women always look that good no matter how shitty they actually really look Well that was that for me I really love chick lit and my preference is the so called trash literature even though I am majoring in German and English literature but this book was way too you know unrealistic that I couldn't bear it any The protagonist wants to lick a French woman's face her entire luggage gets lost her boyfriend's ex sits in his lap but WTF? The protagonist is in fucking Paris France and all the French people look too gorgeous to give a shit some things bothered me but as I already said I can't remember for the life of it I probably repressed itBook two was already getting on my nerves and I lost my sympathy for the heroine because Angela fell too soon and too fast for another and actually gay but we get to know about that towards the end of book two guy even though her oh so gorgeous boyfriend was sitting and waiting in NY for her I wasn't expecting that book three could get worse than that but colour me surprisedThis clearly means for me no of the I Heart series and probably no Lindsey Kelk Ever

  7. Rachel Burton Rachel Burton says:

    So the first book I heart New York was uirky and funny The second one I heart Hollywood was a really weak story with funny parts This one was for want of a better word crapWhen I read a series of books about one character I expect the character to develop to learn from their mistakes to go out and achieve something Not just carry on having the same hilarious mishaps in different cities And just as in life if characters in books drank less they might feel well enough to do something well interestingFinally would it be possible ever perhaps to read a chick lit book where the heroine didn't want to get married and have babies Maybe I should write it It would of course be semi autobiographical I suspect there's not much of a market ;

  8. Kim-Lost-In-A-Book Kim-Lost-In-A-Book says:

    Angela is really annoying now I couldn't even enjoy the parts about Paris the city a city I love because I was too distracted by how immature Angela is I was glad to see Cici got what was coming to her I'm so tired of Angela getting drunk all the time I'm tired of people and usually strangers or people she hardly knows constantly bailing her out and helping her in ways that she doesn't deserve I've already ordered the next book but I'm not sure if I'm going to read it or not I may just have to keep it on the shelf for a while to give myself a break from it before I read it

  9. Gayatri Gayatri says:

    25 stars actually I don't know this book is better than the previous books in the series and I kind of enjoyed reading it but something is missing thus I couldn't bring myself to give it 3 stars On the other hand some moments were really sweet and I especially liked Louisa Angela interaction Is it strange that I like Lou than I like Jenny? Maybe it is So overall this book is a good light ONE TIME read

  10. shannon✨ shannon✨ says:

    25 starsI'm glad I listened to this one on audio because I'm not sure if could've gotten through it It's not new for me to be annoyed with Angela but this time those feelings definitely have intensified In my opinion she was just so egocentric as well as naive It's just that this storyline was a bit fun than the previous one Hopefully the next book will be better

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