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The Ambassador's Mission ⚡ [PDF] ✍ The Ambassador's Mission By Trudi Canavan ✵ – In de boeken van De Zwarte Magiërs groeide de jeugdige Sonea op van kruimeldief tot gevreesd magiër Haar verleden lijkt haar echter in te halen als oude bekenden uit het dievengilde haar opzoeken Ne In de boeken van De Zwarte Magiërs groeide de jeugdige Sonea op van kruimeldief tot gevreesd magiër Haar verleden lijkt haar echter in te halen als oude bekenden uit het dievengilde haar opzoeken Net nu er The Ambassador's Kindle - meer op het spel staat dan haar eigen levenSonea is geschokt als haar zoon Lorkin zich vrijwillig aanbiedt voor een gevaarlijke missie naar het door zwarte magiërs geregeerde Sachaka De nieuwe afgezant van het magiërsgilde Dannyl wil naar het land om onderzoek te doen naar geheime magie uit een ver verledenAls Lorkin vervolgens spoorloos verdwijnt wil Sonea niets liever dan hem opsporen maar de stad verlaten is haar als zwarte magiër verboden en betekent een vrijwel zekere verbanning Voorgoed Bovendien eist een reeks moorden in de stad al haar aandacht op Een oude vriend van Sonea ontdekt dat de moordenaar het heeft voorzien op leden van het dievengilde Het gilde waar ook Sonea lid van was De zaak wordt steeds ingewikkelder als blijkt dat de recente aanslagen met de hulp van magiërs zijn gepleegd.

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  1. Allison Allison says:

    I was really disappointed in this I've loved Canavan's previous work she's one of my favorite authors But something went wrong here It was just so incredibly boring There's not enough that's new but instead a lot of time is spent explaining how things have changed from 20 years ago or rediscovering the past that has already been explored in the Magician's Apprentice I think Canavan would have been better off building a whole new world with new conflicts and magic rather than re hashing a world and characters that I already know and love What is new is the character of Lorkin but I really can't tell you much about him I don't feel that he is well defined enough although I hope that improves in the next books There is so much reminiscing about the past by return characters that we don't get a clear enough sense of the present and why we should care about it I mainly just felt nostalgic for the days of the Ichani invasion and felt like I was having sumi with my old friends from the war chatting about how times have changed and feeling sad that they haven't turned out better after all that effort I can't believe I'm writing this I had such hopes for this seuelThere are really two distinct plots in the book One is Lorkin's adventures in Sachaka Apparently he wants to find old magic for some reason but I don't really feel his excitement or know why it's important enough to him to risk his life going there He just seems to want a grown up adventure and a chance to prove himself The unasked for adventures that he gets should be a lot exciting but the gripping engaging aspect of the previous books is missing The other plot sticks with Cery and Sonea in their separate spheres in Imardin It's sort of a murder mystery but it's hard to care because you're mainly getting the characters' inner dialogue on what's changed in the last 20 years or speculating about how a situation could go 3 different ways And there's not nearly enough magic to help make up for it what there is is just incidental like opening and closing doors and some levitation I think I've made my point by now it just really draggedCan I also say that Sonea being an overprotective mother is not what I want to read about? That's the main addition to her character in this other than the fact that she's been stuck in the same restrictions for the last 20 years She really needs to move on from the past and find a way to gain the trust of the Guild so she can do than work in the hospices I expect hope that what happens in the rest of the trilogy gives her a way to do that and to let her son be an adult In other words I'll have to go ahead and read the rest of the trilogy and hope it gets better It's too late to turn back nowHonestly what's missing is the one person who can't make an encore appearance No wonder it's so lackluster all of the true mystery and the reason for everyone's existence is gone The best character EVER leaves a gaping hole I am now upset than ever that The High Lord ended the way it did It could have had a way happier ending everything resolved to some degree and finished Complete I could have been so happy Why? Why?I WANT MY OLD BLACK MAGICIAN BACK

  2. Kells Next Read Kells Next Read says:

    Hmmwhat can I say about this read This book dragged and bored me several times during my read but i soldier on Mainly because I wanted to see what had become of some of my fave characters from the previous trilogy The struggle to stay focus was brutal The one upside to my pain was that the last uarter of the book picked up and was well worth all the brain draining I incurred I'll have to hold up a while before I continue this trilogy Actual Rating 25

  3. E. Brough E. Brough says:

    I hate writing poor reviews but I was very disappointed by this book The BMT shares joint first place in my top fantasy series and I was so looking forward to this The characters are all flat and insipid even those who were previously exciting and well fleshed out; the constant references to the previous trilogy were irritating I read that trilogy several times already and I read it again before I read this book I don't need to be told every single thing that happened in it; the uality of the language itself was poor as well like it was written for a very young child All of the faults I found caused me to give up about two thirds of the way through something I rarely do I really wanted it to be good because I know Canavan is capable wonderful beautiful things she is one of my great writing inspirations so I'll wait for her next series Perhaps this world is too 'lived in' now so I'd like to see a book set in a different world; worldbuilding is something she really excels at

  4. Crazyjamie Crazyjamie says:

    In reading terms I think I owe Trudi Canavan uite a lot I say that because the Black Magician trilogy was the first set of books that I read away from the truly mainstream series such as Harry Potter From the Black Magician trilogy I went on to Age of Five and from there my reading really took off So I very much see Trudi Canavan as the first author that wasn't in some way pushed on to me by public perception not that I resent Harry Potter for that but the distinction is important What's the Black Magician trilogy remains one of my favourite fantasy series and as such it was with significant anticipation that I started to read the Ambassador's Mission the first in the seuel trilogy to the Black Magician trilogy The Ambassador's Mission is set 20 years after the end of the Black Magician Trilogy Sonea is a Black Magician within the Magician's Guild but with black magic still illegal in the country there is a further magician within the Guild who has been trained to the same level Thankfully a lot of familiar faces return with the likes of Dannyl Rothen Regin and Cery all playing significant parts in the new story Of the new characters the most notable is Lorkin Sonea's son The plot of the first book sees Dannyl and Sonea traveling to Sachaka in search of answers to uestions surrounding the history of the Guild and Imardin in general Back in the city itself thieves are being murdered by a rogue magician and Cery attempts to track the rogue down with the help of Skellin the most powerful thief in the city The trademark characteristic of Canavan's writing is that she manages to write adult novels that are incredibly accessible to all ages and the books set in this world have also had the added bonus of being suitable for a wide range of ages as well I am happy to say that the Ambassador's Mission continues this trend with interesting characters and easy flowing dialogue It's the sort of book that you can become absorbed in and feel like you are involved in rather than simply observing from a distance The real joy of this book is seeing how the familiar characters have evolved in two decades and in this regard the book certainly doesn't disappoint but the new characters are worthy additions to the cast as well and give the plot a sense of freshness There is no element of repetition in terms of plot here; despite familiar characters the book constantly feels like it is treading new ground and building on the story from the previous series The only criticism that can be aimed at this first book is that it is not uite as dynamic as other standout fantasy books The magic system is simple and doesn't provide standout entertainment by itself and whilst there are some good action seuences set pieces and twists the book feels a little lightweight overall This is especially so when compared to the likes of the Black Prism which is another first book in a trilogy that I read recently However it remains an accessible and enjoyable read in the classic Canavan style It also sets things up in an intriguing fashion for the next book so if you are a Canavan fan this is essential reading

  5. Ithlilian Ithlilian says:

    The Ambassador's Mission is much better than The Magician's Apprentice but no where near as entertaining as The Black Magician Trilogy The plot can be summed up as follows someone is killing thieves and Lorkin goes for a long walk in Sachaka The characters are no where near as dynamic and interesting as they were in The Black Magician Trilogy Cery is old and worn out Sonea is tepid and uninteresting Lorkin isn't any exciting than anyone else If this book was written by anyone else I don't think I would have finished it but Trudi Canavan has something that I like It may be the large amount of dialogue the magic or the guild environment that kept me interested in this novel but I'm not sure if I will be continuing There isn't much reason to really There are power gems that may be important and some foreigners that are dangerous but it's just not enough There is no sense of urgency or danger everything is just blah If you are a fan of The Black Magician Trilogy give this a try to brush up on your favorite characters and revisit the world but don't expect it to be as exciting as the original trilogy

  6. Mike Finn Mike Finn says:

    A decade ago when I read “The Magician’s Guild” the first of the “Black Magician Trilogy” I was filled with excitement Young Sonea’s struggle with her new found powers her attempts to understand and survive the upper class world she was pushed into and the complex loyalties she had to navigate had immediate appeal and although it was a long book kept me eagerly turning the pages to find out what happened nextFor me “The Ambassador’s Mission” the first volume in the “Traitor Spy” trilogy has none of the magic I found in the “Magician’s Guild”It is well written The ideas are thought through The characters are as well drawn as in the previous books Yet the book seems slow It feels as if Trudi Canavan is thinking “I have three thick volumes to tell this story there’s no need to hurry” Unfortunately I was left thinking that if they all go at this pace I might never make it to the end of book twoPerhaps it is that the Sonea is now older and reflective she has become part of the establishment while Cery has become an old thief and the head of a family Perhaps it is just the need to connect this book to the “Black Magician Trilogy” and its preuel “The Magician’s Apprentice” but I found that I did not have the same passion for these characters and the challenges that they faceIn “The Magician’s Apprentice” it mattered to me whether it would be Lord Rothen or the treacherous Lord Fergun who had power over Sonea In “The Ambassador’s Mission” the death of the whole family of one of the characters barely created an emotional rippleAs a generation spanning fantasy saga dealing with a complex world this is still a book worth reading but set against the last trilogy I found it disappointing

  7. Maurine Tritch Maurine Tritch says:

    I enjoyed reading the continuing story of Sonea and company but this book had major problems The first and foremost being that it started in the wrong place The Ambassador's Mission dealt with two plotlines the tale of the new Ambassador Dannyl and his assistant Sonea's and Akkarin's son Lorkin to the neighboring country that caused all the problems in the first trilogy The second plot is the insidious corruption at home of an irresistable drug that turns people to mindless addicts in a single dose and a rogue magician hunting Thieves The book should have opened with Lorkin arriving in Sachaka Then tedious arguements over whether or not he should go the persuading of his mother and viewing of his friends' dangerous habits could be dealt with in a couple of memories Ditto with Dannyl's flagging relationship with his beloved Cery's story should have started when he asked Sonea for help again avoiding chapters of useless buildup that wasn't aided by our witnessing it since Cery didn't either Basically half the book was wasted in minutia Once it got going Cery's story was very a leads to b without many surprises or real suspense; Lorkin's story was much interesting but unfortunately he is not He has none of his mother's fortitude or his father's passion and mystery he's just sort of there immature and obnoxious a typical guy This could change I suppose So all in all I was disappointed but am still planning to read further

  8. Mjhancock Mjhancock says:

    Ambassador's Mission is the first book in Trudi Canavan's Traitor Spy Trilogy and it takes place about two decades after her previous trilogy the Black Magician A lot of the characters are carried over between the two series but if you haven't read the first one or you're just very forgetful like me it's fairly easy to establish who's who The plot uickly splits in two with Sonea becoming embroiled in uncovering a plot to kill the city's head thieves while her son gets into diplomatic intrigue in a neighboring country There's a lot to like here Canavan pulls off the dual plots rather well and manages to transition her protagonist from the single young woman in the first series to a middle aged or close to mother in this series without losing the core of what made Sonea an appealing character to begin with On the downside one of the plots takes a turn where the reader is all but screaming at the protagonists to stop being idiots And importantly it's hard to shake the feeling that very little has happened by the book's end Rather than resolve any of the major issues it's like everyone's been moved into their places for the next book It's understandable given this is the first book in a trilogy but a little disappointing

  9. Ian Ian says:

    You can also read this review at Another World The Fantasy Science Fiction Book Blog There is an adage which teaches us that “you should never go back” This saying is usually used in reference to romantic relationships but perhaps it should also serve as a warning to authors wanting to revisit past glories Though the temptation to do so is of course perfectly understandable Returning to the scene of a previous triumph no doubt seems like the safe and easy path to take; but how often does it turn out not to be the case? Certainly The Ambassador’s Mission provides a perfect illustration as to the wisdom of the words “you should never go back” I cannot fault author Trudi Canavan for believing a seuel trilogy to her most successful work would be a win win proposition The Black Magician Trilogy was well received by critics and loved by many readers; earning her a legion of fans A return to the Allied Lands twenty years after the events of the previous trilogy to revisit an adult Sonea in a new adventure sounds like an exciting prospect Though I had certain misgivings which I’ll address later about the book before I began reading nothing could prepare me for the disappointment that awaited in this first instalment of The Traitor Spy Trilogy I am not someone who is prone to indulging in hyperbole but The Ambassador’s Mission is a failure in every conceivable way So what went so drastically wrong? Well let’s start with the most glaringly notable problem first At no point during the book is the narrative in any way engaging; a criticism I never thought I would ever level at Canavan’s writing Though actual boredom didn’t uite settle in the story is so ponderous that extra effort was reuired to keep turning the pages; all in the vain hope that something of significance would happen But it didn’t Perhaps some of the lack of engagement can be attributed to the plot; or should I say the plots? As there are two distinct and apparently unconnected plots running throughout; each one with its own sub plots This goes some way to explaining the lack of focus in the narrative as Canavan tries to give both storylines eual time hence the constant jumping back and forth between them But the book would have been better served if the plot involving Sonea’s son Lorkin was relegated to minor sub plot status if not completely excised from the story completely Focussing on Sonea’s story; assisting Cery track down the rogue magician responsible for the assassinations of several leading figures among the criminal underground known as The Thieves would have made for a compelling read Much of my dissatisfaction with the narrative could have been mitigated to some extent if I felt invested in any of the main characters which brings me to the most disappointing aspect of the book; poor characterisation This was very surprising because Canavan is usually so adept at creating such distinct and memorable characters for her stories On this occasion however the exact opposite is the case The newly introduced characters who hadn’t featured in The Black Magician Trilogy are so nondescript that with the exception of Lorkin I was never able to remember their names let alone anything else of conseuence about them Even the returning characters whom I was already familiar with were shadows of their former selves In particular I was less than impressed with the depiction of Sonea You would assume that a character would have undergone a significant amount of development over a period of two decades yet Sonea seems very much like the teenage girl that she was in the previous trilogy not the forty year old mother of an adult son that she is supposed to be in this book I suspect that a lot of the problems present within this book are the result of the author’s decision to write a trilogy at all cost even if the story she had in mind doesn’t warrant three books It certainly seems as though the main culprit for the lack of any truly significant moments during the story was the desire to save everything of interest for the third book Which explains why The Ambassador’s Mission feels very much like an overly long prologue And never in my life have I ever encountered such an abrupt ending to a book Upon reaching the end of the final chapter only to turn the page and be greeted by an epilogue I was utterly convinced that my copy of the book must be missing at least a hundred pages It actually took several minutes to accept that this was not the case It’s hard to believe that all these issues I had with the book are in no way related to the one thing I had misgivings about before I began reading With half the story taking place in the land of Sachaka I was concerned that learning too much about its people and culture would have the effect of de mystifying the Sachakans After all one of the main reasons why they seemed to represent such a threat in The Black Magician Trilogy was that so little was revealed about them; they were a mystery While The Ambassador’s Mission does indeed de mystify the Sachakan people it proves not to be as detrimental as I had feared given how flawed the rest of the book is In summation book one of The Traitor Spy Trilogy is a very disappointing affair For readers who are not pre existing fans of Trudi Canavan there is little here to warrant reading the rest of the trilogy But she has earned enough good will from me that I shall finish reading the next two instalments Although I am now beginning to wonder if Canavan will prove to be a one trick pony if not an actual one hit wonder

  10. Midnight Blue Midnight Blue says:

    Not bad but the ending could have been suspenseful It was very anticlimactic But I suppose this is like an introduction to the trilogy so I'll be generous for the moment and wait until I finish the other books edit Future me liked the following two books and recommends reading them It's like one long story separated into three books so the first one is indeed rather like an introduction It get's suspenseful I promise D

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