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The Redemption of Tehlm Sevet [Download] ➵ The Redemption of Tehlm Sevet By K.M. Frontain – A few seconds are all it takes to destroy the misconceptions of a lifetime yet still burden a mortal born god with unanswered uestions Herfod current avatar of the Ylf Lord regains his divine heritage A few seconds are all it takes to of Tehlm MOBI ò destroy the misconceptions of a lifetime yet still burden a mortal born god with unanswered uestions Herfod current avatar of the Ylf Lord regains his divine heritage but can a legacy of secrecy betrayal and sorrow save him and his growing family of consorts from Mahall Ryn's enmity And are the hidden allies of the The Redemption MOBI :º premier angel Hamen Rys helping the situation or hindering its resolution Content warning Adult fiction This is the twelfth book in The Soulstone Chronicles This series contains male male romance and other glbt content.

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  1. Liz Liz says:

    I have read every single book of this series and I LOVE THEM ALL I can not wait for the next one to come out I will warn readers that it does have gay male on male sexual content in every story so if this is something that offends or is morally unacceptable then DO NOT read this series but if you are like me and what you are looking for is a great storyline a fabulous lead character then this series is the series for you Every book continues on the story but each book can stand alone as well

  2. Debland1989 Holland Debland1989 Holland says:

    I don't know if I can write an unbiased review since I have already read all the published books in this series and loved themKehfreyTehlm SevetWhen I found this series and had delved into the complex world within I was shocked to find that this series had not yet gotten the recognition it deserves and still hasn't This may be due to the original cover art which honestly put me off from starting this series for uite a while the first book sat in my library for ages before I finally gave it a try and damn What a find Anyone who gives this authors works a chance will see what a spectacular gem they've found in this seriesIf you are planning to start this series know that it does contain elements of horror non con torture etc but they are there to serve a purpose and not just there for the shock value For me this makes these elements acceptable as part of the narrative since it is there to help with the character development and world building So if you can get past these things you are in for a wild rideThis is an epic Saga It's hard to give an overview of this story without giving a way key plot points but I guess a good way to describe this book and the series as a whole is of obsession love hate war power and so much For me when I read a book I put myself fully into the mind of the character I'm reading and there are some books where a character is so engaging charismatic and just plain fun that you are instantly engrossed every time they are mentioned in the story Kehfrey is one of those characters which is part of what makes this series work so wellKehfrey is by no means the only interesting character on the contrary most of the characters are exceptional in their own right; dynamic intricate and far the from the usual two dimensional characters that are cranked out by the dozen by authors simply to enhance the main character be comic relief or just convenient sounding boardsThis series takes character driven storyline and a fascinating and intricate plot and combines them into a Saga that stands head and shoulders above the other fantasy series being published lately

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