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Were-Devils’ Curse (Were-Devils of Tasmania, #1) [EPUB] ✺ Were-Devils’ Curse (Were-Devils of Tasmania, #1) By Simone Sinna – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Jarrod and Jesse Tremain are extraordinary men even before Becc Morton discovers their secret Working with their father to try to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction in the remote wilds of Tasman Jarrod and Jesse Tremain are extraordinary men even before Becc Morton discovers their secret Working with their father to try to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction in the remote wilds of Tasmania Australia Becc find she is instantly attracted to them both as they are to herBut the Destroyers a group descended from the False Vampire Bats threaten both Becc’s and her men’s future happiness as well as the survival of the Were Devil species A curse from love gone wrong two generations earlier looks like it may be reenacted as the Seer’s stones tell of an uncertain futureRacing against time a secret from Becc’s past threatens them all and the Were Devil brothers are given a choice as the prophecy foretells Will they make the right choice and can they save their father and still both have a future with Becc.

  • ebook
  • Were-Devils’ Curse (Were-Devils of Tasmania, #1)
  • Simone Sinna
  • English
  • 23 May 2016

About the Author: Simone Sinna

Simone Sinna is the pseudonym for an erotic fiction writer Her erotic romance suspense trilogy 'The Stephanie Beauman series' is published by Siren bookstrand as Ebooks and in print The first 'Embedded'was released in October and the second 'Expose' in April Both follow the racy adventures of investigative journalist Stephanie Beauman the first as she hunts down the truth about a dr.

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  1. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Alyn's review posted on Guilty PleasuresRebecca Becc Morton was tired of working for entitled pet owners and their pampered pets As a veterinary science major she had high hopes of making a difference for animals and working at the veterinary hospital in Sydney was not helping her reach that goal When she receives an offer to research a strange cancer that is threatening to wipe out the Tasmanian devil species she jumps at the opportunity to do something worthwhile Although the research is in a very remote area the idea of a cancer breakthrough is one she simply can’t resist When she arrives in the tiny town she is greeted by a woman named Auntie Kate and is given a strange stone that means than she realizes when it comes to her future As she leaves the store her ride is waiting for her and he is not happy about the newly hired vet coming to live on his landJesse Tremain is tired of the females his father keeps bringing in with hopes of finding someone to fulfill the prophecy Dreaming of the one who will save their kind Jesse is tired of being let down and losing loved ones in the process After his mother and two brothers died from the very cancer that is threatening to destroy the entire species Jesse does not want to have his heart broken any But when Becc Morton sets foot in his town he knows right away that she is different He can feel the heat between them but is unsure of what it means Keeping his distance is all he can do until he gets the answers he needsJarrod Tremain senses Becc is special the moment he meets her Perhaps his father finally found the one to break the curse that was placed on their kind years earlier He sees that she is passionate about helping his father find a cure but has a sense that there is something different about her What is odd is she is not the only new arrival in town Two mysterious reporters have started snooping around their research and the pair of them appear cold as ice Jarrod senses that they must be Destroyers; the false vampire bat shifters that cursed their family with a bite that became the cancer they are trying so hard to fight He must do what he can to figure things out but when information about Becc is revealed by the local seer Jarrod and Jesse must choose between what they believe in their hearts or what they have been told all of their lives The wrong choice could mean the end of their family the right choice could save them Can Jarrod and Jesse look past their beliefs to find what is meant to be? Or will they be destined to fall victim to the Destroyers once again?What an interesting take on shifters? While I am no virgin when it comes to shifter books this is my first Tazmanian devil shifter story This story is uniue to some of the others I read because it deals a lot with folklore rather than typical paranormal back stories The brothers have an obvious connection but also show tension between one another when it comes to conflicting decisions The dynamic that the pair have with Becc is interesting because they can sense certain thoughts and feelings as their relationship builds Their love scenes are steamy and sensual with a bit of surprise thrown in when they appear on a whim as if they could tell when Becc was thinking of themThe backbone to this story is the underlying reason that Becc has come to live with the Tremains A cancer is spreading but it was not a problem until a false vampire fell in love with a shifter and they became cursed with the cancer as a result Much of Becc’s time is spent in the lab with Jarrod and Jesse’s father while she researches the cause and does her best to find a cure When she realizes that the cure may have been under her nose all along she is determined to prove her loyalty and help to save the speciesWhile this story is short it is uniue and I enjoyed it from start to finish If you love shifters and want a taste of something new give Were Devil’s Curse a try You will be glad you did

  2. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore CoffeeTimeRomance andMore says:

    Becc Morton loves animals but she is tired of pampering the pets of the wealthy So she takes a job working with a scientist who is trying to save the famous Tasmanian DevilJarrod and Jesse Tremain are brothers as well as were devil shifters and the sons of the scientist Becc will be working with They are both attracted to Becc but are suspicious due to a prophecy affecting their kindThe night before Becc is due to leave for her new job she wanders into a store called “Kate’s Curiosities” She is drawn to a bowl of beautiful stones and chooses one that Aunt Katie calls the “devil’s stone” as in the Tasmanian Devil Strangely the woman urges Becc to leave immediately but to also take the devil’s stone with her claiming she will need it in the days that lie ahead Becc finds it strange but also finds that she likes keeping the stone in her pocket and holding it Her arrival at her new home is a bit strange as Jesse her employer’s son is a bit on the surly side but Becc still likes and is attracted to him in spite of this However it is his brother Jarrod for whom her feelings truly spike and with whom she bonds first While Becc and the two men work on cementing their relationship dark times are ahead and when it is discovered that Becc may be holding a secret that could destroy them all it is the surly Jesse who is the prevailing voice of reason Can they discover who the threat truly is before the prophecy plays out in the most gruesome way?Were Devil’s Curse is an enjoyable read The love scenes are erotic and the descriptions of the land are beautiful Becc is a very easy to relate to character and her dilemma in being attracted to two men at once brothers no less which has never happened to her before is well written My biggest issue with the story is that it was the fastest insta love I have ever read In this case I felt it was a little too fast While this is a lovely story I feel that the storyline called for story development before having the three some jump into a solid relationship Despite this I will be reading the other books in this series since I’m hoping that the story development I was looking for in this one will appear in later books in the series And I have no trouble recommending this book for those who love stories about unusual shifters mixed in with their erotic romanceRegina Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance More

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