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Castros Secrets ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Castros Secrets By Brian Latell ✸ – Published to glowing reviews this riveting narrative takes us back to when the Cuban Revolution was young and offers a new and surprising look at Fidel Castro Drawing on interviews with high level de Published to glowing reviews this riveting narrative takes us back to when the Cuban Revolution was young and offers a new and surprising look at Fidel Castro Drawing on interviews with high level defectors from Cuban intelligence Cuba expert Brian Latell creates a vivid narrative that chronicles Castro’s crimes from his university days through nearly years in power As Cuba’s supreme spymaster Fidel built up an intelligence system that became one of best and most aggressive anywhere Latell argues that the CIA grossly underestimated the Cubans’ extraordinary abilities to run moles and double agents and to penetrate the highest levels of American institutions He reveals new details about the CIA’s most deplorable plots against Cuba and shocking new findings about what Fidel actually knew of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the assassination of John F Kennedy.

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  1. James Bruno James Bruno says:

    I am not a fan of conspiracy literature especially the cesspool of whacko theorizing that surrounds the assassination of John F Kennedy I believe Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone The Warren Commission and subseuent Congressional review got it right Oliver Stone should stick to pure fiction That's why it is with some hesitancy that I review Brian Latell's latest book on Cuba Castro's Secrets The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence MachineLatell is one of the foremost foreign experts on Cuba He followed Cuban affairs in intimate detail as a CIA intelligence analyst and National Intelligence Officer for Latin America from the early 1960s until his retirement from government in 1998 His writings on that country are must reading for anyone with a serious interest in modern day Cuba His 2007 book After Fidel is a fascinating study on the two brothers who have led the Cuban revolution for over half a century Latell's contributions to our knowledge of Fidel Castro and his enduring political system in short are invaluableI have been waiting than 35 years for this book writes former US senator Robert Morgan In terms of a detailed unclassified study of Fidel's foreign intelligence agency the DGI he's spot on In five years of researching for Castro's Secrets the author did in depth interviews with a dozen DGI defectors most living under aliases as well as a number of ex CIA ops officers who had carried out the Kennedy administration's covert programs to destabilize and turn out the Castro regime These programs by and large ranged from the unrealistic to the ludicrous eg killing Castro with an exploding cigars and sea shells All were miserable failures The policy side of the administration appeared to pay scant attention to what analysts like Brian Latell were writing about the durability of the revolution And the analysts were kept in the dark about covert actions Latell's original research brings forth new details and revelations of the Kennedy Castro blood feud But his insights on the creation of and surprisingly outstanding tradecraft of the DGI is a bonanza for scholars of Cuban espionage on which there is but skimpy public information They outperformed us by any objective measure one former FBI agent told LatellLatell's treatment of the DGI's formation and operations occupies the first half of the book The second half focuses on the Kennedy assassination and a possible Oswald Cuban connection So Castro's Secrets essentially is two books in one And here is where I digress with Latell By devoting the final five chapters of his eleven chapter book to a drawn out and tendentiously speculative treatise on Oswald JFK and Fidel he dilutes the value of his study on Cuban intelligence with sensational assassination hypothesizing heavily dependent on the claims of one DGI defector Florentino Aspillaga Lombard Latell is entitled to his assertion that Fidel Castro's most despicable decision in his half century as Cuba's leader was to stand aside build an elaborate alibi lie and dissemble launch decades of disinformation pointing at others all the while maintaining a conspiracy of silence about the murder of John F Kennedy But he could have distilled this into a single long chapter while filling out the DGI story with additional case studies such as those of Ana Montes Ken and Gwendolyn Myers and the Wasp network This would have made for a serious study and a worthy contribution to our knowledge of Cuban intelligence and espionage For this reason if I could divide my rating I would give 5 stars to the first half of the book and 2 stars to the second halfThat said as one who endured the blunt force of the renamed DGI the Dirección de Inteligencia during service as a US diplomat in Cuba I find Latell's books articles and writing style valuable entertaining and thought provoking I eagerly look forward to Mr Latell's next book

  2. Louise Louise says:

    Who would have thought that a tiny poor tropical island nation would have a top notch espionage organization? CIA didn't in the 1950's and 60's and as a result its major Cuban operations were compromised From interviews with key defectors and from now declassified the CIA and FBI files the author describes DGI the spy organization that Fidel Castro and his brother carefully built and continue to runThe atrocities of the regime and the megalomaniac actions of its leader inspired defectors who arrived at embassies From them the CIA learned about Cuba's sophisticated spy network and its reach They learned about agents double agents and dangles who were sent by the DGI as bait for the CIA to work with and trust The defectors' stories lead up to the most provocative parts of the book the potential Cuban role in the JFK assassinationThrough the evidence of a potential Castro involvement in the assassination you see the inner workings of both the CIA and the DGI You see how critical defector information is to the agency and how dangerous dangles can be While Castro might have known in advance there is no evidence linking Castro to the JFK assassination The circumstantial elements are interesting but not convincing Also not convincing is the premise of Castro's motive that President Kennedy personally pursued regime change in Cuba after the Bay of Pigs up to and including a Castro assassination Latell used a lot of could haves in the discussion of Desmond FitzGerald the liaison of the Kennedy's to the CIA Cuba staff While Latell does not seem to support the Castro involvement theory he seems convinced that Kennedy actively pursued a regime change for Cuba until his deathLatell avoids discussion of the various CIA involvement theories There were no comments on the CIA Cuba connections such as those of the Watergate burglars and the presence of some of them in Dallas on the day of the assassination These anti Castro operatives would be persons of interest to Castro It would be stunning if they were involved and the DGI had ordered Florentino Aspillaga to listen in only on Texas on November 22 1963 due to something picked up from eavesdropping on themThis is a good summary of Cuban espionage as practiced in the cold war Those who liked this book will also enjoy Latell's After Fidel Raul Castro and the Future of Cuba's Revolution

  3. Sandhya Bhatt Sandhya Bhatt says:

    definitely an interesting read you will be horrified when the realization of what the cuban leader was capable of gradually sinks in things you haven't heard before at the same time one has to admire the tactics deployed by him in fooling America for decades this book is certainly a page turner but as you go on reading it does seem a little biased towards America the gruesome actions of castro are highlighted whereas the glaring dishonourable acts planned by the united states have been mentioned in passing the author's motive is to show castro's dark side but all he manages to do is create an intriguing persona for him he is no saint for sure but then again saints do not make history

  4. Dani Rose Dani Rose says:

    Reading this for a serious thesis work This book reads like a gossip rag half the time and the obvious polemic tones in the book jump out with the author's choice of language This book is entertaining but in the end really based on nothing scholarly or tangible besides some ex Cuban intelligence interviews you're supposed to take at face value One bold claim is that Castro knew somehow that Kennedy was going to be assassinated? This is good for a beach read for a casual reader outside of academia but unusable for any sort of academic purpose

  5. Regina M. Anavy Regina M. Anavy says:

    A must read for Cuba and Kennedy assassination buffsLatell is THE expert on the psychology and psychopathy of Fidel Castro His two prior books were fascinating and this one gives us details and raises uestions about material that was left out of the Warren Commission report His logic in connecting the dots helps the reader along a convoluted path that proves there is no such thing as “coincidence” in the world of intelligence

  6. Sue Merrell Sue Merrell says:

    A little slow and convoluted for my tastes which is why I kept putting it down and it took me 5 years to finish But occasional interesting parts Do I trust it as accurate? Not sure Everybody contradicts each other That's the convoluted part

  7. James Banzer James Banzer says:

    I am usually uick to dismiss conspiracy theories about President John F Kennedy's assassination JFK was murdered by a lone gunman on November 22 1963 I am convinced of that But an intriguing book about the ties between Lee Harvey Oswald and Cuba convincingly surmises that Fidel Castro had to know of Oswald's intentions to kill Kennedy Kennedy's killer adored the Cuban leader Now a book details the ties between Oswald who harbored deep contempt for the United States and the Cuban dictator Brian Latell tracked Cuba for the Central Intelligence Agency beginning in the 1960s His knowledge of Castro is extensive In Castro's Secrets Cuban Intelligence the CIA and the Assassination of John F Kennedy Latell details Oswald's obsession with CastroLatell tells of Oswald's visit to the Cuban consulate in Mexico City and is convincing in the belief that Oswald talked with the Cubans about his plans to kill JFK The book documents how Cuban monitoring of radio transmissions emanating from the Central Intelligence Agency headuarters at Langley Virginia stopped for a few hours on the fateful morning of the assassination The monitor was directed to point receivers towards Texas instead There's much intrigue in this book about espionage activities both by the CIA and its Cuban counterpart The General Directorate of Intelligence commonly known as the DGI was involved in monitoring United States government activities long before CIA awareness of it When John Kennedy became president he and his attorney general brother Robert wanted to topple the Castro government It was an obsession The Bay of Pigs fiasco happened in April 1961 In that well publicized failure of the CIA a paramilitary group invaded Cuba with full intentions of overthrowing the government The failure preceded the Cuban Missile Crisis of the following year There was great fear that missiles which had been given to Cuba by the Soviet Union would be launched towards cities in the United States Castro's reaction at the time will shock you Whether the whole truth about what Castro knew when JFK was shot dead in Dallas may never be known Speculation about it is certainly fair game though and it seems safe conjecture that the Warren Commission investigation into the killing missed the mark when it came to Fidel Castro This is a timely book to read as we approach the 50th anniversary of John Kennedy's tragic death There will be much media coverage of the half century mark since the killing and it is doubtful that many of the stories you hear will touch on the subject that Latell covers very elouently I highly recommend it

  8. Gregory Gregory says:

    From read Brian Latell's Castro's Secrets The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine 2012 Based on interviews with high level defectors especially Tiny Aspillaga it tells the story of the cloak and dagger struggle between the United States and Cuba in the 1960sThe book's main attention has come from the claim that Fidel Castro had prior knowledge of the Kennedy assassination I actually found this the least interesting part of the book as there is no firsthand knowledge so dots are connected with speculation And admittedly because I am uninterested in Kennedy conspiracy theoriesOf much greater interest is the clear professional though obviously not ideological admiration Latell himself former CIA has for how uickly Fidel and Raúl put together one of the most effective intelligence services in the entire world It's uite remarkable Time and time again and even now the US government has underestimated Cuba and has guessed wrong In the 1960s over Cuba's DGI routinely fooled the US with double agentsToday what the US knows about the inner workings of the Cuban government largely comes not from intelligence operations but from the Cubans who decide for whatever reason to leave on their own Latell uotes multiple CIA sources as admitting they had lost the espionage warAs with any account of US Cuban relations there are a number of references to crazy ideas My favorite uote from the book is about Desmond FitzGeraldHis most notorious idea uickly discarded seemed to his staff like a three martini idea except that it occurred to him one morning while shaving He wanted the Agency's dirty tricks department the technical services staff to devise a waterproof explosive seashell p 159Maybe US intelligence just needs some martinis In all it's a fun glimpse at a particularly twisted relationship

  9. Adrian Peck Adrian Peck says:

    Ok this is my first book review for goodreads and I hope that it is adeuate for the high level attention this book deserves The author will forever have my utmost respect for the courage and obvious dedication this book surely demanded and in so doing made this the obvious choice for my first review I believe I am faced with a similar problem as the author as not sure where to start in my opinion I have learned so much so fast from this book and yet it deeply troubles me to think of how much my country is in the dark about these facts With all that being said I think this book was awesome It had all the features of a blockbuster movie in some parts I felt incredibly part of the action which is great considering it is based on other's words I would also like to extend my thanks to those other's contributors as well for helping educate this world at a time when every country should realize that we are all in this together and thus should try to work together The things I have learned about JFK actions astonish me as well but I know that at that point in time there were a lot of unknowns which created many mistakes The only negative comments about this book I have are that parts of the book would lose me with so many names places situations in different times of history Granted I had to set this book down many times to do things and this caused the second half of the book to be a little difficult to read Now this wasn't that bad because the author does a great job of summarizing the facts at the end but what would a review be if I didn't point out what I felt Other than that I felt this book was very well done an excellent way to learn a little than your supposed to I would recommend this book to anyone and is the perfect gift for anyone that loves spies and espionage

  10. Sovatha Sovatha says:

    I originally planned to just read the introduction and the conclusion of this book since it's not the kind of topic I'm interested in After the first chapter I decided to just read the whole book Part of the reason might have been because it's written like a story or a novel That way if I just skipped straight to the last part there wouldn't be any chance I could learn all the stories the author's telling in the book The stories are connected somehow and well told He based his stories on a number of interesting sources including what the author said recently declassified CIA materials the author's interviews with Cuban defectors and the author's experience working in the US intelligence community I had always been interested in conspiracies of the Kennedy's assassination and would have thought it was the Russian who might have a hand in the assassination not the Cuban as the author was trying to say in the book But that might have to do with my ignorance of Cuba I think the author has done a pretty good job putting together a convincing story that Fidel had known in advance but didn't do anything to stop Lee or to inform the American It's a pretty fun and easy to read book One little thing it was written when Hugo Chavez was still alive

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