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Aftershock [Download] ➶ Aftershock By K.G. MacGregor – Finally at peace with the mistakes of her disastrous first marriage Anna Kaklis is ready to experience love again and Lily Stewart is the woman she will fight to keep forever Even as she gathers her c Finally at peace with the mistakes of her disastrous first marriage Anna Kaklis is ready to experience love again and Lily Stewart is the woman she will fight to keep forever Even as she gathers her courage to go to the next level with Lily the future of Premier Motors is suddenly in her hands It's an irresistible opportunity and Lily's support is crucial Believing she has it Anna throws herself into her long cherished dream of building the family business into a powerhouse empireAnna's good fortune thrills Lily but the demand on Anna's time does not the sacrifices reuired for Anna's success grow and difficult to make Inevitably Lily's lifelong insecurities leave her feeling a distant second best When tragedy strikes her old habits take overIf life was perfect and the future a sure thing Anna and Lily would walk off into the sunset together Instead they stand on shaky ground Anna will fight to keep Lily forever but what can she do when the fight isn't hers.

10 thoughts on “Aftershock

  1. Nikki Nikki says:

    I actually liked this one a lot with this re read MacGregor took a lot time to flesh out the characters and really get into their problems Before I didn't love it as much cause it really is a bit of a downer but I very much appreciated it this time I think it's great to see a relationship go through real life issues that affect so many but come through stronger in the end

  2. Erica Erica says:

    This book developed the characters we met in the first of the Shaken series I felt the addiction theme was handled in a way that didn't make the outcomes obvious and as I've never experienced the issues Lily and Anna faced on the book it made me sympathise with how slowly situations can change into major issues Very good read

  3. Orcbard Orcbard says:

    It's no secret I LOVED the first book but this seuel feels like a TV drama that takes 3 episodes to do the work of 1 I suppose it's a realistic depiction of alcoholic addiction Realistic but not that entertaining to read There are some fluffy moments and I still love the two characters though

  4. Simone Simone says:

    This book is a bit darker than the first I love these characters so much that I'm glad to continue the journey Every other seuel I've read in a series tells the story of the two main characters blissfully happy sometimes even secondary to plot line or new characters This was the first seuel that continued the love story It showed how life stresses can complicate and challenge relationships We got to see their love story again with an honest look at real struggles couples have The only think I would have loved is again better communication between these ladies More dialogue They have to talk to each other I'm reading this series through Can't wait for the next book

  5. Cheri Cheri says:

    A bit different from the online version Very good32913 finished a second read and it's my least favorite of the series but that's because the subjects are pretty depressing It's a good story and I'm not sorry to have been witness to the difficulties that Anna and Lily go through It's nice to see that not everything is sunshine and rainbows for the couple71814 Doing a re read

  6. Katia M. Davis Katia M. Davis says:

    I read the first in this series uite some time ago and enjoyed the danger and emotional stressors in that book This one not so much It tried to deal with the very complex problem of alcoholism and the effects that can have on an individual and their relationships A 230 page book isn't a lot of space to go into those very torrid waters and I felt that some things were dealt with a little simplistically or were resolved without much difficulty I sill enjoyed the read but it felt like it could have been so much than it was

  7. Lyle Lyle says:

    Emotional Rollercoaster KG MacGregor really knows how to pull at a person's heart strings The ups and downs the characters went through was very moving Lily's fight with her inner demons was very well written

  8. silvia ackerbauer silvia ackerbauer says:

    Great characters tough struggles with a few funny moments to help you through Recommend continue series

  9. Leighane Leighane says:

    35 stars

  10. Lunatic Lunatic says:

    I feel like I'm reading the story of an alcoholic trying to get out of her addiction with part romance in it While there are a lot of depressing moments and not everything is fluffy mushy I wish there could be a kind of intimacy where they don't have to find themselves in the moment of passion most of the time Stuffs like cuddle in bed all day massage gift to each other during job visit one another or anything regarding their emotional feelings toward one another Though I supposed this is realistic? While it states that this book is where their love is test and reaffirmed I feel like the relationship between Lily and Anna grow further apart and one side Yes Lily's feeling for Anna definitely grow but I'm not so sure about the other way around The struggles seem to be Lily's part alone Yes Lily is funny loyal compassionate etc but I was hoping for some kind of concrete thing that Lily can show her love to Anna I believe shaken #3 is my answer PS the image of Lily crawling through the doggy door cracked me up

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