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  • 13 April 2014

10 thoughts on “Gods Poetry

  1. Paula Vince Paula Vince says:

    A couple of people I showed this book to thought it was a poetry book and immediately said No thanks I don't read poetry I want to make it clear that this is not a poetry book but rather the title suggests that we with the names we're given are each individual works of God's poetry If you venture into the book get ready for some amazing true life examples of how peoples' names have shaped not only their characters but their life's works Several times I thought Wow that must be than a coincidence It is not light reading for relaxing with but something meaty for those times you feel like delving deeply into some interesting study Towards the end Anne Hamilton gives some tips on how we might begin to plumb the mysteries of our own names or those of others but I don't dare to think I could ever do as complete and thorough a job as she does It did make me wonder What have I set in motion for my kids through the names I've chosen? Altogether an unusual and interesting read

  2. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    I'm never too sure about the ratings an author gives their own work So it's with some misgivings that I assign this four stars It's not that I think there's anything wrong with it just that I keep wanting to add This is a book about names and all too often I find myself beset with the temptation to tinker with the text to present information; explore the endless kaleidoscope of meaning for yet names; point out new shades and nuances I've never noticed before in names already treated The title of the book is an allusion to Ephesians 210 For we are God's poetry created in Christ Jesus for good works which He prepared beforehand that we should walk in them Most translations substitute masterpiece or workmanship for poetry the Greek word is from poeo poemThis book is the first volume in the Four Covenants series and looks at name covenants and what they imply The second edition adds 30% to the second edition and it would be an easy thing to continue to do so every year A name that I've continued to grow in appreciation for is Saul and how the story of Israel's first king fulfills not just the etymology of the name but the wider harmonies of rhyme and assonance and cognate and homonym Truly his life is verse writ largeThe premise of the book is that for the Hebrews as well as many other ancient peoples an individual's name was indicative of both their identity and their destiny However in today's world names are little than labels and virtually no one crosses over into the destiny that their name proclaims Why? That's the uestion the book seeks to answer The I learn in prayer ministry about what people believe their elusive destiny is the convinced I am that we truly are God's poems and that the verses He writes for us are centred around the choices we make concerning our own names

  3. Iola Iola says:

    God’s Poetry isn’t a book of poems but is about the identity and destiny encoded in your name It’s not a traditional book of baby names either – it’s a combination of poetry literary fantasy linguistic and mathematical concepts underlying the meaning and origin of words especially names and how these can have an unknowing impact on our personal dreams and destinies It’s worth making the point even in a review that Anne Hamilton makes several times in God’s Poetry while our names have a meaning we are not bound to that destiny We have a choice And seeking understanding of the destiny implied in our name given names and surname can help us to pursue or change that destinyAs you’ve probably guessed God’s Poetry is a complex book It’s a symphony rather than a three minute pop song like Your Secret Name which is a twenty minute sermon lengthened into a lightweight 200 page book with the addition of some amusing and occasionally relevant anecdotes God’s Poetry is the opposite – a 200 page book filled with seemingly irrelevant anecdotes that suddenly become important much like some of the seemingly irrelevant asides in the Bible The stories seem to be going off on tangents yet come together to make her point Names have been a passion of Anne’s and the years of research and thought that have gone into God’s Poetry are evident in her writing She incorporates a huge variety of ancient and modern languages and cultures into her research to the point where I can see I will have to read it again to really understand some of the nuances It’s well written and the ideas resonate with me as truth RecommendedThanks to Anne Hamilton and Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review

  4. L.D. Taylor L.D. Taylor says:

    Anne Hamilton has that rare combination of gifts I love in a non fiction writer solid thorough researcher and talented fluid writer This book is a compilation of decades of research on the meaning of names going well beyond the usual etymological and into the cultural specifically looking at how the ancient Hebrew culture understood names It is fascinating informative and well written I look forward to updates of this book in the future

  5. Mazzy Adams Mazzy Adams says:

    Anne Hamilton's book provides an interesting exploration of an idea which seems complex and profound yet resonates with my current understanding and experience of the power of names There is much within these pages to consider and meditate upon I think I'll be pondering its implications for some time to come I found it uite challenging to read but also difficult to put down When I did it was only so I could begin to explore my own names in greater depth and grab a few hours sleep

  6. Omega Writers Omega Writers says:

    Seven reviews from our CALEB reviewersOverall rating Four and a half stars includes a 1 star1Deep yet personal this book is an intriguing look at what shapes our lives Drawing on history literature personal testimony scripture and packed full of thoughtful wisdom Anne Hamilton will take you on a journey behind the stage lights of your life to examine your purpose identity and challenge your ideas about who you really are It is a perfect coffee table size and can be read in a few hours the first timeThere is a wide spectrum of information in this little book from exegesis to history as you’ve never heard it to the poetry and power in our names to the wonderful uotes peppered throughout the book which will make you think about your life and destiny There are practical steps to help you on your own journey of discovery as you walk with God and ask for His revelation and insightAnne Hamilton’s years of learning in many disciplinary areas with her experience in walking with the Lord both personally and in ministry shows through with the incredible depth of insight contained here There are several books emerging about the underlying ideas and worldviews prevalent in our society which are excellent This book takes another step behind these uestions again to ask how and why our lives can sometimes be frustrated and hindered If you are bored with the clinical tasteless Western way of looking at the world I exhort you most strongly to take time to work through God’s Poetry and discover a world in God bursting with music meaning wonders and imagination Even if you think you already have your identity and ministry direction wrapped up this book is so full of interesting historical Biblical practical and inspiring information it is worth the read anyway and you might just be surprised by God as well This should be compulsory reading for anyone seriously interested in pursuing God’s purpose for their life AC2 God’s Poetry is certainly a fascinating read Anne Hamilton believes we should re examine the ancient concept of the naming of a child as a prophetic pronouncement over that child’s life She believes that our names define and even drive our destinies She gives many interesting examples of how a person’s name is connected with whom and what they are She also makes it clear that we are new creations in Christ Jesus Much of what she says is certainly intriguing but there were times when I wondered if she was writing with the benefit of hindsight I would have liked to see a Bibliography which would give her research authenticity although the plethora of footnotes goes somewhat towards that end Although for me the jury is still out I suggest you read it and make up your own mind You may well find it a blessing WN3I should have been prepared to expect the unexpected when I picked up Anne Hamilton’s latest book God’s Poetry Having read her previous trilogy of little gems The Singing Silence The Listening Land and The Winging Word where she uses her mathematical mind to illustrate the presence of God throughout His entire creation God’s Poetry was still a surprise God’s Poetry is essentially about our name and how our name impacts both our identity and our destiny It articulates who we are and how far we have gotten away from the Jesus and the Hebraic concept of both name and destiny We have adopted a Greek way of believing and thinking about a Hebrew world view and we have done this at our perilThis little book would make an excellent gift to all who struggle with their identity and destiny especially those who find their destiny blocked We are each God’s special poem and we can find this message encoded throughout Scripture 4This book was not what I expected A lot of thought was reuired when reading thisBookseller’s Choice – reviewer CALEB Prize5There are some challenging ideas here some of which make big jumps to arrive at suitable words to explain names The historical aspects are good The cover could possible be made appealingBookseller’s Choice – reviewer CALEB Prize6I did expect this to be in verse form and I would have liked shorter chapters I commend the author for her knowledge of Hebrew which she applies to people’s names She connects names to our destiny and concludes by saying that despite our names and their meanings “God’s love and grace and His willingness to intervene are just a prayer away” P64 This book is beyond my practical mind so I would not keep it in my libraryBookseller’s Choice – reviewer CALEB Prize7Absorbing Fascinating Thought provoking Well researched and beautifully written God’s Poetry is one scintillating journey from start to finish The meaning encoded in names is just the beginning of a dizzying array of educated hypotheses by the author Not everyone will agree with some of Anne Hamilton’s conjecture or conclusions – the author herself acknowledges the need for caution – but no one can complain that they’ve not had a glorious ride and their money’s worth of ideas Hang onto your hat KL

  7. Dale Harcombe Dale Harcombe says:

    This is the third time I have read this book and each time I do I get and out of it The first two times it was the earlier version but this is the new expanded version with the stunning new cover It makes the reader look at how we define ourselves I loved this uote ‘when identity is padlocked to job or looks to relationship or money it’s imprisoned It’s not free’ Anne goes on to make the point that liberty needs to be tempered with discipline so as to become a blessing and not a curse We see ample evidence in the world around us of where liberty has been taken to extremes and not tempered with discipline and the results of such behaviourThe breadth of material covered includes myths and legends from other cultures and writers like Homer and Euripides as well as Welsh Legends and the Bible It was interesting too how Anne defined the difference between fate and destiny As well as the extent of knowledge and research what I particularly like about the work of Anne Hamilton is that Like Madeleine L’Engle she makes me think about things I may not have considered before I’d be fascinated to know just how many dictionaries and books of names Anne has at her disposal and even interested to read her link between events of 537AD 540AD and the book of Revelation I also loved the inclusion of be Thou My Vision which has always been one of my favourite old hymnsYou’ll find uotes throughout from William Shakespeare W H Auden Christina Rossetti or George Macdonald mingling with uotes from modern fantasy by Andrew Lansdown and humourist Ken Rolph I found it interesting to compare the two versions and see just how much extra information about names Anne had included in this new versionThis is a book to make the reader uestion think and no doubt could well result in making some changes in your life It’s a book that bears than one reading

  8. Ruth Bonetti Ruth Bonetti says:

    Anne Hamilton's book is a treasure trove of insights drawn from her scholarly research of Greek Hebrew and Latin meanings of names – and how names impact on their bearers Yet it is written in a readable and absorbing way to challenge readers to find their destinies Innovative deep and interesting

  9. Maria Tatham Maria Tatham says:

    It’s difficult to do justice to this excellent book; it came to be through years of prayer study and ministry Essentially it is Anne Hamilton’s account of how she came to see that names are of far greater significance than we assume by dealing with uestions about her own name and helping others with the same uestionsAnne addresses her readers in a direct and personal way; through offering her story she invites them into an intimacy through which she can help them in that area of their lives that can be called reaching our God given potential She demonstrates that the Lord is The Poet and that His children are His Poetry named and valuable and beautiful works made to walk in the beautiful works He has prepared for usI’ve read Anne’s book twice During the first reading I found myself wanting to disagree with her stacking up arguments against her views As a result my copy of her book which I won at her site Fire of Roses is underlined and notated The second time through I added notes but was receptive to what she had to say uickly becoming convinced that names have power in our lives After all as Anne discusses God gave Adam the mandate and authority to name all living creatures What better sphere in which to use this mandate and authority – this intriguing and wonderful gift – than in naming people with deliberateness purpose and effectiveness?I still disagree with a few of Anne’s emphases but completely agree with her premise that there is inherent power in naming; that when we name a child we are speaking a benediction or a curse over them However as Anne explains or notes repeatedly a name doesn’t determine destiny What we do with the givens of our names is crucial she says We must let God have our names so that He can give them back restored to us in the way He intends them for us They truly say something crucial about who we are in Him

  10. Susan Barnes Susan Barnes says:

    The title of this book comes from Ephesians 210 “For we are God’s workmanship” – since workmanship can also be translated “poem” God sees our life and destiny as a poem he is writing “God’s Poetry” encourages Christians to seek God’s purposes and destiny for their lives and not be content with a mediocre spiritual life However for many reasons we don’t always experience all that God has for us Sometimes it is because we are simply not aware of it or it may because Satan has restricted our spiritual growth in some wayThroughout the Bible we see references to names their meanings and their power to affect circumstances In our Western culture we tend to regard names as nothing than labels However in God’s economy they are still important and God may use the understanding our name to spur us on in our spiritual journey It is also another avenue God employs to minister emotional healing to us Anne Hamilton shares from personal experience and from her research into her own name as well the names of other people and Biblical characters Her conclusions are startling and appear fanciful yet she backs up her claims with so many examples that you realize that is something going on in the process of naming that is beyond rational explanation In order for Anne to explain the depth and breadth of her understanding of names it necessitated many historical descriptions plus she has added uotes from other works – factual fictional and fantasy to add validity variety and interest for the reader It is a fascinating book a little heavy going at times but certainly one that provides much food for thought Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review

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Gods Poetry[Epub] ❤ Gods Poetry By Anne Hamilton – Buyprobolan50.co.uk What's in a name Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet But is that true Are names simply labels to be swapped around indiscriminately Or are they significant God's Poetry is a What's in a name Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet But is that true Are names simply labels to be swapped around indiscriminately Or are they significant God's Poetry is about identity and destiny as well as the ancient concept of the power of names to body forth purpose and meaning It's also about why most of us never come into the calling prophetically breathed into what we are called The first edition of God's Poetry was an award winning finalist in the International Book Awards Christian Inspirational category This new acclaimed edition is greatly expanded.

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