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Playtime With Monster ➼ [Download] ➹ Playtime With Monster By Michael Yu ➹ – Eric hates taking a bath Eric hates brushing his teeth Eric hates putting on his pajamas Let's face it Eric hates getting ready for bed Thankfully Eric's mom and dad have the perfect plan to help thei Eric hates taking a bath Eric hates brushing his teeth Playtime With PDF or Eric hates putting on his pajamas Let's face it Eric hates getting ready for bed Thankfully Eric's mom and dad have the perfect plan to help their little boy Find out what a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a monster has to do with it.

10 thoughts on “Playtime With Monster

  1. JenLovesBooks JenLovesBooks says:

    This was a cute little book Getting the little one not to be afraid of monsters in a very creative way made this a nice read for my daughter There might have been a few small minor details that bugged me a little with this but not enough to not enjoy it with my own little one And that ending was definitely a surprise

  2. Krissy Krissy says:

    Rated by my son

  3. Rell Rell says:

    Very cute book I was really in suspense right up until the end I had it all figured out until I turned the last page and boy was I wrong My 7 year old loved it I give it 4 stars because it was very repetitive to the point of making me yawn but it was a great little story What a fantastic idea for getting your little one to prepare for bed without a fight

  4. ElizrdbthSpeaks ElizrdbthSpeaks says:

    i gotta say the monster might be a different color but it sure reminds me of the character from Monster Inc the movie with John Goodman who plays Sulley love that movie i wonder if the author pulled off that character or if it is just a thing in my mind? any who fun read i use to think after seeing Michael Jacksons' Thriller video that a werewolf was under my bed so i can imagine it might be tough for kids not sure when i was younger just remember this story?? great illustrations

  5. Melki Melki says:

    Oy the things we do to get our kids to go to bed

  6. Kim Nelson Kim Nelson says:

    A young boy doesn't want to go to sleep until his mother tells him how to catch a monster Each night the boy uickens on his bedtime routine so he can catch the monster and play with him At the end of the book everyone learns the truth of the monster's identity Children can relate to wanting those last few minutes of play before bed The monster is never portrayed as scary; the reveal is expected The illustrations are vivid

  7. La La La La says:

    A lovely story about a boy and his monster friend The ending has a twist that will make the kids giggle I think this will uickly become one of a child's favorite bedtime books The minus one star is because the illustrations were a bit digital looking and they lost charm and warmth because of this

  8. Alicia Bayer Alicia Bayer says:

    This isn't exactly Caldecott or Newberry award territory for children's books but its a sweet story to read for free if you have kindle unlimited My 5 year old says she loved it but she says that about every book I read her

  9. Anomaly Anomaly says:

    Delightful Great Ending But Format IssuesThis book is a delightful story about a little boy who hates getting ready for bed until his mother creates a game for him to play each night at bedtime In this game he leaves snacks for a friendly monster and chants a little rhyme to summon it so they can play before bed the helicopter game hide and seek etc After a little while each night the monster tucks him into bed and tells him goodnightFor those who are wondering there's a bit at the end to explain the monster's existence Not everything is uite as it seems but I promise it adds to the story's cuteness factor In fact I was a little torn on whether I would want to recommend this for my young relatives until I reached the end and realized it would be a great little giftThe art looks a smidge like it's emulating a PixarDreamWorks type style but is overall adorable The story itself is told well and luckily for the sanity of anyone reading this every night to a child does not use a rhyme scheme The only complaint I have is that the spacing is cramped and that makes it slightly difficult to follow what's on each page I rented the kindle version so I'm not sure if these issues are present in the print version

  10. Kendale Sturdivent Kendale Sturdivent says:

    Excellent bedtime story My six year old first grader just read this book to me for the first time tonight; my four year old listening They both enjoyed reading it and pantomiming was happening during the story The story is excellent especially for creating bonding moments between father and sons The story is a little long for a six year old but it was so engaging that he couldn’t wait for the next page never losing interest in reading The images were also amazing and engaging A must have for all families

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