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The Unnaturalists [Read] ➵ The Unnaturalists ➲ Tiffany Trent – In an alternate London where magical creatures are called Unnaturals and preserved in a museum two teens find themselves caught in a web of intrigue deception and dangerVespa Nyx wants nothing than to In an alternate London where magical creatures are called Unnaturals and preserved in a museum two teens find themselves caught in a web of intrigue deception and dangerVespa Nyx wants nothing than to spend the rest of her life cataloging Unnatural creatures in her father’s museum but as she gets older the reuirement to become a lady and find a husband is looming large Syrus Reed’s Tinker family has always served and revered the Unnaturals from afar but when his family is captured to be refinery slaves he finds that his fate may be bound up with Vespa’s—and with the Unnaturals As the danger grows Vespa and Syrus find themselves in a tightening web of deception and intrigue At stake may be the fate of New London—and the world.

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  1. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) says:

    35 Stars to 4 StarsRTC

  2. Mitch Mitch says:

    I’ve never thought I’d use the words thoroughly confusing and totally engrossing to describe the same book but it’s been a long time since I’ve come across anything as peculiar as The Unnaturalists This is a hard book to categorize a little bit of steampunk a little bit of alternate history a little bit of paranormal actually I’m not uite sure what this is but what I am sure of is that Tiffany Trent has done some of the most imaginative world building I’ve ever readThe appeal for me which could probably also be a huge turnoff for some is that Trent doesn’t spend a lot of time on explanations or details instead she dives right into the story leaving me to figure out exactly what’s going on from the name drops and facts she provides I’m immediately thrust into a world of Pedants Architects Tinkers and Unnaturals and though it takes me awhile to get my bearings I had a lot of fun finding it figuring out the point of the story Some background knowledge of mythological creatures and Victorian era science goes a long way too think steampunk unicorns for starters but the plot’s fairly enjoyable even as I was finding my way And although I think being somewhat lost and figuring out the plot is half the fun of this book I’m gonna summarize the back story just in case so spoiler alertOk so sometime during the turn of the last century Nikola Tesla reverently referred to as Saint Tesla in the book somehow opened up a gateway to the fairy world and sucked a bunch of people through with his invention A couple of hundred years later the descendants have built up this city New London where they rely on a form of energy called myth to power their machines except myth can only be gotten by killing the magical creatures native to the fairy world Oh and killing these creatures the Unnaturals causes this dead zone called the Creeping Waste that kills all life on it to expand The story’s told through two different points of view Vespa who wants to be a Pedant sort of a scholar of the Unnaturals and Syrus a Tinker one of the outcasts who live outside the city and rely on the mercy of the Unnaturals rather than myth power Obviously collecting myth is destroying the world and the initial focus of the plot but there’s way to it beyond just that there are a few really good twists with almost perfect foreshadowingThe premise is the main reason why I think this book is so great but Vespa and Syrus weren’t too bad either Vespa’s trying to be the first female Pedant in a couple of hundreds of years so watching her balance her goal with saving the city from the Waste was pretty cool for the most part although at a few points her relationship with fellow Pedant Hal Lumin becomes a bit too angsty for my tastes Vespa could’ve been a little stronger Cyrus is caught up in most of the action maybe a little too much compared to Vespa but they both do their parts saving the world I guess it balances outProbably my biggest complaint about this book is its length although I don’t think The Unnaturalists really needs stuff like detailed explanations of the backstory or a less rushed ending I just feel like this book ended too uickly Or maybe I was so immersed in this wacky mix of mythology and steampunk I didn’t notice how fast the pages flew by But either way though I definitely enjoyed this

  3. Jenn Estepp Jenn Estepp says:

    2 12 but I feel generous so we bump up That said I feel really conflicted about this book I wanted to like it so much than I actually did There's a lot that is theoretically very good here but I feel like the execution is off Someone else used the word muddled to describe it and I think that's spot on I feel like Trent did a whole heck of a lot in terms of coming up with the alternate world she gives us here but sometimes forgot that we readers don't live in her head and as such the rules and realities of that world aren't as clear to us as they are to her as their creator Which is a very convoluted way of saying things perhaps but there you go I just felt very thrown into things and it was difficult to make sense of them at times I also had a bit of an issue with a certain plot revelations in that they were really really obvious and the fact that Vespa didn't realize them made her seem really stupid And yet for all that I'm sort of hoping that there are other books set in this world because now that I finally sort of get the hang of it I wouldn't mind

  4. Kribu Kribu says:

    I have mixed feelings about this one Interesting worldbuilding a sort of a mix of alternate universe and alternative history set in the future feels steampunkish but is really uite considerably different in nature but then there was the reuisite mooning over a pretty young man and the plot was kind of meandering around and only really got somewhere towards the end or rather that's when I realised that there is a plot at all and I never really properly warmed to Vespa and ehI liked bits of it uite well and then there were bits where I struggled to keep awake my usual reading time is around between 7 10 pm so it's not like I actually read in bed with the aim to fall asleep so yeah Mixed feelings

  5. Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries) Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries) says:

    I TRIED DEAR READER I gave it 100 pages but the characters and writing never hooked me Considering I was deeply involved emotionally in the book I read just before The Unnaturalists I'm 99% sure the problem isn't me being in a slump shrugs

  6. Lili Lili says:

    Imagine living in a world unlike any other In this world magic and those who know how to wield it are automatically evil and knowledge of science is essential to living In New London science is everythingTHE UNNATURALISTS is a truly refreshing read Full of steampunk elements this fantasy and science fiction novel set in an alternate historical London will capture your attention from the very first page Everything in this world is powered by mythWhile there's only a myth to describe how this power source of myth came about it is a huge part of everyday life and is what allows some amazing steampunk inventions to exist Myth can create everything even unicorns to pull along the carriages for the richer families in New London But as we learn what brought about myth the plot will thicken and the story will spiral out of controlNarrated in third person THE UNNATURALISTS will switch between focusing on Vespa Nyx—the witch who dreams of being a scholarly Pedant that will forever seek knowledge of the unnaturals and Syrus Reed—the last Tinker who has a very truthful and wise view of the world despite being the tender age of thirteen This continued narration from different perspectives is something that I truly enjoyed Both characters were extremely different from each other so we would often see the same characters or hear the same myths from two different perspectives What Vespa may have grown up fearing is something that Syrus grew up worshipping It was intriguing and added to the overall plot Both characters were incredibly likable and I respected Vespa’s desire to be herself and do what she wanted instead of conforming to the convoluted whims of the Empress and the richer families of New LondonThis novel was extremely unpredictable Right when I thought I had things figured out Trent would throw another plot twist in my way Plot twists are plentiful and though they are completely unexpected they make the story flow uickly and elegantly never tripping a reader upBecause New London is so complex it took me a few chapters to sort everything out in the beginning of the book With Pedants and an evil Empress unnatural creatures ranging from a sphinx to a sylphid and a Creeping Waste that can destroy everything New London is incredibly imaginative and initially slightly hard to grasp because the sheer awesomeness of it all is overwhelming I would recommend checking out the beautiful cover and remembering that Big Ben was turned into a hulking Tower with a large chimney up top It’ll help you slip easily into the world that Trent created if you use that as a focal pointCompletely imaginative and totally unexpected THE UNNATURALISTS will appeal to any reader of fantasy science fiction historical fiction and steampunk While there is the smallest glimmer of romance that plays an important role in the plot this is not a book meant for romance lovers This novel was an amazing start to hopefully a new series While the ending thankfully was not a cliff hanger Trent still has me begging for

  7. Dark Faerie Tales Dark Faerie Tales says:

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick and Dirty Two teens fight to save the world from destruction Opening Sentence The sphinx stared at me from her plinth The Review Vespa doesn’t want to conform to the usual role of a lady Syrus has a power that has to be kept secret Both want to change the current world they live in Together their fates are cleverly intertwined The story is told from both Vespa and Syrus’s points of views For those looking for romance The Unnaturalists is not where you find it The Unnaturalists is a steampunkdystopianfantasymythology filled book that follows Vespa and Syrus in their mission to save the world This book has great world building and it’s not piled all at the beginning Throughout the book snippets of details and such are exposed and builds on the setting This world has a religion based on all of the old scientists like Darwin and Telsa and such This little tidbit was a turn off for me because of what I believe and because it was such a major part of the world but for others it may be of no conseuence Mythological creatures are a main factor in the story Vespa and Syrus are trying to save them from captivity but the actual animals aren’t explained fully making some parts a bit confusing But some of this could be because it is an ARC it’s just tiny mishaps and whatnot — nothing big Trent’s writing was great beautiful and deep descriptive words and an elegant prose that comes with the Victorian era Action packed and full to the brim with intrigue this book was alright The plot was great The writing was nice But the book had so many things going on it overwhelmed me It’s like Lia Habel’s Gone With Respiration Series in a way There are so many character arcs that it gets overwhelming not necessarily confusing The ending was satisfying no huge cliffhangers or big uestions up in the air but there are small strings that need to be answered leading us to the next book in the series Notable Scene “Maybe the Beast ate him” Syrus said He wished it were so despite what the sprites had said about the Law of their kind “We can only hope” Bayne said trying to hobble faster When they finally cleared the temple mouth Bayne removed his arm from Syrus’s shoulders and draped himself inelegantly over a boulder Syrus waited for only a moment looking back toward the dark entrance He shifted from foot to foot before he finally opened his mouth Bayne held up his hand “Take my sleeve” Syrus grasped his magic stained lace cuff And then everything–heart breath blood thought–was ripped apartFTC Advisory Simon Schuster provided me with a copy of The Unnaturalists No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

  8. Navdha Navdha says:

    The Unnaturalists is a brilliant book in terms of creative world building well paced plot intriguing story line and beautiful mythical creatures set in an alternate Victorian era with a mixture of steampunk and fantasy However even with such strong premise it didn't make it into my list of favorites due to reasons I'll discuss shortly We are introduced to a strange New London in this book that is full of mythical creatures known as Unnaturals Pedants responsible for caging and studying these creatures an Empress who rules over this city Architects who are like male witches trying to save these creatures and Tinkers like gypsy mechanics who understand and speak the language of these Unnaturals and live outside the city This city is powered by a substance called myth that is extracted from Unnaturals in large refineries where Tinkers are worked as slaves and which is guarded by the Empress' royal raven headed guards and wights However there is a side effect of removing Unnaturals from their natural habitat in the form of a wasteland that consumes everything on its way and grows threatening every passing day as and Unnaturals are endangered uite a setting huh? So the story begins with Vespa an aspiring Unnaturalist scientists who work in the Museum that holds many of these magical creatures being pushed into a force field that cages a Sphinx She is pretty certain that the Sphinx would kill her but strangely it doesn't and she's rescued by a mysterious new guy who happens to be the ding ding ding love interest She expects to be admonished by her father who is the head of the Museum but since he's on his way to an important task he doesn't acknowledge her mistake and takes her along She realizes that her father is hiding something from her and is shocked to find out what that is when they are stopped on their way from thugs and rescued by TinkersThe story switched between Vespa and a 13 year old tinker Syrus who was a really smart and brave guy Vespa on the other hand was a whiny angsty love struck unfocused protagonist whose monologue in present tense not only felt weird but was also boring and annoying Syrus' story was in third person and far interesting and engrossing than Vespa's The story in turn mainly focused on stopping the destruction of their world aggravated by the villains who brought in uite a few twists Let me first mention all the things that I really liked Imaginative world building Vivid descriptions Underlying message of conserving nature Unexpected twists Story behind wights' creation Werehounds mystery Horrors of the refineries Now all the things that I didn't like and 'cause I'm a nasty critic the dislikes will be detailed cackles Vespa She went on and on about how much she wanted to be the second female Unnaturalist in the history of New London and how much she despised being bogged down by lady like chores that her Aunt insisted she excelled at who could blame her though but there wasn't ever a time that I found her talking or caring about science What she mostly did was complain and fret about her situation She was so very predictable and her sulking over Pedant LuminHalBayne was completely ridiculous I was satisfied to see her suffer a little during the end but disappointingly it didn't last for as long as I'd have appreciated Lack of explanation Even though the author presented us with some basic history of how it all started I stayed unsatisfied A lot of the details were fuzzy and I still have a lot of unanswered uestions To begin with How did those raven headed guards come into being? Were they magical creatures too or some other horrendous experiment? How was the force field able to trap Unnaturals? Did I miss it or I don't remember? Did it have something to do with myth? Why were Tinkers the only people who understood the language of Unnaturals? What happened that labeled them as outcasts? Also what exactly happened in the end? The ending Everything was going on smoothly if you ignore the parts where Vespa threw herself a pity party until the last two chapters ended in a rush and ruined it for me It went down too uickly and was uite open ended I don't even understand how Vespa view spoiler turned into a bird to fly out of the palace hide spoiler

  9. Van (Short & Sweet Reviews) Van (Short & Sweet Reviews) says:

    I remember the first time I saw the cover for this novel it blew me away It’s one of those books you would buy just on the cover alone but the summary was unlike anything I’ve heard of beforefantasticalmythical creatures displayed in museum These unnatural creatures are very much alive but are like stone statues because they’re under a shield force that keeps them stationary Hmm where to begin? The novel wasn’t what I thought it would be The book was told from two perspectives Syrus the Tinker and Vespa with chapters alternating between the two The word building was very interesting setting in an alternative steampunk London but there were too much information to process and at times the lack of information I felt there were many little stories all going on at once in regards to the main plot problem and at times when the author is mentioning an unnatural creatureor background information it isn’t explained thoroughly leaving the reader mystified and lostVespa Nyx our heroine wants to break the traditional mold of what society thinks a Victorian lady should be and while in the end she accomplishes that she didn’t stand out in any way through the book I never felt a connection with Vespa she never did or said anything remarkable Vespa is supposed to be the savior of the people and have insane magical power but nothing showed for it Then there’s the love interest Bayne I do not see anything appealing in his characters His interaction with Vespa were odd because he was always distancing himself from her or giving her the cold shoulderit was very limited interaction Most of the time he was trying to convince himself that he shouldn’t like her; I honestly don’t even remember the reason why Syrus the Tinker was the only interesting character with much emotion than the other two main characters I was engrossed when his POV chapters came up than Vespa The rest of the secondary characters in the books were MEH I didn’t care for them and they weren’t that memorableOverall this was a good booknot great but good There were a lot of flaws but the concept is so original I just wish it was executed better Why am I giving this book 3 star and not 2? It still a decent book and like I said I love the idea of unnatural creatures being displayed in the museum and as you read on what happens to all those disappearing unnatural creatures While the overall book didn’t blow me away like the cover but I think other readers might enjoy it than me This isn’t a fast paced book; everything that happens is at a generalconstant speed So if you’re expecting a climax in the story or explosive action scenesthen you might want to think twice before reading this book its on the slow side

  10. Nafiza Nafiza says:

    I was really sick after I finished this book like confined to the bed for five days sick and for some odd reason in the delirium brought on by multiple Tylenol 3s I could not stop thinking about this book Deconstructing it in my head analyzing the plot twists and the narrative elements It almost drove me crazySo it was inevitable that I would write a review of this The cover and the promise of steampunk pretty much guaranteed that I would give this one a try The novel however was a disappointment It had the potential but never fully met it The setting of the novel is interesting A contemporary London is torn up from its usual haunting grounds in merry olde England and finds itself rather like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz in an alternate universe And just like they did in America and elsewhere they start killing the natives Only they don’t just kill the natives they preserve them in museums for the entertainment of all the elites who can afford to go and be entertained There are firm hierarchies present and social division plays a big role in this society There are also a gypsy like people who live in abandoned train tracks and who undergo Culling which is a nice and magical term for genocideThere is a fourteen year old boy Syrus who has some magical abilities and there is a fascinating creature some kind of mythical beast who holds the fate of their world in her The synopsis is misleading in that it implies that Syrus and Vespa are the two main characters And while this is true to a certain degree it is certainly not the whole truth There is a very useless yet strangely intriguing to Vespa not me love interest present Vespa is one of those protagonists who make you uestion where she has ever read a book She is supposedly a witch Supposedly The most fascinating and memorable character in this novel is Syrus The love interest whose name I can’t remember is if you recall useless He does not do anything even though he is full of hot air about doing everything Even in situations of extreme urgency he is waiting for Syrus to make an appearance before taking any action And Vespa like any good stupid heroine waits to be rescued by othersThere are so many similarities to Twilight in this one Apart from the Sparkly Oh and Edward does not actually marry another girl The ending is kind of ridiculous with no logic no backstory no world building to substantiate the surface claims The romance is even lackluster The main character is not a favourite she doesn’t even make the top thousand And I didn’t enjoy this book At all I will not be reading the second one

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