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Fury [PDF] ✑ Fury By Elizabeth Miles – Zimski su praznici u Ascensionu u Maineu Snijeg pada i sve izgleda djevičanski čisto i mirno No nije sve onako kako izgleda na prvi pogled Emily uživa u praznicima ugodnome blagdanskom ugođaju i t Zimski su praznici u Ascensionu u Maineu Snijeg pada i sve izgleda djevičanski čisto i mirno No nije sve onako kako izgleda na prvi pogled Emily uživa u praznicima ugodnome blagdanskom ugođaju i tulumarenju s prijateljima Osim toga napokon joj je prišao tip koji joj se sviđa već duže vrijeme Međutim Em zna da nema povratka ukoliko zabrije s njim On je dečko njezine najbolje prijateljice Na drugoj strani grada Chase ima svoje probleme Stanje kod kuće ostavit će traga na njegovu ponašanju i uskoro će se njegov društveni život raspasti No to sve skupa nije ništa prema onome što ga stvarno muči Chase je jednom učinio nešto stvarno okrutno nešto što sjajan frajer kakvim se pravim ne bi učinio nikada U Ascensionu greške mogu odvesti u smrt a tri djevojke – misteriozne ljepotice – odlučuju o tome Prekrasno jezovit roman.

About the Author: Elizabeth Miles

Elizabeth Miles grew up in Chappaua New York not far from New York City She graduated from Boston University in and has worked ever since as a journalist for an alternative newsweekly She has been honored by the New England Press Association and the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Elizabeth serves on the board of trustees of Portland Players a community theater and second home.

10 thoughts on “Fury

  1. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    15 stars The pitch for this book is fabulous and it's easy to see why it got the green light a group of beautiful girls loosely based on the Greek Furies punishes teenagers for their indiscretions Add to that an insanely gorgeous cover using a model with glorious red hair in a flowing dress and most people are going to be irresistibly drawn to it I know I was Even now when I look at this beautiful girl on the cover I want so badly to forgive her for her toxic contents But I can't do it my lovely girl I just can'tThe marketing package is actually very misleading From the synopsis and cover art I expected a fairly typical paranormal YA novel but what's inside is actually much closer to horror lite Emily and Chase are both doing naughty naughty things during winter break and most of the book follows one drawn out example after the other of all the dirty little things that kids can get up to Emily's lusting after her best friend's boyfriend Zach Chase is constantly looking for his next hook up and may have been involved in the death of a girl last year Pretty much all the teens in this town have some sort of sin to atone for with the exception of the near saintly handy car service provider JDThe Furies themselves are mostly justpretty Seriously there is time spent on descriptions of their physical beauty and their clothes and the red orchids they leave behind than on any real attempt to teach anyone a lesson Because their lessons mostly involve luring people to their deaths which isn't really helpful to anyone Sure the women in the original myths meted out death like candy but they were also monstrously ugly and their stories were really short If you're going to expect us to sit through several hundred pages of relentless pursuit and punishment there has to be some sort of sympathetic uality in the main characters or some sort of redemption or justice in their deaths And while it's true that nearly every boy in this book is a jerk and nearly every girl acts like a bitch at least at some point and the things these kids do are despicable none of them are things they should actually be killed forThe writing is inexpert most of the back story and many events are just told not shown the dialogue is uninspired the story is pretty sketchy and not very well structured the characters are one dimensional and mostly there to drive the plot and the whole set up just does not work Why aren't these girls going after kids who have abused animals or pushed someone down the stairs or something like that? Because those scenarios aren't that sexy that's why This book is much interested in exploring cheap tawdry tricks and melodramatic or titillating scenarios including SPOILERS BELOW A boy who casually cruises for hook ups timing his appearance at an event so girls have had enough time to get drunk so it helps him score A girl who makes out with her best friend's boyfriend and is caught with her top and bra off fresh from a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret of course by a fellow classmate Words like cock block and slut are casually thrown around Drunk driving and texting Numerous near death events Girls throwing coffee in the faces of other girls view spoilerA boy gets completely naked with a girl who snaps photos of him and later plasters them all over school hide spoiler

  2. Vinaya Vinaya says:

    This is EmEm is an asshole There's no way around it she's weak and selfish and utterly insensitive She tries to justify her unjustifiable actions using the Tru Wuvv Defense but unfortunately for her there has never yet been a convincing reason for cheating on your best friend with her boyfriend Especially when your best friend is shockingly not secretly an evil bitch but a normal girl who loves youOn the other hand there's Chase Chase while frustrating is also by far the most interesting character in the entire book He's got edge but he's also a normal teenage boy with normal emotions and all the attendant stupidity that comes of living too little and feeling too much view spoilerWhich is why it is so goddamn annoying when Miles decides to off him hide spoiler

  3. Anne Anne says:

    It could have been goodMy neighbor saw me reading this and then asked me what the book was about So I looked down and realized that I was halfway through itand had no idea And that just about sums up the entire experienceI thought this was going to be a book about the Furies Perhaps we would get to see things from their perspective? Maybe we would learn about them? But no It's a book about punishing naughty teenagers Told from their perspective And why? Why were these two kids naughtier than the everyone else? What did they do that was soooo bad? Did they kill someone and hide the body? Nope The girl fooled around with her BFF's boyfriend and the boy posted some personal stuff about another girl on FacebookSo sure It makes sense that the #ing Furies would show up to exact revenge on them Well in some alternate retarded universe it makes perfect senseI can suspend disbelief with the best of them but you gotta give me some reason to do it Maybe if these kids' ancestors had done something horrible and they were already on the radar? Maybe the Furies were somehow connected to the victims? Something I just couldn't buy it There's a chance that since this is a trilogy there could be some explanation coming in the next two books But guess what? Correct You get a gold starI won't be reading the next one

  4. Lauren Lauren says:

    Terrifying Paranormal horrorgoodness also written by my BFF

  5. Maria Maria says:

    Like me Hades has lost his cool with this bookCrapCrapDamnI was once again hoodwinked by another book with a striking coverI know I knowI should have learned my lesson with Carrier of the MarkBut let's face it Fury's cover is really attractiveOn the cover the girl with the flaming red hair had a sly smile on her face as if she knows a secret that I don'tWhat can I say cover got me curiousIt drew me to read this bookI wanted to grab the book and devour its contentsThe cover was beautifulCatchyWe have to admit that most of the time we read a book because of the coverWe look at the synopsis later after the cover already caught our attentionI am guilty of thatSadly most of the books I've read recently that had beguiling covers were disappointingAnd this book was one of themAside from the cover another thing that made me want to read this book is its Greek Myth touchI thought it would be as good as StarcrossedUnfortunately it was notThis book as a disasterThe only thing I liked about the book was the coverThe Furies myth that was in this book was lameThe characters were pathetic except for JD was the only decent person in this bookThe story mostly revolved around Em and ChaseEm was struggling with her feelings toward her best friend's boyfriendChase was obsessing over a beautiful girl he barely even knewBoth of them did something bad and now the Furies wanted them to payThey want vengeanceThe other one gets killed while the other one has to make a decision to be tied forever with the Furies or let another person dieGod This book was horribleIf it wasn’t for the pretty cover I would have rated this book a oneI hated how it all seemed very Gossip Girl to me with a touch three goddesses who seek vengeance for people's wrong doing and it gives you FuryEm fooled around with her best friend's boyfriend while she was away wasn’t that like Serena and Nate sleeping together without Blair knowing about it?Chase was looking for a girl to sleep with Chuck Bass is that you?One of the main issues I've had with this book was its charactersThey were so fcked upEspecially EmEm was the type of character I hateShe has this nobody loves me characterShe was selfishInsensitiveHer best friend Gabby loved her so much but what did she get in return? Em hooked up with her boyfriend while she was awayThat just sucksEm you suckYou don’t do that to your friendBut sometimes she felt like Zach deserved someone a little bit deeper than Gabby Someone a little like EmThis line just drew the line for meHow could you even think that way?That boy is your best friend's boyfriendHELLO?Do you even have a heart?Did you even think how your best friend would feel?And she even thought Gabby would understandI mean come on Who in the right mind would be okay after you find out that your best friend hooked up with your boyfriend?Get a SHRINK Em You're totally distrurbedShe was a selfish little btchSorry but that's really how I see herThere wasn’t even a part in this book that redeemed her of that imagineWhat makes matters worse was how she could uickly jump from Zach to JDMy GOD that was so lowThen there's ChaseI think he was pretty okay but I still found him so stupid for obsessing over someone he barely knewA pretty girl shows interest and he thinks he's in loveHe was like a lost puppy every time he doesn’t hear from herPatheticLook where that has gotten you Chase?This was just a sad sad bookThe author's writing was actually pretty goodThe concept was goodPretty much it was the characters that ruined everythingAlso there were a lot of loose endings like why did Drea know about the Furies and why just Em and Chase first?I mean what Em did wasn’t so bad but why her?Why not someone else who killed people?Those were somehow still a mystery to meI would have to give this book a 2 mainly because of the cover and the Greek myth touch even though it wasn’t really elaborated

  6. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    By the time I reached page 130 of Fury the need to start ranting was already burning brightRemember this Japanese anime series Hell Girl Jigoku Shōjo?In Hell Girl a mysterious girl named Ai Enma appeared in front of mortals and gained their wish by sending their hated enemies to Hell but in return of Ai's service her clients would also be sent to Hell once their own lives came to an endIn the world of Hell Girl nothing is black and white Throughout the anime we learn the dilemma of revenge hatred grudge justice and why people are driven to seek revenge despite of the grave conseuence of course some people do seek out Hell Girl's service for silly reasons or send the wrong person to Hell but all of these people live long enough to regret their mistakesIn Fury three mysterious beautiful girls goes into town and what's their purpose? They're bringing justice for a girl who was driven to commit suicide and they're going to publish sinners for their wrong doingThe first problem I have with those Furies is why are they there in the first place? why they have to target that two teenagers in the book? Okay nearly have sex with your best friend's boyfriend and help bullying a girl is certainly bad but why would these sinners deserve the special attention from deitiesmystical supernatural creatures? Just because the author said so? Aren't there bigger fishes in the sea? Aren't there eviler sinners deserve to be punished?And then I have problem with how those Furies punished the sinners posting their photos of humiliation online isn't a cool fair way to punish them It only makes you look like you're some highschool bullies who have nothing better to do than bullying and laughing at peopleComparing with Fury the ways Hell Girl deals with grudges and how she punishes the sinners makes 100% senseAs to the main characters none of them are likable interesting nor sympathetic in the tiniest of sense I will get to them one by one Emily I want to like her there're many traits in her personality that I'd have liked I really do want to like her But no she's too damn stupid and naive Plus her nick name Em is kind of silly tooChase A kid from a humble background who tried his best to fit into the in group and be one of the popular kids A character like this can become an understandable sympathetic one But no again he turns out to be selfish and stupid thinks with his dick instead of his brain kind of stupid and so far I don't find much in him for me to sympathize withZach Em's love interest but oh goodness this guy is simply bad news He's even selfish than Chase far selfish than anyone else in the book actually; plus he's a total jerk who goes behind his girlfriend's back to make out with her best friend And not once he seems to feel guilty about it Sasha A girl who was bullied by her schoolmates and committed suicide at the very beginning of the book But whatever sympathy I may have for her vanished uickly once I learnt she called Chase a trailer trash in the pastThe Furies Now I want to move to my next point Those Furies seem to be a bunch of hypocrites who punished people with double standards If Chase is guilty for help bullying Sasha why wouldn't the other bullies be eually as guilty? If Emily is guilty for cheating with her best friend's boyfriend then why wouldn't Zach be punished for the same offend? Why just why?MAJOR PLOT SPOILEROkay in the end it looks like Zach is going to get what he deserves but again what makes him Chase and Emily deserve the Furies' attention when there're many many people else who might just as guilty as they are if not ?END OF SPOILERThe main problem I have with those Furies is that 1 They seem to be making a sport out of punishing sinners there's nothing just and fair in their actions 2 They use the sinners' compassion and kindness to punish and humiliate them I don't think it's okay which makes these Furies nothing better than the sinners they're punishingI read from the interview with Ms Miles at the back of the book that Ms Miles enjoys Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver I am not surprised because Fury does share some similarities with Before I Fall but the difference is Ms Oliver managed to make her characters and her themes work for her but it isn't the same case with Ms Miles's FuryRemember Death Note? It's another animemanga series that makes 100% sense than Ms Mile's Furysighs So what should I do? I can't roof for anyone in the book I can't roof for the Furies either and the few characters who actually look likable and have common sense are barely there in the story What a total letdownPlus if you asked me; I would say everyone in the book expect maybe JD Emily's guy best friend is all so full of shits that they should suffer and die a horrible death the same like those students do in CarrieBurn Burn Burn You petty little freakers BurnOne hell of a frustrating book and a poorly planned one in it Stay away for your own good people Even though the cover really is glorious

  7. Beth Beth says:

    15 starsI really thought I would love Fury I usually strongly dislike paranormal reads but this sounded like Courtney Summers' Some Girls Are with a lovely nasty twist Instead it is a bland irritating anticlimatic mess MY REACTION TO EMSHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UPhttpfriends18comimgshut up047jpgShe cheats with her best friend's boyfriend She constantly tries to use the Trueeeee Loveeeee excuse as a good reason why she should fuck around behind her best friend's back but frankly it doesn't wash with me Her problems are all such fucking First World Problems she's rich she's popular she has a beloved best friend and a male best friend who might become something oh come on what planet are we all from? Of course it eventually becomes something He's an Unlucky Childhood Friend she mostly ditches to be popular But somehow we're supposed to sympathise with her? Now I've sympathised with a lot worse Regina Afton from Some Girls Are is worse Hamish from Violence 101 is a lot worse Sethe from Beloved is a lot worse And yet I feel nothing but love for these horrible complex characters There is absolutely no complexity to Em One of the things I sorta like about the Furies myth is watching someone who may or may not deserve it get their comeuppance where we can watch and ask if it's too much or not enough Some Girls Are is like that she's the kind of character that you want to see suffer but as her suffering becomes darker and deeper you start wondering does she really deserve this? 'Fury' is nothing like that Both of the lead characters are goddamn repetitive I want to slap Emily across the face for her idiotic behaviour regarding Zach But worst of all there is absolutely zero tension None Nothing Not at any point was I worried about what would happen to Emily and Chase; okay it's in third person but neither of them have any distinctive voices or original thought To be honest I think this should have been in first person to invest us in Chase and Emily's experiences Other than that I just felt really distant from them The creepiness was all sohalf hearted to me Especially the stuff with the red flower None of it really made me afraid and I am the easiest person in the entire universe to scare Also don't the Furies have slightly better people to track down? Chase I can understand it is the kind of crime the Furies would pursue you for they particularly liked going after men who had wronged women but Emily??? You're telling me that a girl who almost slept with her BFF's boyfriend for some reason Miles makes it very clear that they do not have sex or even get below the waistline is as bad as I don't know unpunished rapists or serial killers? The 'paranormal' elements are incredibly weak and kind of thrown out there Other than them this seems like a very half baked contemporary novel; because of the bloated writing and Emily's third person distance from us her mental breakdown is poorly written because all that happens is that she's given a flower over and over And her best friend finds out about her kissing her boyfriend That's pretty much it until the final ten pages which earned it the half star for giving me a genuine surprise in the line come with me if you want to live That went in a place I genuinely didn't expect but JD's fate after that made me drop it down from the 2 stars I would have given it if Miles had had the guts to follow throughThe Furies are just pretty There's no depth to them really A lot of time is devoted to how shiny and pretty they are but that's about it There's no particular fear or tension there because they just seem like slightly malicious Barbie dolls They have no depth and for characters apparently so sexy there's absolutely NOTHING between Ty and Chase And Miles really needs to take a few lessons in show v tell we never really see Emily's parents ignoring her but she tells us that they do about fifteen times which weakens this I suppose? Freudian excuse to the point where it just about falls apart as does most of the characters' 'depth'Speaking of which Chase If Chase was a girl we would have our new Bella Swan on our hands Ty is an obnoxious cardboard cutout and guys because there must be some of the male pursuasion reading this do all men really think so exclusively with their penises? Ty REPEATEDLY humiliates the supposedly uite intelligent Chase once by standing him up then posting pictures of him 'begging' her to everyone THEN finally posting naked pictures of him which ruin his reputation and in standard teen angst mode HIS LIEF I'm kidding Goodreaders I know that having naked pictures posted of yourself all over the school is a truly terrible move BUT SERIOUSLY He is the biggest effing moron that ever lived when it comes to Ty Though they do not seem to have done anything physical although he has seen her naked he will go after her to a bridge? He was just such a doormat that I felt myself pulling my hair out by the roots If his emotional dependence on Ty had been built up a bit better with a psychological focus all those references to a 'wanting' which apparently traces back to his alcohol father what the hell? never extend past the sexual and there's no depth to it whatsoever And therein lies my problem with Fury It's the poster child for the book you would hold up to show that YA literature is superficial childish shock over substance and full of pathetic angsty immature and irresponsible characters There is nothing scary or edgy about it You should know that I don't believe anything of those things and I'm a huge advocate for the importance of YA Not that I'm opposed to lots of fluff But there's justnothing in Fury It's a testament to a bunch of annoying brain dead characters with zero depth or interesting ualities who 'suffer' with things that seem outside of what is relatable for teenagers and Miles never tries to ground it in human interest It's just a bad boring book

  8. Krys Krys says:

    In the midst of reading a demanding yet awesome book for my book group I received an ARC of Fury by Elizabeth Miles It seemed the perfect book to read while wooing my other one So yesterday on my day off I cracked it open and read almost the entirety of the book in one setting Yeah It's the absolute right choice to have picked up to intersperse with anotherIn Ascension Maine everyone is gearing up for the holiday Em is sad that her best friend Gabby will be in Spain for Christmas However Gabby has tasked Em with the job of entertaining her boyfriend Zach while she is away Em complies partly out of loyalty and majorly out of a selfish desire to see him Even though she is her best friend's boyfriend Em has had feelings for him for some time; feelings that she eually feels guilty and giddy aboutElsewhere in town is the football captain Chase Chase wants everything to be perfect Most of all he wants people to forget where he comes from a lowly trailer park When he meets a beautiful girl named Ty he begins to do things out of his depth for hereven though they don't fit into his great planFury is one big tease but a good one It's all sly smirks and feathers on skin and whispered secrets It's a subtle yet bold book I adored every bit of this It's a very clever book that manages to keep the reader interested in the reveal even if it doesn't happen until the tail end of the book I loved this narrative I appreciate any book that deals with cause and conseuence where characters have to own up to the sum of their actions I want to know where it's going It's awesome I loved it I want 5 out of 5 stars I can't wait for the next one review courtesy of wwwbibliopunkkreadscom

  9. Nandanie Nandanie says:

    OkI dont know where to begin I have read the first 33 pages of this book and I felt like gagging Correction I was gagging I don't know how the cover and genres were so deceiving It looked good the titles was awesome and the plot let's not even go thereThe prologue was beautiful I felt like I was on that bridge but what did you do to your writing? It turned from suicide to karma? What the heck? What type of fury is that? I weas utterly deceived and I am angry for it I didn't even finish it nor do I want to There wasn't any action It was basically based on snotty stuck up teens with social and internal problems Not my type of book I think I have been thrown into a prep pit This was boring I hate it I thought that they were goin to have sword fighting and girls with red hair butt kicking 247 How could I have been so wrong? Ha I am going to find a book that I will enjoy I need to be in my paranormal world I am already living on Earth and trust me it's extremely boring for my liking Well there's my review And that's what I think of this book Please let me go find a book that wouldn't have words that would burn out my irisesPS This is how I feel like right now and I am not exaggerating image error

  10. Ashley Daviau Ashley Daviau says:

    I was a little unsure what to expect as I picked this book up and although it was a bit slow to start I ended up loving it I'm always a fan of anything based on any sort of mythology and this was definitely in that vein I loved the idea of the Furies even though I was a little confused at first Once I finally grasped the concept I fell totally in love with it and this book My only complaint about this book really is that Emily did grate on my nerves a bit But with the twist at the end that I totally did not expect I'm excited to see how her character develops and where the story goes

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