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Abandon (Possession, #3) [Ebook] ➠ Abandon (Possession, #3) By Elana Johnson – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The fight for independent thought becomes a matter of life or death in this sizzling and intense conclusion to the Possession trilogyVi has made her choice between Jag and Zenn and the resistance may The fight for independent thought becomes a matter of life or death in this sizzling and intense conclusion to the Possession trilogyVi has made her choice between Jag and Zenn and the resistance may have suffered for it But with the Thinkers as strong as ever the rebels still have a job to do Vi knows better than anyone that there’s at stake than a few broken heartsBut there is a traitor among themand the choices he makes could lead to the total destruction of everything Vi has fought forVi Jag and Zenn must set their problems aside for the resistance to have any hope of ending the Thinkers’ reign Their success means everythingand their failure means death.

  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • Abandon (Possession, #3)
  • Elana Johnson
  • English
  • 07 May 2015
  • 9781442484825

10 thoughts on “Abandon (Possession, #3)

  1. Raven Raven says:

    Let me start off by saying I loved this series I was cheering for Vi and Jag since the first book It was an interesting concept and I loved the pacing of the first book the second book not as much and this oneugh I couldn't wait for it to be over It was so boring I slogged through this book in a day but it was so hard and there was some skimming involvedThrough the whole series we have been learning about kids with special powers voice mind control etc and how the Districts needed their power to keep everyone asleep but a resistance formed to fight back What exactly did those powers amount too? Why was Vi so important? You're guess is as good as mine The Districts were basically falling apart from the inside Thane really wasn't a bad person he ended up saving Jag a whole bunch of times and helping the resistance in the end Hightower went down without too much of a fight along with the guy who came after him The whole story that should have culminated in a BOOM at the end went boom? insteadWhile I spent most of the book wishing the action would just get on with it already and was to the point of bored tears in others when I got to the end I went HUH? Really that's how you're going to end the series? It wasn't and end The Districts are crippled a whole crap load of resistance members are dead and it basically ends by saying we'll continue the fight but it will take a while Yeahduh That's what the whole series was about and we get almost no resolution in my opinionSpeaking of the tons of people who died It was reminiscent of the Deathly Hallows when people just started dying left and right for no apparent reason besides the fact that the author owned the characters and could kill them whenever she saw fit It didn't really bother me since I didn't really care who lived or died at that point; however I think if Jag or Vi died I might have been a tad upset but looking back on it probably not that much The other thing that struck me was the fact that both Jag and Zenn the story being written in both of their view points said Vi was bad at making decisions Not from what I could see she stuck by her decisions and even beat the crap out of people to prove a point Her powers were the most useful out of the bunch The character who had a hard time making decisions was Zenn She didn't choose you move on But hey I guess we really didn't have to worry about that because what better way to end a love triangle than by killing off one of the members But don't worry now Zenn is free because all he ever wanted was freedom Excuse me for a moment while I shake my computer screen in frustration and scream How cliche; freedom through deathughBesides the slow pace and the abundance of pointless death I have to say that I was disappointed when the bad guys went down so easily More time was spent on how Jag didn't have any feelings for Indy any so Vi shouldn't worry and how Zenn was so sorry for everything he'd done instead of how Hightower met his end Fine so Gunn killed him and the story wasn't written in his voice but I thought the whole point of the book was centered around the resistance's defeat of the Districts Hightowers death felt like a footnote There was a lot of explaining in the book a lot of explaining and not nearly enough action from what I thought would be the big battle I was waiting for it; that was what kept me turning the pages but instead I got a fizzle Talk about disappointingI think that word best summarizes the whole experience of reading this book disappointing

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    I felt like this whole series was a waste of my time but I wanted to finish it because I needed to know how it ended not because I enjoyed reading it It was a frustrating book and the change between narrators made me lose interest

  3. Arti Arti says:

    No one lost their memories so thats an improvement but I was still disappointed

  4. Nina Nina says:

    The disappointing seuel to a dissappointing seuel The same problems apply here as they did when it comes to the previous books The characters are flat their actions and feelings inexplicable and incomprehensible In all fairness the author has improved on that a little by giving Zenn personality and his inner conflict in his POV made it possible to empathise with the character However that was not the case for Jag the other POV character in this book much like in Possession he remained bland boring and in those rare moments when he wasn't that he was a total dick It raised to uestion why anyone would follow him as leader there was zero charisma and his actions of getting caught all the time severely misjudging situations and losing people didn't really inspire any confidence in his leadership skills Not in me anywayObviously an opportunity was missed with this book yet again I was waiting since the first book for the author to give the reader some insight into the early days of the resistance and specifically Jag's and Zenn's previous friendship But all we ever got was oh we used to be best friends but now I hate that bastard Hardly satisfyingOther things that were absolutely frustrating bringing in Saffadiene as a new love interest for Zenn because why? Because nobody can end up single and betrayed and unhappy for it would leave a stain on the favoured couple who gets to be happy at somebody else's expense? It happens all the bloody time in real life Vi's parents and the family reunion So Vi's father is an abusive turncoat but that's all forgiven because he saved Jag's life once or something He also killed his other daughter but yeah we're not talking about that any Further in Possession it was mentioned time and again how unhappy bitter and hostile Vi's mother was because of her husband abandoning her and because of Gavin's death but now in Abandon Laurel and Thane are working together smoothly and nothing is ever mentioned on that matter again There are even group hugs and Jag comments to Vi on how her parents love each other What happened? When? How? Why? There's no answer given How did Vi's mother end up running a resistance cell in a completely different city than their home town in a matter of a few months? It is mentioned that children in Freedom take genetics classes from an early age Gunn and Raine are seventeen when she challenges him to ask her which organism belongs to what phyllum Gunn replies he hasn't taken biology yet a Since when is matching an organism to a phyllum any kind of special knowledge or talent you can impress people with after you've attended 5th grade? b How can you take genetics courses for years without knowing the basics of biology? Characters introduced in Surrender were completely abandoned perhaps that inspired the title to this final installment? sure we hear their names mentioned once in a while but that was really not necessary They contributed nothing whatsoever to the story The ending was rushed and the author failed again at expressing things clearly and in an organised fashion there was too much going on What happened to Indy? I understand there was a tie in novella spent on that character and the first half of this book was about Jag's conflicted feelings for her and about how he lost her brother Now the brother re appeared at the 11th hour but nobody thought about looking for his sister once in Freedom Was she slated? Is she dead? Who knows? Who cares? Obviously not the authorRedeeming factor Zenn died It's another cliché but not as bad as if Zenn Saffadiene Vi and Jag were merrily double dating now So that's a reliefEven if I was frustrated with this book series and I certainly won't lose any sleep over it after I close this review In my eyes Vi made the wrong choice

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    howls the turmoil that is this book I want to cry myself to sleep now Edit Real review timeThe review is also posted at The Bawdy Book BlogIf there was ever an epic conclusion to a dystopian series you’re looking at it right here I was a heap of a sobbing mess when it was over and I may never recoverThis post may contain spoilers from the first two booksStay tuned for the blog tour post going live tomorrowRaine is in Freedom under the control of her father Gunner is with the rebels Vi Zenn and Jag are also with the rebels and trying to devise a way to bring down Freedom – and the Association – while saving Raine Cannon and the rest of the rebels and citizens who are not with the AssociationAbandon is fast paced and uick in a don’t blink or you’ll miss it kind of way We’re totally immersed in the story now there’s no turning back Traitors have been outed uestions are asked of our favorite characters especially Zenn who struggles internally with what he thinks is right Zenn and Jag are in the forefront now leading a rebellion hell bent on bringing down an entire governmentI actually struggled with this a little bit Where are the freaking adults already? Kids are not able to do this by themselvesAnyway that uestion does get answered but I was never fully satisfied with itZenn’s internal struggles are very front and center in Abandon This novel is about what he is going to do than anything else The Association wants him – bad He has power they need power But he has this urge to do what he thinks is right Only what is that exactly? I loved his struggle and I also loved that as an insider he had tipsInsider Tip #1 Always do what the boss says This is how you gain trustInsider Tip #7 Suspect everyone Trust no one When things go wrong assume someone has tipped off the enemySo as an insider who is he really fighting for? Elana Johnson left me guessing which side he was playing for up until the endVi and Jag are interesting in Abandon Vi has gained back what she lost and she’s learning she has new powers but at what cost to herself? Jag is resolving how to deal with this new side of her and oh yeah he also feels betrayed by his best friend Zenn than ever I think Jag has expectations of other people that are way too high often times And frankly he pissed me off a lot but in a good way because I know Johnson meant for him to piss me off I forgive you JagThe love triangle does get resolved but it left me gnashing my teeth in frustration and sadness mostly sadness because the outcome was shocking and not what I would have thought would happen Johnson you are a brave womanLet’s talk the ending This one thing happened and I sobbed hard I mean hard I can’t believe it happened and I was a big ol’ mess at the end The ending is the entire point to this whole trilogy how far will someone go to fight for freedom for the ability to choose their own meals their own mates their own ways to live? I know I would do anything for the ability to choose for myselfOverall I think Abandon is a fantastic conclusion to the series and Elana Johnson leaves room for books with the way it wraps up All the shiny tech was fascinating and I loved the determination of the characters to fight for choice That’s my kinda book

  6. Kate Kate says:

    The Possession series has been an interesting one from the beginning Special powers Mind wiping Rebellion Since I first read Possession I feel in love with this world and all of its uniue ualities and uirks Abandon is no differentOne element that I have loved hated about this series is the constant change of POVs This time around we are taken into the minds of Jag and Zenn While both characters have enough personality to carry Abandon easily I found myself wanting to get back to Vi's POV again Maybe it is the lack of the female POV that I miss or maybe just her wit and spunk Honestly I don't know Whatever it is I miss itAs you may know the Possession series also carries a pretty heavy love triangle Personally I like both boys but have always favored Zenn for one reason or another With Abandon I found myself rooting again for Zenn It isn't that I don't like Jag I do But there is something about Zenn Maybe it is the underdog effect? Who knows Abandon wraps up the love triangle in a completely different way than what I was expecting Do I like it? Yes and no Is it kinda heartbreaking? AbsolutelyWhat about our other characters Gunner and Raine? Have no fear Abandon has not forgotten them Gunner and Raine play a decent part in Abandon However in a similar fashion to Surrender they are in the background After three books if I had to voice one major complaint about the series it is the POV main character swaps In Possession Vi Jag and Zenn were the focus In Surrender it was Gunner and Raine With Abandon it is back to Vi Jag and Zenn While I love having all these characters it does feel a little overhelming sometimes having to keep up with so manyFinal VerdictI have loved this series since the beginning due to its uniue ualities Abandon fell in line pretty much how I expected it to with plenty of twists added in that I did not expect Especially in regards to the romance All in all a solid read that was fast paced and a great addition to the seriesWill there be ?Abandon wraps up nicely but honestly I am a little confused For the longest time I have been under the impression that the Possession series is a trilogy However the ending was a little bit open than I had expected Does that mean there will be ? Maybe I guess I will have to wait and see

  7. Tara Tara says:

    I would rate this book 35 stars only because it disappointed me based on how much I enjoyed the first book in this seriesI enjoyed the action and romance in the book The characters were likeable and had defining characteristics that influenced their actions The writing style was also very interesting and I read this book in 2 nights because I just kept turning the pages However I did not enjoy many aspects of this book that I saw in the first book Possession The second book Surrender did not have any relevance to this book at all except for the appearance of one of the characters The POV switched between Zenn and Jag which made the story hard to follow and somewhat disorganized Lastly the ending was disappointing because the story ends so abruptly and the reader doesn't get to know the resolution fully

  8. Jilly Jilly says:

    Terrible boring muddy ending of a mediocre series Tons of characters are uickly introduced and killed The characters travel through so many cities with so many new names to learn that it becomes tedious One of the biggest problems in this book is where the author kills off a major villain at the hands of a major character but she doesn't write that scene Instead she chose to write it as something another character was told in passing Really? So in so the evil unstoppable villain in the last book is killed and you think it's not worth writing about? No but please write every detail of Zenn's hoverboard trip to deliver a messageJag also became extremely unlikable in this book and acted power hungry and arrogant We never got closure on Gunner Raine's story either along with that prophetic vision thing

  9. Elle (Ligia) Elle (Ligia) says:

    Today was the cover reveal It's pretty D

  10. Christine Fonseca Christine Fonseca says:

    As always her book did not disappointReview to come on Thursday on my blog

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