The Male Bridesmaid Chastity Forced Feminization and

The Male Bridesmaid Chastity Forced Feminization and Female Domination [Download] ➼ The Male Bridesmaid Chastity Forced Feminization and Female Domination ➻ Sabrina Jen Mountford – Gary is addicted to erotic stories he secretly wants his fiance to lock him up and to keep him locked up and in strict denial When she catches him out he thinks they're going to break upHowever Alison Bridesmaid Chastity ePUB ✓ Gary is addicted to erotic stories he secretly wants his fiance to lock him up and to keep him locked up and in strict denial When she catches him out he thinks they're going to Male Bridesmaid Chastity Forced Feminization PDF/EPUB or break upHowever Alison is open minded and so is her sister Gradually Alison starts to assert her 'aversion therapy' onto Gary keeping him locked up snugly in a chastity device denying him any release and forcing him to wear womens lingerieThe trouble is Alison begins to enjoy dominating Gary and when her sister Sarah gets involved things The Male MOBI :º take another turn for the worse and Gary ends up being bullied into being fully feminized to be a bridesmaid at Sarah's weddingThroughout the story Gary is humiliated embarrassed and dominated When he is offered a final choice go back to their vanilla life or submit to being dominated feminized and kept in a state of permanent denial indefinately what will he chooseWarning this word short story contains adult material which sensitive readers may find offensive It includes themes of Male ChastityForced FeminizationFemale DominationForce Feeding.

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  1. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ says:

    ★★★☆☆ 25 rounded up because the author's deprecating humor at the beginning It wasn't a great piece of literary work the author sometimes made basic grammar errors and and didn't exercise the most complex character development techniues availableit was trashy fairly poorly writtenAnyhow the premise of this sissy tale is when our hero Gary is caught masturbating wearing his fiancee's Allison's dirty lingerie Allison decides that for his punishment which he has to consent to is to wear lingerie daily under his clothes and when he returns home he wears a maid outfit to do his household chores while wearing a chastity cage with spikes in it This is how Gary becomes Allison's sissy maidFemdom specifically humiliation isn't really one of my kinks so this was a challenge for me to read but this category was picked in the TT contest so I took one for the team Yay me Done

  2. CagedMitch CagedMitch says:

    This tale by Ms Mountford is one of her tamer stories There's no dubious consent or abduction or threats of surgery It's just a story about a man who likes to wear his fiancee's lingerie and fantasizes about her locking him into a chastity device and controlling his orgasms It's actually kind of sweet and romanticGary's fiancee Alison doesn't know what to think when she finds his erotic reading material on his Kindle She's pretty straight laced and she considers Gary's fantasies to be perverted in the extreme She refuses to lock him in chastity and instead extracts his promise to refrain from masturbating which he manages to keep for a whileAlison likes the improvements she sees in Gary He's attentive he doesn't drink as much or spend a lot of time away from her on his gaming console He's sweeter and he devotes himself to pleasing her while he is denied his own pleasureAs the story progresses Gary is eventually locked in chastity and when he admits to Alison that he's been wearing her underthings she begins to feminize him at home and forces him to wear lingerie under his clothes at work She intends to overwhelm him with elements of his fantasies as a form of aversion therapy to cure himGary becomes submissive to her and enjoys her control of him while Alison becomes torn between thoughts of curing his impulses in order to return to a vanilla relationship and of keeping him feminized denied and obedient to her foreverThere's a great scene after Gary and Alison's wedding where she strips off her gown and they are both in matching bridal lingerie Alison orders him into her gown and they consummate their marriage using Gary's tongue Afterwards she cuffs him to the bed while he's still wearing the dress removes his chastity device and masturbates him into a glass She warns him that he'll be forced to drink his own semen from it after he's cum Alison keeps her word with the help of a stainless steel mouth spreader no lessToward the end of the story a promise Gary has made has come back to haunt him as he is coerced into becoming a feminized bridesmaid for the wedding of Sarah Alison's sisterThe story is really uite good I liked that Alison begins as someone who is frankly horrified by Gary's fantasies and eventually becomes someone who revels at pushing him farther than he's prepared to go I also liked that despite the indignities that Alison puts Gary through there is never any doubt that she loves him very muchIf you like romantic femdom and feminization stories I strongly suggest you try this one

  3. Sally Sally says:

    While mere chastity and humiliation really isn't my thing and I was hoping Sabrina Jen Mountford might push things a little bit further there's no doubt that The Male Bridesmaid was really uite a clever readGary and his wife are stalled in a loving but nearly sexless marriage and his addiction to Kindle erotica isn't really helping things When she discovers his secret fetishes it forces a conversation that's as intellectually fascinating as it is emotionally embarrassing Mountford does a good job of exploring how a couple deals with long buried secrets and how they approach even the idea of breaking their own taboos and experimenting which each other'sIt's also really interesting to watch a man gets precisely what he wants chastity and forced feminization and to have to deal with his fantasy becoming a reality There's a lot of uncertainty and reluctance involved as well as the frustration that arises from not being able to put the fantasy on pause Alison is a fantastic character a wife who only seems to be reluctantly playing along with her husband determined to cure him of his perversions by so completely immersing him in them She comes to enjoy both the power and the pleasure however and it turns out her motives are entirely so pureThe titular scene in which Gary is forced to serve as a bridesmaid for his sister in law's wedding is fun but it's the climactic scene in which Gary and Alison strip down after their own wedding to reveal matching bridal lingerie that I found most deliciousMore sensual than erotic The Male Bridesmaid is a story that really gets inside your head and makes you think about being careful what we wish for I uite enjoyed it As published on Bending the Bookshelf

  4. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    I enjoyed this book way than I thought I would It isn't a nice femdom book This is a dirty depraved fantasy book Yes some of these things done to Gary are possible but not all Gary reads too many fantasies on his Kindle no less about sissification and femdom He's finally caught by his fiancee Alison Alison is pissed off and totally disgusted This is where the story lost me and I had to completely suspend belief If a woman finds it so disgusting why the hell would she dive into it full steam ahead like this? The lame excuse overload him to cure him is like telling me let's give the alcoholic another liter to see if it will cure him Yes apple to oranges but you get my pointRegardless of Alison's delusions and piss poor attitude I enjoyed the humiliating scenarios she put Gary through in both private and public Now before anyone things I want to do this to my spouse I'll clarify immediately I do not What I enjoy is Gary's sense of sexual violation which amusing me to no end I enjoy how he's forced to do something he secretly enjoys and is mixed about it I feel the same What I really hoped to read was some pegging of Gary's trained asshole Unfortunately it was not included Perhaps Ms Morton will follow up this book with the married life of Gary and Alison so we can see what other degradations Gary goes through at the hands of Alison Definitely a hot read and a 35 star for me I recommend it to my femdom friends who like it humiliating and kinky

  5. Tatianna Tatianna says:

    Although I'm new to this I found the story fascinatingIt's given me some insight into the world of Femdom and I hope I can use some of the techniues to spice up things with my boyfriend who is very submissiveI actually borrowed this book from him He has uite a collection and I hope to read and review some in my spare timeGreat way to break the winter boredom

  6. James James says:

    I thought this book was very enlightening as I am new to this type of thing and trying to learn I don't know why I like this type of kink but I know a lot of other people are into it too

  7. Cbtok Cbtok says:

    Ms Mountford carefully crafts a thriller here with very specific attention to the amount of reluctance Gary has towards actually enacting the fantasies he has developed and read about on his Kindle His girlfriend Alison after discovering his fantasies decides that in order to deal with the fantasies she finds distasteful she must enact them to make him dislike them She fails but succeeds beyond her wildest imaginings by learning to enjoy her gradual petticoat punishment of Gary and the long term chastity she places him into Each time his submission reaches a new level Alison offers him the opportunity to escape giving him one last chance to get out of a new humiliation by going back to his previous life with none of his fantasies enacted Each time he finds the fantasy attractive than the result of the humiliation and thus continues his descent into complete submission to Alison The dominance ramps up when he is forced to pay up on a bet he made with Alison's sister Sarah Together the two sisters ramp up their dominance of him increasing the humiliation level The writing is very good the scenes completely believable and one finds Gary the author of his own descent into submissive servitude A great read

  8. Simon Oakden Simon Oakden says:

    Great story very kinky She's not in competition for a Pulitzer prize but I love SJM's rather depraved imagination In many ways it's totally unbelievable this story in the cold light of day you feel it could never happen Sitting down to read it though you kind of get drawn in and lose yourself in the story She really should get someone to proof read though it's a great story but there were a few little errors

  9. Blondie Blondie says:

    Just could not like this book but mostly because it is just not my thing I prefer Alpha male characters to this

  10. Paulskim Paulskim says:

    Unfinished The idea was great but there isn't any built up except for the extreme

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