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Harvest ✶ [BOOKS] ✪ Harvest By Tess Gerritsen ❀ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Dokter Abby DiMatteo is er bijzonder trots op dat zij als eerste vrouw mag samenwerken met het beroemde transplantatieteam van het Bayside ziekenhuis in Boston Maar wanneer ze een donorhart aan een st Dokter Abby DiMatteo is er bijzonder trots op dat zij als eerste vrouw mag samenwerken met het beroemde transplantatieteam van het Bayside ziekenhuis in Boston Maar wanneer ze een donorhart aan een stervende niet verzekerde jongen toewijst in plaats van aan de rijke privé patiënte Nina Voss komt Abby's carriére ernstig in gevaar Plotseling komt er een nieuw hart vrij voor Nina Voss en Abby begint te twijfelen aan de herkomst van het orgaan Vooral wanneer ze vervalste medische dossiers ontdekt en een van haar collega's onder verdachte omstandigheden sterft De furieuze ziekenhuisdirectie snoert Abby de mond Maar gedreven door vreselijke vermoedens blijft zij doorgaan met haar onderzoek Niets kan haar echter voorbereiden op het ultieme verraad onder de felle lampen van de OK.

10 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. Brenda Brenda says:

    Dr Abby DiMatteo felt like she was in a good place; a second year resident at Bayside Hospital and working with the elite cardiac transplant team – she was just beginning to feel that all her hard work the study the years of staying at home when her friends went out partying and her huge student debt; it was all worth it With the devastating loss of a female car crash victim brain dead but healthy in every other aspect it meant with the husband’s permission the heart was ready to be harvested to save a critically ill patient The wealthy Nina Voss was the recipient but Abby was confronted by the fact that a seventeen year old boy would also die without this heart The decision Abby made in that emotional moment of matching the heart to the two different patients suddenly had her facing the intense rage of an extremely wealthy man – a man who could buy anything he wanted; a man who would also do anything to get what he wanted Suddenly Abby’s world tilted on its axis Something was wrong – desperately wrong As she began a covert investigation into hospital files and past transplants she wondered who she could trust What about Mark her brand new fiancé – she should be able to trust him shouldn’t she? But the intricate web of deceit and deception went deep; Abby was in danger and didn’t know where to turn Would anyone help her? Or was she in way over her head? I thoroughly enjoyed this dark psychological medical thriller Author Tess Gerritsen never disappoints The plot was fast paced and full of intrigue with twists and turns until the very end Gripping twisted and full of a terror that what was happening in this fictional book could be actually happening out there in the real world I have no hesitation in recommending Harvest highly

  2. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    You know a book is really good when you read it all in one sitting This book grabbed my attention immediately and I just did not want to pull myself awayThe story centers on medical resident Abby DiMatteo an ambitious new surgeon Amidst the stress and sleep deprivation of her job at the hospital she finds herself stumbling into irregularities with her hospital's transpant team More specifically organs seem to be coming available without the usual documentation She starts to investigate and her search leads her into a dark underworld of corruption and some of the horrifying aspects of the organ trade This dark action packed story is one of Gerritsen's earliest thrillers and even though parts of it are a tad predictable it was still a fantastic read

  3. Margaret Margaret says:

    This medical thriller is well written and captivating Although the villains are obvious and the plot or less predictable the reader cannot stop turning pages until the end

  4. Bill Bill says:

    Harvest was recommended to me by a visitor to my site Thanks I enjoyed it Oftentimes when you read a novel about the profession in which the author was at least you'll get an in depth perspective of that areaIn this case the medical profession Harvest focuses on organtransplants and the story involves organ donation on the black market Interesting stuff and a very readable and exciting story It wouldappeal to just about anyone with an interest in this All in all a pretty formulatic thriller though so I mildly recommend it

  5. Nina Nina says:

    I absolutely loved this book The suspense never let up and I found the characters likable and believable Wish I could follow their life after the book ended that’s how much they crept into my heart

  6. Sheree Sheree says:

    This is Tess Gerritsen's first medical thriller prior to this she wrote romance Gerritsen a Doctor left her profession to concentrate on writing raising her children I laughed out loud at the manner in which Tess reports on her blog the awful comments she gets from fans who love her medical thrillers then sample her romance novels She tells writers and I think this applies to readers as well be prepared when you switch genres Thriller writers hunger for respect from the mystery world Mystery writers want respect from the literary world And romance authors — heck they’d just like to stop being dumped on Anyway on with my review Tess Gerritsen's medical experience shows in her writing in her mastery of surgical medical technical details making for a vivid authentic believable storyThe Organ Transplant Team at a Boston Hospital is interested in promising surgical resident Abby DiMatteo Transplant matches are conveniently appearing wealthy private patients are receiving donor organs ahead of patients with a urgent medical needWhen Dr DiMatteo bucks the system a sinister web of corruption and horror is revealed The reader makes a connection early on that the Russian orphans being bought and sold are not going to America for adoption or a trip to Disneyland However connecting the dots does not in anyway detract from the page turning horror suspense; twists turns right to the last page kept me enthralled The most horrifying element in 'Harvest' is knowing what prompted Gerritsen to write this novel do some research those reviewers who don't believe this is a plausible story

  7. Linda Robinson Linda Robinson says:

    Maybe I'll break my rule about reading the first novel by an author I haven't read before The first is new work a writer getting their writing muscles warmed up the first editorial relationship tested working arrangements word choices being set like a table for a fancy dinner This first novel has no tablecloth and plastic forks; we know the set up the bad guys and the outcome way too soon There's a weird typo missed in a sentence early on that read opened the 'chest' instead of chart It was hard not to study the manuscript too intensely from that point on because the story isn't a feast that makes you forget about the accoutrement The story's been done before; only the names of characters have been changed It's good writing especially concerning the children But it's just too easy to have a female hero who trips over her own feet makes silly and then stupid decisions gets herself caught than once and cries too damn much; and always always preceded by I won't cry I won't after which she does

  8. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Abby de Mateo is a second year resident at a big Boston hospitalShe is very excited to be offered a place on the cardiac transplantation team and has a bright future ahead of her But Abby soon realises that something is terribly wrong with the transplant team Heart transplants don't always seem to be going to the most deserving patients and there is a mystery over where some donor hearts are being collected When she starts to investigate she finds a conspiracy against her and is not even sure if she can even trust her boyfriend Mark himself a member of the transplant teamA gripping dark medical thriller with some gruesome moments Highly recommended to all lovers of psychological thrillers

  9. Karenshaff Karenshaff says:

    Totally captivating storyTess Gerritson tells a good medical thriller story time and again being a physician herself makes the descriptions seem so real I have read lots of her books and each time they keep me reading and I have to force myself to stop and turn out the light at night Good read

  10. Ian Ian says:

    A very entertaining action packed blockbuster of a book with lots of highlights twists and turns As usually with these types of books there is lots of dialogue and some of the story is very far fetched with the lead character being able to get around and do everything that is reuired of them Really enjoyed all the hospital parts but eventsaction around the harbour not so much as far too unbelievable for me Great read overall though thoroughly enjoyable 42 stars

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