A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope

A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets By James Bowen ✪ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk James een straatmuzikant in Londen vindt een gewonde kat Hoewel James nauwelijks voor zichzelf kan zorgen neemt hij hem mee naar de dierenarts en verzorgt hem tot hij weer op eigen poten kan staaan Ma James een straatmuzikant Cat Named Kindle Õ in Londen vindt een gewonde kat Hoewel James nauwelijks voor zichzelf kan zorgen neemt hij hem mee naar de dierenarts en verzorgt hem tot hij weer op eigen poten kan staaan Maar Bob besluit te blijven en de twee worden onafscheidelijk Samen verdienen ze hun kostje op straat en worden al gauw beroemd Zo kunnen ze allebei hun moeilijke verleden achter zich laten.

About the Author: James Bowen

Librarian Note There Cat Named Kindle Õ is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameJames Bowen is an author and musician currently based in London He is author of A Street Cat Named Bob which tells his life storyJames Bowen was born in Surrey in Following his parents’ divorce he moved to Australia with his mother and stepfather Home life was tense and because the family moved freu.

10 thoughts on “A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Please don't think me churlish but I will kick off by saying that this book is not terribly well crafted it's repetitive and poorly copy edited So if you're snobby about writing I suggest you give it a miss That said it'll be your loss as it is a heartwarming book with an important message for reasons other than its proseBowen describes how he was `invisible' when he was homeless and the difference it made when he found Bob and took him busking with him Suddenly people the public saw James interacted with him respected him Having Bob humanised the man who was with him and helped James turn his life aroundIt echoes why this book matters were it entitled `A Man Named James' I strongly suspect it would be invisible too I doubt it would be published let alone topping the bestseller charts with James on TV sharing his experience As a cat lover it was Bob that made me gravitate to the story and I'm sure I'm not alone he is a particularly fine feline for all sorts of reasons but there's so much to this than fluff through telling us about Bob James is also able to share what it's like living on the streets to busk to sell the Big Issue and to come off drugs all things most of us would otherwise shy away from reading aboutJames Bowen isn't a writer and he acknowledges at the end that he had some help in putting his story together anyway But whilst A Streetcat Named Bob might not be great literature it increases our understanding of people who often don't have a voice and for that deserves its plaudits

  2. Tracy Tracy says:

    Looking through the reviews for this book there is a lot of hype against the writing so I won't bother writing anything about it you'll see for yourselfI loved this book for so many reasons Living in Britain Probably anywhere in fact There is a lot of irritation and even anger towards homeless people it's very close minded and I think ANYONE could benefit from reading this book You see it from a whole new perspective and I do believe Bob makes that easier Humans seem to find it easier to feel compassion towards animals and not our own which is why this book will catch ANY animal lovers heart You can feel James has a connection with Bob he makes it so evidentIt's a wonderfully tale of a mans journey through most likely the hardest experience anyone could ever endure Addiction isn't easyI've been enlightened and my heart has softened considerably to 'Big issue' sellers and to those I once thought slightly lowly of before A street cat named Bob has the ability if you let it to start seeing the stereotypes differentlyTo sum this crappy review upCat lovers and happy ending lovers READ THIS Anyone who is a close minded 'The sun' reader you MUST read thisBob is a baaaaabe

  3. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    The right friend at the right time really can change your life RIP Bob “There's a famous uote I read somewhere It says we are all given second chances every day of our lives They are there for the taking it's just that we don't usually take them”And friends aren’t limited to other humans Anyone who has had a beloved pet will know exactly what I mean The thing about other people is that they can eventually turn on you and then vanish out of your life Ghosting the millennials call it Non human friends on the other hand remain loyal unto death And here Bob becomes his human’s second chance he changes his life Technically and structurally speaking this novel isn’t anything special It’s not particularly well crafted or well written It’s okay It’s basic But I’m completely willing to overlook these elements because of the power of the story It’s a story that needed to be told because it is an important one and it’s very touching The author is not a writer by trade and he knows his weaknesses he just needed a way to get his story out there And I am very glad he did It’s a book about second chances It’s a book about how people can completely turn their lives around given the opportunity It’s a book that teaches us not to judge the washed up junkies that are so desperately looking for a small glimmer of hope to grasp hold of It’s a book about a cat and his human And it's beautiful I give it the most sincere and highest of recommendations Given our current situation this is a story that will certainly put a smile on your face Facebook| Twitter| Insta| Academia

  4. Peter Peter says:

    Me and Sir Pelzi a British Shorthair gentle cat absolutely loved this book The way Bob entered the life of James is fantastic and especially the episode with the Rottweiler made us both laugh Cats are the finest fellows and friends A clear recommendation to everyone

  5. Corey Dutson Corey Dutson says:

    I actually met James and Bob a couple years ago around Covent Garden Both of them are wonderfully brilliant characters in their own right Back then I recall him telling me and Theresa about a book that he was putting out but I didn't really give it much thoughtFast forward to a month ago and what do I find in a bookstore but a stack of this book I'm so happy he actually managed to get it out there for everyone to readThis is an warming enjoyable book that is both heart felt as well as educational Those of us that haven't had to live on the streets don't really get a handle on just how hard a life that is This book not only details one mans struggle to get off his feet and out of the rough life but also about the ginger cat that gave him that pushIt's not a difficult read but I would highly recommend it to everyone Brought a lot of smiles to my face during its reading

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    This book is everything Meet James a heroin addict who then meets Bob both are homeless and the most wonderful friendship grows I never got to see James and Bob in London but they were uite the duo selling The Big Issue I've since watched the film which is eually as good As true stories go this one is the cats whiskers2020 update this book has sprung back into my mind having heard about the death of Bob RIP Bob you literally are the most famous cat in the world Sleep well little one

  7. Sharon Sharon says:

    James Bowden was a homeless man living on the streets of London struggling with a drug addiction During the day he would do busking to make a bit of money to support himself Having spent time in hostels for the homeless he was finally given his own flat On returning back home one day James finds a ginger Tom cat outside his flat It is from this day on that the pair forms a special attachment to one another James decides to name the cat Bob and on most days when James started out busking Bob would join him Bob would sit in the guitar case and watch as the people threw their money in the case The friendship that James and Bob form was heartwarming to say the least This was an emotional touching uplifting but most of all very inspiring tale Highly recommended

  8. Leo . Leo . says:

    Well I think that James and Bob are kindred spirits I also think that they saved each others lives I have an affinity with cats; well all life actually especially animals; I have had cats all my life Archimedes is at home now waiting for me to come home I watched the film about Bob and James and although it was a good film as always the book is better What a lovely story The stars were lined up for James when the book publisher approached him that fateful day The rest is history Well done James and Bob too well done🐯👍

  9. Dem Dem says:

    This is a wonderful feel good true story about a street Cat named Bob and his owner a recovering heroin addict and the streets of London I don’t read books about animals but this sure pulled at my heart strings and made me realise everybody should experience the love of a pet at least once in their livesThis is a story of love and devotion and how sometimes we are sent little signs of help and encouragement we just have to learn how to recognise them and I am sure that James was so happy that he paid attention to the cat hanging outside his apartment as his life was never the same againThis is a wonderful feel good read it’s an inspiring story and its very simply told and yet you must keep reminding yourself this really happened and it’s a story about a man and his beloved cat This book made me realise you can pass a man in the street without giving him a second glance but try passing a cute ginger cat with a man in the street and you will have eyes only for the cat If you are a catpet lover you will enjoy this book and it will put a smile on your face and if it doesn’t appeal to you check out youtube for A street Cat named Bob and fall in love with a cute kitty

  10. Beth Beth says:

    One of the good things about this book is that the cat doesn't die All the best stories about beloved animals end w the inevitable and while I know all sweet pets die I'd just rather they didn't do it in their own book Another really good thing is that Bob is a real cat I know that because I liked his Facebook page which is totally current and watched some videos of him on YouTube and even saw him and James on the Today Show Yes I know if some people believe the moon landing was faked one could believe this was all photo shopped or whatever but I'm a believerin moon landings AND Bob At first I DID think maybe this was just another A Million Little Pieces about a dysfunctional depressed drug dependent soul who also told a good story but played pretty loose w the facts and oh by the way had a cata very remarkable cat but still But no it really happened and because it happened two very sad lives got much better Good things still seem to be happening to James and Bob and that's another of the best things about the book It's not soaring prose or deeply philosophical musings it just a sweet amazing story about a sweet man and an amazing cat and that's the best thing

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