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The House that Death Built [Reading] ➿ The House that Death Built By John Llewellyn Probert – The Dark Manor isn't just any old haunted house Built on the site of a stone circle from bricks saturated with pain and agony windows that have seen terror beyond insanity and doors that would scream The Dark that Death MOBI ☆ Manor isn't just any old haunted house Built on the site of a stone circle from bricks saturated with pain and agony windows that have seen terror beyond insanity and doors that would scream if the wood from which they were fashioned could The House Kindle - voice the appalling acts to which they have been witness the house was designed with evil in mind and deliberately constructed to bring William Marx the wealthy industrialist who built it into contact with the spirit worldBut Marx hasn't been seen since he entered the repository House that Death PDF/EPUB ¿ of death and madness that is The Dark Manor and neither have any of the people who have gone looking for him Now Sir Anthony Calverton has purchased it and needs the place investigating properly which of course calls for some proper supernatural investigatorsYou are cordially invited to join Mr Massene Henderson and Miss Samantha Jephcott specialists in paranormal adventure as they embark on their most perilous case to dateWho will survive The House that Death BuiltOnly time and the pages within will tellΟ Φόβος είναι ο πόνος που προκύπτουν από την αναμονή του κακού.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The House that Death Built
  • John Llewellyn Probert
  • English
  • 21 June 2015
  • 9780986642456

10 thoughts on “The House that Death Built

  1. Rob Twinem Rob Twinem says:

    colourful characters and that's about it

  2. Riju Ganguly Riju Ganguly says:

    Very very enjoyable read

  3. Wulfwyn Wulfwyn says:

    It wasn't what I was expecting but I did enjoy it a lot I was expecting it to be a bit scarier though I did find it scary I wasn't expecting how funny it was The dialogue was truly awesome Perhaps that is what kept it from being too scary for me If you are looking for a haunted house to spend a chilly dreary day in get this book I read it on a windy night and the howling wind just made the atmosphere perfect

  4. Kevin Konrad Kevin Konrad says:

    Great pickup from my local library I had been in a reading slump for awhile and so decided to change my genre of reading and picked up this ghostly story book Great story and there was no boring part in it Found myself engrossed in it from beginning to end

  5. KWinks KWinks says:

    I grabbed this one off the shelf and despite the cover which is a little hoaky I took it home and could not put the damn thing down It's funny scary and filled with action Honestly I had no idea this was a second book featuring these characters but it did not slow the story down for me at all I did find Samantha to be a bit of a b word and unnecessarily but Henderson was pretty awesome He is kind of a Mr Giles from Buffy smashed with Doctor Who This was a uick and easy read just perfect for this time of year Part of me couldn't help thinking that this would make a great movie as long as they put some money into special effects So once again just browsing the shelf leads me to another treasure discovered I was super surprised to see a lack of reviews for this here and on Really folks it belongs here It's a good read

  6. Carrie Carrie says:

    I very much enjoyed this book It was a uick paced read without feeling rushed Characters were engaging the story was well written just a delightful read over all Will certainly pick up by this author

  7. DK Hoffman DK Hoffman says:

    A very fun book humorous than spooky I adored the uirky characters and the droll humor I'm hoping that these two characters are in books

  8. Rdpoll Rdpoll says:

    This is the perfect book for spending an enjoyable afternoon relaxing with a cup of tea a blanket and no one to bother you

  9. Tina Tina says:

    Not my cup of tea tried to read it but couldn't get passed the first chapter It is however the kind of book my husband likes and he read it through

  10. Edwin Downward Edwin Downward says:

    A humorous take on the world of paranormal horror stories

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