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Fallen ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Fallen By Karin Slaughter ✑ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Wat begint als een normale dag zal voor Faith Mitchell eindigen in een vreselijke nachtmerrie Er wordt ingebroken in het huis van haar moeder een onbekende man wordt vermoord en er vindt een gijzeling Wat begint als een normale dag zal voor Faith Mitchell eindigen in een vreselijke nachtmerrie Er wordt ingebroken in het huis van haar moeder een onbekende man wordt vermoord en er vindt een gijzeling plaats En haar moeder lijkt spoorloos verdwenen Faith gaat op zoek naar de overvallers van haar moeder Wat was de reden van de overval en wat was de buit En waarom is haar moeder verdwenen Heeft het verleden ermee te maken Jaren terug was Faiths moeder het hoofd van een narcoticabrigade die werd opgedoekt vanwege corruptie waarbij zij als enige werd vrijgepleit Samen met Will Trent Amanda Wagner en Sara Linton duikt Faith Mitchell in het verleden van haar moeder en gaat op zoek naar de waarheid Maar onderzoek op de verkeerde plek houdt het risico in dat ze hun eigen graf graven.

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  1. Meredith Meredith says:

    Fallen is a fast paced action packed Faith Martin centered addition to the Will Trent SeriesWhen Faith Martin drives to her mother’s house to pick up her newborn daughter Faith discovers her mother Evelyn is missing Not only that but there is also blood all over the house a dead man in the laundry room and bad guys ready to pounce on Faith This all happens in the first chapter and the book never really slows down Faith not only has to deal with being a new mother but she also has to deal with her mother’s kidnapping her brother’s return he’s an ahole her baby daddy and some dark secrets from the past Will is there to support Faith both as a friend and partner I love how these two play off of each other Will is also dealing with Betty having an unfortunate encounter with a Hawk this had me LMAO the brief yet annoying return of Angie as well as his growing feelings for Sara The will they won't they uestion is finally answeredAfter reading book 4 I really missed Faith Amanda and of course Betty Fallen makes up for this by having the entire plot revolve around Faith who after Betty becoming even of a favorite I enjoyed seeing how her character has grown and also learning about her family historyOnto book 6

  2. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    45 stars I have a theory that it's nearly impossible to read a Karin Slaughter book in than a day She's one of the few authors whose books I NEED to get and devour on the day they're released because I'm so engrossed in the characters and have been waiting a whole year to find out what happens to them next If you like your murder mysteries on the dark and gritty side if you're fascinated by the seething violence lurking in the human psyche this author is a definitely going to make your favorites listThis third installment in her Georgia series which chronologically follows the Grant County and Will Trent series absolutely delivers on the page turning thrills GBI agent Faith Mitchell comes home from work one day to find her mother missing her baby locked in the shed a dead guy in the living room and a bloody handprint above the open door What the hell is going on? And how can she investigate the situation when she's been implicated in the crime?Leading the investigation is Faith's partner Will Trent who is still trying to hide his high functioning dyslexia as well as his attraction to former coroner Dr Sara Linton Will is one of the most interesting characters I've ever come across he is highly principled a fantastic agent and incredibly damaged by his childhood Will's taciturn nature keeps most of his colleagues at a distance but the painful patterns set in his past continue to shape the difficult circumstances of his present and as usual he has to fight his demons so he can function in his job Fans of this series have been waiting literally years for some measure of happiness for Will and it's a pleasure to say that Fallen does not disappoint in that respect Slaughter that is believe it or not not a pen name continues to deliver high tension thrills hard nosed yet vulnerable characters and violent fast paced action As with all her books this latest installment is exceptionally well written and meticulously detailed as well as filled with fascinating insight into forensic pathology police procedurals and human behavior If you've never picked up one of her bookswhat are you waiting for?For anyone who is interested in checking out this series please note that it's important to read them in order since the author wrote two separate series that eventually merge Here's the order in which they should be readGrant County SeriesBlindsightedKisscutA Faint Cold FearIndelibleFaithlessBeyond ReachWill Trent Series These two books can be read in order concurrently with the above but read them before you read the third batchTriptychFracturedGeorgia Series merging of two sets of charactersUndoneBrokenFallenFair warning that they are fairly violent and occasionally gruesomeso they are definitely not for the faint of heart

  3. Julie Julie says:

    Fallen by Karin Slaughter is a 2012 DellRandom House publication This fifth installment in the Will Trent series may be arguably I’m sure the best one of the series thus far Evelyn is babysitting for Faith when she becomes a victim of a home invasion Once Faith arrives she finds Emma safe and sound but Evelyn has been taken From this point on the drama action and suspense are a non stop rollercoaster ride Many burning uestions are answered and some huge developments take place in the SaraWillAngie saga Slaughter really knows how to create rich characters both good and bad and manages to blend personal dramas with crime stories with perfect precision and timing I was pleased to see all the characters take part in this one in one way or another and I was so happy to finally learn the truth about Evelyn’s past and see Will begin to heal and break away from some influences that have been holding him back I just hope it sticks this time I highly recommend this series if you haven’t read it yet Slaughter is one the best crimethriller authors out there and Will Trent is a terrific character I strongly suggest reading the series in order for the best enjoyment of them 45 stars

  4. ♥Sharon♥ ♥Sharon♥ says:

    She didn’t flinch She didn’t falter Instead she put her forehead to his looked him in the eye and told him “Breathe” Will let out a breath he felt like he’d been holding his entire life I LOVE THIS SERIES I LOVE WILL TRENT ❤From book to book there isn’t a connection with the plots With each book you get a story that sucks you in right from the get go and doesn’t let you go until you turn that last page Each of the characters are changing in ways that are intriguing Karin Slaughter is careful with what she reveals to the reader leaving you anxious to know In Fallen the events that happen involve Will his partner Faith her mother Evelyn a variety of other characters and of course Amanda She sets my nerves on edge I know I have said this before but she makes me so nervous when she is around Will She can be such a cold bitch Her words are harsh and demeaning but there is something about her that rests just below the surface that makes you wonder I wonder why she just doesn’t let Will go Faith has always been a tough cookie She is stubborn determined and has to be in control of her life at all times When something happens involving her mother her world is shaken in such a way that she loses all her control And then there is Will I love every damaged piece of this man He isn’t your story book sexy as sin hero either He is rather uirky and awkward He is handsome and is body isn’t lacking by any means But life has not been easy for Will Not for one moment He protects himself from happiness and always expects the inevitable Sara is the wildcard in Will’s life At least that is how I feel about her at the moment I love her and I love what she represents to Will Relationships with women have always been difficult for him With Sara he feels things he hasn’t before As I said in Fallen the characters are changing The events that take place change Faith forever and things about Amanda and Evelyn’s past shed light on what they were like in their younger days on the police force Their lives so intertwined Will still battles his demons and Angie is still a BITCH But something changes between them It is about f’ing time

  5. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    5 Thrilling StarsOh My Goodness Has My Heart Stopped Pounding? I think NotPoor Faith Mitchell My Heart was in my throat for most of this novel “Fallen” by Karin Slaughter got me good I felt for Faith Mitchell so much I couldn’t imagine being in her position Driving up to her mother Evelyn Mitchell’s house expecting to pick up her baby girl and finding blood on the door handle? Then discovering the house in disarray her mother gone a dead body and having to protect herself and her daughter against two assailants? All in the span of a few minutes? Dear me After what happened Faith can’t even take part in the investigation She has to leave it up to her boss Amanda Wagner and Will Trent It’s those Secrets that’ll Getcha What a Terrifying Thriller I just Loved “Fallen” Kudos to Karen Slaughter for giving the readers an action packed ride through CRAZY TOWN I know I said I loved Faith Mitchell in my last review but my love for her then didn’t compare to my love for her now She is one strong woman As for her partnership with Will Trent? I love how they have each other’s backs regardless Thank you once again to my local library for the loanPublished on Goodreads on 21720

  6. Beverly Beverly says:

    Finally Will and Sara are together Yay This is the culmination of a sad and lonely existence for both of them These 2 fine people deserve some happiness especially Will Before that happens though there is a great story which involves Faith and her Mom and a pretty colossal secret that is finally revealed Faith and her Mom have always had a loving relationship and this brings them even closer Both are cops and have to be strong in a man's world which helps them overcome a devastating blow No one is safe from predators not even the police

  7. Mo Mo says:

    I don't know what it is about Will that endears me to him He is not movie star handsome he is socially inept in many ways he is awkward But he is lovable He had a tough upbringing but that didn't make him mean and tough uite the opposite actually He wasn't even her type We have a situation involving Lena her mother Amanda and a cast of characters from the past But who is guilty? Who is innocent? Slaughter has a great way of writing where you seriously don't know who to believe She had been so stupidOne mistake so many years agoOne terrible stupid mistake I changed my mind It's slang for 'cunt' She laughedWhy Will are you calling me a cunt?If only she knew how many times he'd been tempted Yeah Amanda is a bit of a cunt alright Will didn't look up Instead he took her hand His fingers laced through hers Angie What to say about her? I know she had a horrible upbringing but I cannot feel sympathy or empathy for her I just cannot This was their danceAngerFearViolenceNever compassionNever kindness I swear there was one scene and I was literally holding my breath His breath caught when her hand slipped inside his shirt Her fingers brushed over his chest down his belly She didn't flinch Instead she put her forehead to his looked him in the eye Was there closure? Was there a HEA? Did they get their white picket fence in the country? You will just have to read it and see There is a lot to come out in future books I think All I can say is that I love Will and Sara And I hate Angie Did I already say that?

  8. *TANYA* *TANYA* says:

    Finally Will has someone in his life that actually cares about him and understands what he went through as a kid I love Sara for him Great book as well

  9. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    The story starts with a bang when GBI Agent Faith Mitchell returns to her mother Evelyn's home to pick up her infant daughter Emily and finds a chilling situation When the dust settles the house is a major crime scene and Evelyn is missing It's now a race against time to figure out the who why and where I couldn't stop listening to this story told from many characters' points of view It was often difficult to keep up with all of the minor gangsters but it didn't matteryou knew they were dangerous One of the highlights was finally getting the truth of Evelyn's role in her former narcotics team's dirty activities Another was Will and Sara's developing relationship including his wife Angie It was as complicated as I'd imagined The writing characterizations and storytelling are the finest It's really hard resisting the need to jump right into the next book so I won't This was just excellent And as usual the narration this time by Shannon Cochran was pitch perfect

  10. Stephanie Nicholas Stephanie Nicholas says:

    Unputdownable Faith Mitchell is an officer with The Georgia Bureau of Investigations Her mother is supposed to be watching her daughter for her while she's at a seminar but when Faith comes home she finds a man dead in the laundry room her daughter locked in a car port and a hostage situation in her bedroom What she doesn't see is her motherThis was a story about gang wars family ties and secrets that have never seen the light of day It's the 5th in Karin Slaughter's Will Trent mysteries and it didn't lull I can't get enough of her writing Hooray

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