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I Heart London ➳ I Heart London Read ➻ Author Lindsey Kelk – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Na een roerige start in het sprankelende New York heeft Angela Clark haar zaakjes eindelijk goed voor elkaar Ze heeft vergevorderde plannen voor een eigen tijdschrift ze is ten huwelijk gevraagd door Na een roerige start in het sprankelende New York heeft Angela Clark haar zaakjes eindelijk goed voor elkaar Ze heeft vergevorderde plannen voor een eigen tijdschrift ze is ten huwelijk gevraagd door haar Amerikaanse vriendje Alex en sinds ze de jackpot won in Las Vegas heeft ze een beduidend warmere band met haar creditcardmaatschappijHet enige probleem dat Angela nog hoeft op te lossen voor ze al haar dromen kan waarmaken is haar verlopen verblijfsvergunning Om een nieuw visum te kunnen aanvragen moet ze terug naar Londen Dat betekent niet alleen een weerzien I Heart Kindle - met Louisa haar hoogzwangere beste vriendin maar ook dat ze haar afschuwelijke ex Mark onder ogen moet komen En misschien nog wel erger haar moeder Kan Angela zich nog redden in haar oude leventje.

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  1. Irena BookDustMagic Irena BookDustMagic says:

    Awesome seuel to an awesome seriesI'm really not in the mood to write a review but I'll just say that if you're a fan of I Heart books you will love this oneWhile reading Angela Angela first you say that Justin Bieber deserves to be in the same circle of Hell as Adolf Hitler and now you want to become his official Twitter chronicler?That's not how you do itEither hate or love

  2. Elle& Elle& says:

    Release Date June 7 2012 Genre Chick LitLindsey Kelk is one of my all time favorite chick lit authors and it's simply because of THIS series Sure I have read two of her other books outside the series and loved those too but this one gets me every time I have actually been scrambling to read these books in anticipation for her latest novel I Heart Forever which just released today So I only have one book to go before I can dive into that one That said I am super excited because I simply cannot get enough of Angela and her hectic life In this one Angela jets off to London with Alex and Jenny in tow for her moms sixtieth birthday party Unfortunately that is not all that is on the agenda Angela needs to meet with execs in order to launch a new magazine Jenny is still a mess from her recent heartbreaks and goes on a tangent Alex is as kind as ever yet annoyingly lovely to her family who she thinks are utterly crazy and the rest of them? Blissfully happy to be throwing a little shindig for the happy couple read to find out what it's for Will things go according to plan? Probably not But it's a fun adventure for us readers I Heart London is a hilarious and fun novel that will leave readers grabbing their tissues because they are laughing so hard that tears will stream down their faces It's also a pretty lighthearted and fast paced read so it won't take long to read through it If your a chick lit fan this book and series is a must have Just remember this entire series needs to be read in order as it follows the same heroine throughout This series is bloody brilliant

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I Heart London is the fifth installment in Lindsey Kelk's chick lit series titled I Heart The books in this series have been hit or miss with me mostly hit though but this one was pretty low on my personal enjoyment radar Ms Kelk's amazing humor seemed to be missing for the most part and in its place was unflattering bickering jealousy limit testing what if's expectations and this series' trademark communication issues I did enjoy seeing of Angela's London family but I had it up to my eyeballs with her friends With best friends like those who needs enemies? Being a loyal follower of this series I was disappointed with the one book that held the milestone I was most looking forward to Overall I found this particular installment annoying than comical much of the time but I will definitely be continuing the series With only one to go I'm not going to stop nowMy favorite uote People could say whatever they wanted about the price of Louboutins but you could not argue against the fact that they made a fabulous weaponThe I Heart series includes the following installments as of June 2016 The ratings are my opinion only#1 I Heart New York ★★★★★#2 I Heart Hollywood ★★★★☆#3 I Heart Paris ★★★☆☆#4 I Heart Vegas ★★★★★#5 I Heart London ★★☆☆☆#6 I Heart Christmas

  4. Bookevin Bookevin says:

    Rating Could I give this a 65?Angela’s back on home turf – and in her biggest romantic scrape yet Angela Clark has fallen in love with New York – and it’s starting to love her backBut when she’s summoned home to England she’s at risk of losing her shiny new life to rain warm beer and bad memories Talk about stepping back in timeThere’s Mark the ex boyfriend – who she ran to New York to get away fromThere’s Louisa her best friend with her terrifying new babyAnd there’s her mum still talking to her as though she’s fifteenNow there’s a wedding in the offing – and everyone remembers how well Angela behaved at the last one Can the arrival of boyfriend Alex and best friend Jenny save her from a re run of her old self?Okay first of all I am a massive fan of Lindsey Kelk hell she's my twin I love her So when I told her I would love to have a review copy she happily hopefully obliged and agreed to send me a SIGNED copy when she was in the UK True to her words I received a lovely parcel from HarperCollinsUK 2 weeks later Inside it contained a sinfully delicious smelling copy of I Heart London with a lovely message Dear Kevin Twinsies forever Look out for Uncle Kevin Love Lindsey It was a Friday and I jumped in glee the perfect weekend present from my twinsie all across the globeI love the I Heart series I have every book Seriously from I Heart New York all the way to I Heart Vegas and now I Heart London I was a bit disappointed about Angela's adventures coming to an end in the last book of the series which is London But it made me want to read it as a final goodbye to a character I love so much It was the closest thing to what I have of my twinsie in NYC I could tell Lindsey put a lot of herself into AngieI Heart London started off 6 months or so after Alex's proposal in I Heart Vegas if you haven't read it shoot yourself For me it was really easy to fall back into the story it was like greeting old friends everything felt so familiar I loved how I could relate to Angela maybe because I've been stalking Lindsey on Twitter too much or I've read the I Heart series than once Either way it felt right for me getting wrapped up in the series againAngela Clark is like a sister to me I love her so much I actually made pages of the I Heart books on Facebook Okay I've gone WAAAAY overboard but seriously What's not to love? She's a funny clumsy and all too lovable Brit who is prone to get herself in trouble and cock things up She's warm very down to earth humble and best of all she's incredibly British I enjoyed reading about her crazy life since New York and right there and then I was hooked on the I Heart series In I Heart London Angela goes back on her home turf for her mother's birthday where loads of unexpected events happened This is Angela Clark we're talking about And with her there was Jenny who was still recovering from a broken heart and lovely handsome Indie boyband lead singer and Angie's fiancé Alex Reid I always thought he looked a bit like Penn Badgley Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl Lindsey and I are GG nuts I liked what Angela and Alex had the connection of two people who love each other he stuck with her through thick and thin since New York he was a total sweetheart to Angie I wonder if blokes See? The British charm rubbed on me like Alex really exist And indeed look out for that SPECIAL character named after meThe flow of the book was spectacular it was fast upbeat I was lost in my progress one minute I was on page 160 then next I was 50 pages away from the epilogue I was utterly absorbed into the story well that's the magic of Lindsey Kelk her books make you turn pages faster than you eyes can finish reading them As usual there were loads of hiccups all the way from page one to page three hundred and sixty I whizzed past the pages though school was an utter female dog I tried to read it but most of the time failing So in the end I managed to finish this lovely slice of chick lit in less than a week Argh Bad progress much to my dislike There were loads of twists and unexpected surprises in the book well mostly good ones I'm so not giving any spoilers away Lindsey will skin me alive Okay the thing is it was addictive sharp witty and downright hilarious If I were to be given a chance to praise the book those are the words I'll opt forI guess loyal readers of the I Heart series will enjoy the last book as much as I did It's not like everyday you're saying goodbye to your fictionalnon existent sister so it's a first for me I'll always read these beautifully written books again I think I Heart London is in fact the perfect set off the last kiss the last goodbye to Angela for readers I couldn't bear bidding her farewell Okay I sound like some sad dismal cow I should wrap it up I loved the I Heart series I loved the beautiful bond Angela has formed with her readers I loved the heartbreakingly beautiful covers The laughs the tears the smiles the smirks the warm feeling after finishing every book Angela will always have a place in my heart I Heart Angela

  5. Hannah Hannah says:

    Going back to a place you've left behind can be hard for anyone Throw in a terrifying baby of your friend an ex who cheated on you and a mother treating you like a toddler Thankfully Angela has her new american friend Jenny and Husband to be Alex coming along to England just after her The relationships between all the characters in this book are all very well written and pieced together I enjoyed the gig in London were Alex is Angela's knight in shining amour when she injures herself There first planned wedding in her mother's back garden does not go to plan at all Jenny on a meltdown her mum thinking they are getting married because she thinks Angela is pregnant and an ex with a broken hand I so wanted Alex and Angela to get married uickly however i was pleased they waited until they flew back to New York in a much nicer environment

  6. Jenna Geary Jenna Geary says:

    This series started off with a BANG Then it just went downhill The 5 books basically told exactly the same story I even skipped I heart Las Vegas because it was that predictable and what do you know ? Nothing changed The characters for me had very little depth and I couldn't connect with them or see how they could feel such a close tie towards each other Angela The main character which these books are based around started off being this woman who wasn't superficial with a pretty good head on her shoulders I loved how at the start she didn't stick around or try and win her scumbag of an ex back This showed me she had guts and common sense I love that in a woman I was thinking what could possibly go wrong with this bookWell I spoke to soon Because apparently these great ualities are left back in the UK All of a sudden Angela is Marc Jacobs this Tiffany's that Blah Blah Blah Blah Her dialogue was in depth about what she wears then what Alex actually looked like I disconnected with her pretty fast I can put some of her stupidity down to naivety if she was in her early twenties but come on Pretty sure when your thirty something and apparently smart this type of crap never happens Oh and well I'm on this point it seemed Angela may have had bulimia the girl and yes I use this word to describe her not woman would get her self plastered and just vomit consistently at least twice in every book The most pathetic thing that really ticked me off is how everyone thought her stupid flighty tendencies were ok or cute Arggghhhh I have to stop writing about her Alex well he was plain Honestly nothing about his character actually stood out besides he loved Angela and music That was how boring he was Jenny and Louisa Can't stand both of them What crap friends this girl has made I don't actually understand how Louisa and Angie are still friends? I don't care how long the have known each other the bitch knew her fiancé was cheating and didn't even bother telling her apparent Best friend That would of been a friendship breaker straight away for meHere is a uick dialogue of would of happened if Louisa and I where friends Me Did you know Mark was cheating on me with that bitch you guys play doubles with ? Louisa I'm so sorry sobbing I thought you knew ? Me you've got to be kidding me ? Seriously do you think I'm that pathetic I would stay with a cheater and allow it to continue Louisa ahh ahh ahh Me Did you even say anything to him maybe a Mark you bastard I know what's going on You tell her or I will or slap him at least ? Louisa shakes her head still sobbing Me this friendship is over If you were in my position I would of had your back clawed his eyes out done something at least Your a shit friend and I don't need you in my life go play doubles with them Tim Louisa partner try to intervene Me shut up Tim your just as useless PrickThe end And Jenny Lopez the self absord wench I would of dropped her the second her dramas started filtering into my life This series had a very poor plot and character base

  7. Chelsey Chelsey says:

    Of course I liked this book because I have loved the series But it wasn't my favorite book out of the whole I Heart series I think my favorites are NewYork Vegas and Paris Anyway moving on What I liked Angela's uirky personality shines through Alex is adorable I love how much in love with her he is Seriously who wouldn't want their boyfriend to write love songs about you? And say in public that you were the ONE? SIGH Things work out very well for Ms Clark I won't give away major details to those who haven't read it yet but it has a warm fuzzy feel good ending As all good chicklit novels should Angela's parents are hilarious We didn't get to know them very well in the previous books save for a space cake or two and some awkward phone calls Describing all the cool things to see in London Its given me an excuse to google hobnobs whatever those are S Harvey Nicolls among other things The cat fights and tension between Louisa and Jenny That was so real and palpable Probably the best part of the book Of course they'd fight they're soooo different What I didn't like Angela drinks A LOT I don't mind downing an occasional bottle of wine with girlfriends but how many times does one have to get completely hammered and spend the morning wrapped around a toilet before they learn??? I noticed several grammatical and editing errors throughout the book Ex doing used instead of going Small errors like that which threw me off and I had to re read parts to figure out what was being said Jenny is a total pain in the ass I'm with Alex on this one she brings most of her troubles onto herself and is a bossy control freak In the first 4 books Jenny was a fun take charge sort of person that could get things done This time she takes it to a whole other level where she is mouthy and rude I didn't like her one bit Someone should take high heeled Louboutins away from Angela Smashing a guy's hand with a spike heel is only funny once I wasn't amused the second time she did it Although I've gotta say he had it coming Even though this wasn't my favorite of the I Heart series it was still very enjoyable I hope Ms Kelk continues to write about Angela's adventuresCities to suggest Milan and Tokyo

  8. Belle Belle says:

    WOW WHAT A GREAT SERIES I literally consumed this series in two days tops I say consumed because it was so delicious to readThe humour the characters the drama the awkward situations only she could get into the hidden secrets the fear the adventures around the town the bitches the friends and most of all the LOVE made me gaga for this series off topic but whenever I think of VegasI think of ma ma ma Poker face ma ma poker face by Lady Gaga The only part of this series that annoyed me was how Angela frustrated me at points with her need to jump to conclusion hide secrets from alex get completely drunk vomit everywhere and run half way across the world when things don't go her way but then I think her flaws are what make her human relatable and funny as hell to follow And then I think LOVE THE DRAMA hahahaEach book has given us some amazing stories and this last book was no different I loved how they rounded it off with a London Book and I won't lie I was anticipating her returning to her old life and finally introducing alex to all the people she left behind Gotta love the confrontation between Alex and Mark the dickAnd the lead love interest I mean DAMN ANGELA JUST DAMN why do you get to have such a hunk of a guy like Alex I want me some Alex Seriously I am so serious that I am contemplating moving to New York just so I can find me a guy as great as him he had me at musician and guitar i think my ovaries exploded a million times thanks to himI pray there is another book but I think Im pretty sure this is the last and what a way to end Loved the ending of this series Ill miss it a lot guess I will just have to resort to rereading these books till I know every word by heartLindsay Kelk definitely has a way with words and the amounts of times she had be laughing so hard i had to run to the toilet is ridiculous okay maybe too much information Can not wait to get my hands on some of her books Definitely recommended to readers who love contemporary romance For adults and young adults alike I give the overall series a 45

  9. Luise Luise says:

    I'm happy to announce that Angela's fifth adventure started off very well Maybe it was a good sign that this time it's not Angela digging herself deeper into whatever hole of mess Instead Jenny is down there after a break up In a totally non exaggerating way of course I mean six months of crying alcohol and rebound shagging sounds pretty reasonable to me So anyway Angela finally returns home to England to attend her mother's birthday party and officially introduce her fiancé Alex They are also accompanied by Jenny to get some distance from her currently shitty life in New York I constantly feared that the story would turn into awkward mode like the previous parts but that didn't happen Amazing Instead it was really fun to read Yes Angela did of course 'accidentally' invite her ex to the party And sure at some point she decided to get drunk and therefore cause stupid things to happen But after all she has to fulfill some sort of uota I guess And such incidents didn't get out of hand so that was ok I also really enjoyed the obligatory dramatic peak I didn't expect it to be this way but it was really well done and solved The same applies to the ending in general Very well done

  10. Anja Anja says:

    In the fifth part of the series Angela comes back to England for her mother's birthday Of course she takes her fiancé Alex with her to finally let him meet her family and even her American best friend Jenny tags along Also a wedding is due all of a sudden and it takes a lot to plan it at such short notice Especially with two best friends who seem to be hating each other passionatelyAnd then there's this big work presentation in London which is to decide about Angela's future in New YorkSo once again her life is being turned upside down and she falls from one disaster to the nextI liked it a lot than the fourth part that's for sure I actually didn't really expect that it was all about a wedding and the planning of said wedding and everything even if that should've been obvious to me I guess So that was uite a nice 'surprise' Angela's one best friend Jenny didn't entirely make up for the stupid shit she did in part four throughout the book although it got a lot better towards the endThe ending itself was really lovely and a very nice conclusion to this whole series ❤

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