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The Mary-El Tarot [Download] ➽ The Mary-El Tarot By Marie White – Marie White believes that art is as important as water or breath She was born and raised in Southern California and presently lives with her three children in the sultry piedmont forest of North Carol Marie White believes that art is as important as water or breath She was born and raised in Southern California and presently lives with her three children in the sultry piedmont forest The Mary-El Kindle - of North CarolinaI began the Mary el Tarot in late when I had my first baby Sophia years later it is finally being released to the world via Schiffer books What a journey In the early days I decided my big goal with this tarot was to have one that was powerful beautiful and balanced between male and female energies This idea grew and evolved as this tarot unfolded and at the end I think represents the greatness of the balanced human soul which is itself a reflection of the balanced universe A journey from perfection in innocence to experience and enlightenment What you should know about the Mary el Tarot It has a traditional structure major arcana minor arcana standard names for all It is built on traditional symbolism I took the symbolism as found in tarot and illustrated those ideas the best I could It is not a clone of other tarots rather a parallelThe whole Mary el Tarot is built on the symbolism in modern tarot The Major Arcana is traditional and the Minor Arcana is built on the ideas symbolism and numerology of the Major Arcana For example the s are elemental extensions of the Hierophant The s of the Emperor The s the Chariot Taking this even further the Court cards are the Pages Strength The Knights the Hanged Man the ueens Death The Kings Temperance While there are a lot of associations ideas and symbolism in these cards the above is the most basic of them number and element I think that there is a great objective truth that underlies reality We can't always see it clearly though we do feel it sense it and are made of it We each try to describe it using the tools available to us the trappings of our culture and experience and this gives rise to different mythologies and religions and systems esoterics included Its all the same I have tried to illustrate that common underlying reality sometimes using what I thought were the best representative examples of that idea like Raven Stealing the Sun for the of SwordsThe Mary el tarot is not perfect not by far These things keep evolving But it is a journey and hopefully what you find inside will help illuminate a little bit of what you are looking for.

7 thoughts on “The Mary-El Tarot

  1. RedL. RedL. says:

    I haven't read the whole companion book yet learning card by card with other decks first then I'll go over card by card here What I have read is very interesting and non classical I will have to dust and recall my religious and esoteric knowledge which is very good in my books tarots should expand or change your awareness This is not a deck for beginners or for a lot of shuffling the cards are not very sturdy it is for meditation and introspection the art is absolutely gorgeous and pretty inspiring on its own if the image already ignites someone's intuitive connections you have done a great job as an artist

  2. Granny Granny says:

    I've been reading Tarot for over 40 years and I have never come across a Tarot like this The imagery of this deck can be strange frightening and hauntingly beautiful It is also; while loosely based on the WaiteColeman Smith deck a new and very deep well of new interpretations of cards you may have been long familiar with Fortunately the deck comes with it's own book all in a lovely hard box If you welcome the challenge of a truly uniue deck you will enjoy this deck by Mary White very much

  3. Caro Caro says:

    Mary White is presenting a new face of Tarot which isn't a Rider Waite clone although it does feast from those influences While I liked the individual card explanations well enough White often started to broaden her topic referring to a deeper layer of understanding she has reached with certain symbols This new understanding of her was the reason I read the whole book and I'm no smarter than I was before I read it I found her references either vague or mysteriously incomprehensible The new or different ideas Mary pushed into the deck are only shown not explainedI found that very disappointing to say the least because I still lack the understanding needed to get the cards yet invested time to read this companion bookNonetheless the cards themselves are bautiful and no doubt deep I just wish the long little white book had had some space to explain the special aspects of the deck instead of getting caught up with trivial explanations and kabbalah

  4. Eve Eve says:

    This is a tarot deck not a book It is my go to tarot deck and I am constantly in awe of how it comes straight to the point The pictures are wild and beautiful and the symbolism is very potent The guide book is second to none and I heartily recommend these to you

  5. Tracey-Lee Tracey-Lee says:

    One of the most beautiful tarot book and deck sets I own

  6. Irvina Irvina says:

    If you are looking for a deep reading or depth for study in the tarot this is it Haven't even scratched the surface it will be years before I feel I have Incredible

  7. Siolo Shock Siolo Shock says:

    I am absolutely disgusted with the uality of the cardstock This is not a cheap deck to purchase but the uality of the cardstock belongs in a dollar store My deck is marred by edge marks a huge chunk torn out of the back of the high priestess The card can't even be salvaged by trimming it The guide has a glaring error in the 7 of wands where you're treated to a rambling discourse on the chariot card while speaking nothing of the 7 of wands Production uality and beta reading clearly were not executed with care I am disappointed overall and will never purchase another Mary El Tarot deck in the future

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