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Dancer ➸ Dancer Free ➮ Author Nathan Edmondson – The multiple sell out miniseries from the writer of WHO IS JAKE ELLIS and the artist of VIKING DANCER is the story of a retired assassin who must protect his ballerina love from a sniper stalking them The multiple sell out miniseries from the writer of WHO IS JAKE ELLIS and the artist of VIKING Dancer is the story of a retired assassin who must protect his ballerina love from a sniper stalking them both through the back alleys of a wintry EuropeCNN calls Dancer The best example of what's possible without a man in tights Collects Dancer .

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  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    This was a very interesting idea A retired black ops assassin falls in love with a young ballerina and considers settling down with her But that's when another younger assassin comes after him and his lover But here's the catch the assassin on his tail is a clone of him Straight up spy suspense with a sci fi twist The game of cat and mouse is very tense Because the character is running from a younger ruthless and sociopathic version of himself I felt like I didn't really get to know the dancer She seems to react to the situation than to have an ongoing story arcinner life The story is centered on the lead character and his entanglements with the other assassin I gave this 35 stars because of the fact that I was missing of a viewpoint from the girlfriend The artwork was good and the storytelling was suspenseful This would be an interesting ongoing series

  2. Kurt Kurt says:

    This intense spy thriller is about dancing Not just because one of the main characters the protagonist's girlfriend who plays an unwitting role in the antagonist's plot is a professional dancer who starts the story just before opening night of a ballet In a larger sense the story is about the artistry of two highly trained snipers hunting each other across various elegant European locations how they are not just archenemies but dance partners and neither one really knows much about who's playing the music The book touches on some issues of identity and which characteristics are hardwired into a person's DNA and there's a fair amount of graphic violence and explosions but mostly this is a high culture version of a spy thriller and the theme of the dance keeps it consistently elevated above the place where many examples of this genre get lost in the noise

  3. William Thomas William Thomas says:

    Jesus H I guess all there is to getting Image to put out your creator owned book is to swipe an idea from somewhere else Nathan Edmondson writes his version of Luc Besson's 'The Professional' The endWriting CArt C

  4. Devon Munn Devon Munn says:

    35 starsPretty interesting thriller book about a older spy and a unknown hunter One major con i had was the main female character in this like in The Light whined alot of the time though understandable due to the situation but she doesn't really do anything till the end of the book It is still a pretty decent read though

  5. Summer Summer says:

    This volume contains the entire series I really liked the premise but it felt like a short story rather than a complete story

  6. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Very Bourne ish love the art

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    Appeal Characteristics Visuals fast paced twists love element no super powers super heroes or any time of fantasy elementwell not yet anywayOkay this was a thrill ride A Jason Bourne thrill ride Anyway you see this cute little ballerina girl Irish who is in love with this slightly older man Their romantic date of deciding about spending the rest of our lives together turns into fleeing for their lives together as this crazy sniper is after them Well them or just the slightly older man WHO ENDS UP BEING THIS CRAZY ASSASSIN BACK IN THE DAY The ballerina is like in shock because of course she's wondering about her choice in menand how he failed to mention that little tidbit while they were getting to know each other Top it offtheir's this huge twist in the end takes a deep breath It was a lot to take in for only like 27 pages Rest assured I will one day finish this mini series to find outwhat's going on

  8. Tyler Tyler says:

    35Dancer is a nicely drawn sometimes graphic spy story where a retired assassin is being hunted down and must save the love of his life This isn't anything real original but what makes it a little cooler than some others is that he's fighting his clone This adds an element of mystery and excitementHowever while it is definitely entertaining it isn't the most memorable story I've ever read There could be a little care put into a back story or at least something to flesh it out And I'll admit that the explanation for the clone is decent but it's not mind blowingUltimately Dancer just concerns you with the here and now These two are in love and they're in danger It's uick and to the point It's a fun read with artwork that's very fitting and atmospheric It's sometimes gruesome and moody

  9. Dave Dave says:

    this will be short and sweet Really cool story Very BrubakerPhillips at times which isn't a bad thing I loved everything about this book and I didn't see it coming I wish I had backstory and action would be the only hang ups I had with it Otherwise I heavily recommend it was a uick and worthy read

  10. Cale Cale says:

    This wasn't anything particularly memorable HunterPrey between an old assassin and a younger version with a dancer as the hostage Perhaps there's some deeper meaning to the contrast between assassin and dancer but honestly it's fairly rote No big surprises no big twists Decent artwork but again nothing memorable

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