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Up Nights [PDF / Epub] ☂ Up Nights By Daniel Kine – Up Nights Daniel Kine’s second book is a classic road novel for a new generation In raw unrelenting prose Kine tells the story of the complexities of human relationships when four friends embark on Up Nights Daniel Kine’s second book is a classic road novel for a new generation In raw unrelenting prose Kine tells the story of the complexities of human relationships when four friends embark on an existential journey through the underbelly of society As they drift from city to city they each struggle to connect with the disenchanted people they encounter along the way Up Nights speaks to the reality of the human condition the uneuivocal impermanence of life.

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Up Nights
  • Daniel Kine
  • English
  • 09 October 2014
  • 9781932010633

About the Author: Daniel Kine

Daniel Kine is the Author of the novels Between Nowhere and Happiness Smallhand Press and Up Nights Ooligan Press.

8 thoughts on “Up Nights

  1. Sayer Sayer says:

    Found this seemingly unknown masterpiece near Stephen King at a local bookstore It was just sitting there for who knows how long And who would buy it? Reading the synopsis I was hooked finally some realism and released in 2013 tooI bought it with high hopes it would be good but mostly hoping it wouldn't be bad since Realism is actually harder than I thought since you have to keep it somewhat interesting And Daniel Kine does thismagnificently Up Nights tells the story of Arthur Francis and Vita and Bill but he comes in later The four were friends who split The story begins when Francis going to live with Arthur who continues to tell us how he left Bill in Mexico and doesn't know where he is and sounds like could care less And thus begins the downward spiralThe characterization is so raw I felt attached to these simple characters than most novels let me do And why? They were junkies and really didn't do anythingbut yet I cared deeply This isn't a happy book by no means Kine's realistic world is not a place for laughing and a good time But it isn'tpessimistic What it is is powerful and no spoilers but it made me cry I'll leave it at thatI strongly urge anyone just glancing at this book or my review to read this masterpiece So far it's my favorite book released this year

  2. Amylia Ryan Amylia Ryan says:

    The main positive thing I knew right from the beginning how this book would read the whole way throughKine's language is stuffy and pretentious from the get go and his characters including what seems to be a self insert main character are unapproachable and familiar to me in the I knew you in my undergrad lit classes and you were trying to be Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac then too kind of wayThe main character's unapolegetic smoking cigarettes and being homeless in Portland schtick was tired from the first page Also beware mentions of suicide or suicidal thoughts that don't feel realAnother issue especially for those who suffer from eye strain or other sight issues like I do the font is atrocious I couldn't stare at it for longer than 5 minutes before needing to put the book down to rest my eyes

  3. Susie Susie says:

    This review was originally posted at our blog InsatiableBookslutscom A review e copy was provided by Ooligan PressRecommended if you like On the Road reading about vices characters who are a little or than a little lost coming of adulthood stories Up Nights is a great example of how a book can grab my attention against the odds I received a pitch for this book by accident; it was addressed to another set of bloggers but it came to me Normally I would have scrolled through slightly amused Possibly I would send the publisher a nice note letting them know that they’d made an error so that they could get the email addressed to the right person; I wouldn’t actually making any offer to review the book though Up Nights though was a rare pitch for a book I really really wanted to read and it wasn’t even addressed to meI’m glad that I read Up Nights While it wasn’t a perfect book–and while I have no idea if it was enhanced by my recent reading of another junkie book Spoonful or the opposite–it was a book I enjoyed very much I almost felt like it was a continuation of On the Road set in modern times and with a twist in Kerouac’s story the shiftless and wild Dean abandons Sal in Mexico but in Up Nights Arthur abandons his wild friend in Mexico This happens just before the story starts but everything in the book spins out from this eventKine’s characters are young and uncertain; pretty much anybody who’s ever been through their twenties can identify I think They explore regret sexuality friendship love loss and existentialist crises Who are we? Where are we going? Will we ever get there? Kine captures the deep doubt of youth in a way that balances it with the freedom of youth While searching for the meaning of life Arthur and company are getting high getting laid and dropping everything to drive across the country on a moment’s notice Oh and you know hopping a plane to Cuba For reasonsThe only things I didn’t love about the book the very very beginning was a touch awkward If I didn’t have a 50 page rule I could very well have put it down hence why I have the 50 page rule because I’m very happy I finished the book Kine found his rhythm and the awkwardness smoothed out The other thing that pinged at me was his style of drawing out certain details in a ‘suspenseful’ way We learn early on for example that Bill is still in Mexico and that Arthur is really uncomfortable about it; Kine feeds us details about this and a few other things as we go I don’t have a problem with that at all; what I found disappointing was that I didn’t feel the teaser feeding had a proportional payoff to the built up suspense I would have liked revelation about those topics Fortunately they aren’t crucial to the enjoyment of the bookYou know what is crucial to the enjoyment of the book? Reading it And I totally think you should I mean if you want to And stuff

  4. Christopher Thomas Christopher Thomas says:

    From my full review at thenerdmethodcomRatingI'll be honest I didn't expect to like this book With the comparisons to Kerouac's work and the fact that the characters are all into drugs and other things like that I just didn't think it'd be my cup of tea I was pleasantly surprised to find that Kine was able to pull me in with his monumental character work Bravo 5 out of 5 You should definitely think about buying this bookReviewI want to start by saying that those who are comparing this book to Jack Kerouac's On the Road are both accurate and inaccurate It's fair to say that this work is analogous to that book but only insofar as the framework goes The guts of this book are very different for a different time where different issues need to be addressed It's Kerouac for the nowThis book unlike On the Road does not reuire you to be able to adapt to the odd style of the author; Daniel Kine's prose is easy to understand and follow even if it is a little bit basic Where Kine shines as a writer is in his ability to highlight some interesting visual details and in his character building I usually don't like druggy scummy characters in my books even if the idea is to see them through the lens of poverty or whatever but Kine does such a great job of adding dimension to the characters that you can't help but become invested in them That's not to say that all of the characters are eually fleshed out or that you'll become attached to all of them but in their own ways they are all distinctive which is something not all writers can do sadlyThis book is a conundrum; it's arresting and beautiful on the one hand but it's seedy and dark with little room for redemption on the other hand It's worth your time and your consideration though that's for sure

  5. Mark Flowers Mark Flowers says:

    SLJ reviewKINE Daniel Up Nights 200p Ooligan May 2013 Tr 1395 ISBN 9781932010633 LC 2012049344AdultHigh School–Kine’s searing new novel reads as if The Great Gatsby had been stripped of every trace of glamor leaving behind only Fitzgerald’s underbelly of pessimism substance use and the rotted out American Dream In Book One narrator Arthur is reunited with his childhood friend Francis an erstwhile poet who has given up on writing or reading The two spend their time in a dilapidated hotel in Portland making friends with their local heroin dealer and passes at Vita the girlfriend of their third friend–the elusive Gatsby like Bill whom Arthur has left behind in a hospital in Mexico City In Book Two Arthur Francis and Vita finally meet up with Bill now living in New Orleans and get involved with a small time criminal and a scheme to bring undocumented immigrants to the States from Cuba The unrelenting dreariness of drugs petty crime and unappealing sex may appeal to readers of Adam Rapp but Kine has bigger things on his mind than Rapp’s nihilism Though Arthur assures readers that Bill is the golden boy hero of his story the heart of the novel lies between Arthur’s blind gropings for meaning and Francis’s confused attempts to pull himself out of his depression Meanwhile Kine has some genuinely important thoughts on the drug trade and immigration hiding among the grime of his story This is a hard edged novel that can be difficult to read but it is well worth the effort especially for teens searching for their own way in life–Mark Flowers John F Kennedy Library Vallejo CAhttpblogssljcomadult4teen2013

  6. Katey Trnka Katey Trnka says:

    I took an immediate interest in this book for a few reasons First the locations spoke to me personally When I first heard about Up Nights I had just moved to Portland by way of Southeast Louisiana and I'm originally from Michigan I was curious to see how Kine would treat these settings and what his characters would absorb from them Second I've read and enjoyed than one Hunter S Thompson novel; the way the characters in Up Nights wander drug addled through life is very reminiscent of The Rum Diary and maybe even Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas But enough about me Kine's writing is lyrical; one can immediately discern his background in poetry Never does one feel rushed through a scene except for when Kine wants the reader to feel that forward momentum The characters are raw and honest; there is no sugarcoating in their treatment of issues such as drug use suicide infidelity and the impermanence of life This was a uick all consuming read and I highly recommend it to fans of Thompson and Kerouac alike

  7. Lance Laughlin Lance Laughlin says:

    Utterly dark and depressing but so beautifully written Kine's ability to vividly describe a situation and a heavy use of internal character dialog produces an eery look into what it means to be young and lost The characters are really well written but show little development; however due to the premise of this book it kind of makes sense These characters are broken and wandering aimlessly through life but still offer some profound outlooks on life though they are mostly negative outlooks Highly recommend this one

  8. Amy Temple harper Amy Temple harper says:

    This book started with a backstory that was slowly revealed In the middle of the story it really revved up By the end of the story I was resentful of anything that interrupted my reading of it including my child who kept asking for attention I l finished in pretty much one night It was engrossing It seemed too real too true and too good I suppose that is just good writing

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