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Building From Ashes (Elemental World, #1) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Building From Ashes (Elemental World, #1) ✑ Author Elizabeth Hunter – The first book in the highly anticipated Elemental World series by Elizabeth Hunter author of the best selling Elemental MysteriesIn a world teetering on the edge of change two beings struggle to find The first book in the highly anticipated Elemental World series by Elizabeth Hunter author of the best selling Elemental MysteriesIn a world teetering on the edge of Building From Kindle - change two beings struggle to find their purpose Will their paths lead them closer together or tear their worlds apartFor a thousand years powerful earth vampire Carwyn ap Bryn has served others God His family His friends But tragedy and loss disrupt his peaceful existence causing him to uestion everything he has committed his eternity toBrigid Connor has known about vampires since they rescued her from a painful childhood But not even their vast elemental power can save her from the demons that torment herAs loyalties are tested and new paths are forged a lurking danger slowly grows in the Elemental World Carwyn and Brigid learn that even secrets revealed can come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

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  1. Jill Jill says:

    This is my first read by Elizabeth Hunter To say that I'm impressed with her writing story characterisations and romance would be an understatement Her titles have been recommended to me often and enthusiastically by Bamagal and I can understand why after reading Building From Ashes This is a very fine read but for me not without some problemsI think for anyone wanting to read Ms Hunter's work it may be best to start with her series Elemental Mysteries and the first book A Hidden Fire since this series Elemental World is a spin off And this is my one consideration with my average 3 star rating At first with Building From Ashes I was confused with the world the characters and the plot If I'd perhaps have started with the Elemental Mysteries series I may not have felt like I was thrown in the deep endHowever once I got into the story I was fineBy far my highest praise must go Ms Hunter's writing of the romance in this paranormalurban fantasy romance This is a beautiful touching and at times humourous pairing of Carwyn and Brigid And one of the sweetest and most delicious romances I've read in some timeElizabeth Hunter should give classes to romance authors on exactly how a romance should be written Too often authors skip the sexual tension the emotions and opt for the easier vote winning sex scenes I wish romance writers would take a leaf out of her book and return to including romance and not just sex in their stories I'll be reading of Elizabeth Hunter's workFor better in depth reviews of this title please read Bamagal's review and Wendy's reviewSteam 25 Thanks Bama and Wen for the recommendation

  2. Elizabeth Hunter Elizabeth Hunter says:

    Listen when people ask me what I think about Building from Ashes IT'S COMPLICATED OKAY?So here's the deal I love these characters so much Like SO MUCH That I often feel someone else—like someone who's a way better writer than me—should have written their book But of course that's not how it works because they're MY imaginary people and I'm the one who knows them best But I am unworthy But no one else can do itDoes that make sense to anyone but me? Clearly this was a very personal book for me First there's Carwyn who Let's just accept for the purposes of shared imagination here that though Fassbender doesn't look exactly like Carwyn—Carwyn is a way bigger guy—that THAT SASSY GRIN RIGHT THERE? Totally Carwyn Are we all on the same page now? GoodSo we have Carwyn who is my fictional love He's the one who always makes me smile The prankster The protector He's the MAN Err vampire YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN And then we have Brigid who is For the purposes of this review Brigid will be played by Katie McGrath in full Morgana freaky eyesShe is the grounded survivor She pulls no punches She takes no shit She was forced into immortality and yet somehow she totally owns it in her own burny spiky wayNeedless to say fun loving Carwyn and acerbic Brigid are an opposites attract story But see There was only ever her for him And only him for her I don't know why but when I was building these two characters they just fit And I adore them Carwyn and Brigid are some of the few individuals in the Elemental World that I feel like I might eventually write another book or at least a novella for Because they're awesome and I feel like they still have so much changing and growing to do togetherWhich is a weird thing to say about a thousand year old vampire but there ya go Yes yes I just gave you an extra Fassbender gif It's because I love you You're welcomeSo read them Love them I hope you do

  3. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    I loved the Elemental World Series and though I liked the way it ended I somehow wanted to see where the characters would go next especially some that I really liked So I was thrilled to discover that there would be a spin off of that series that would give some of the secondary characters their own bookAnd what a bonus to find out about one of my favorite characters that we first meet in Hidden Fire Carwyn ap Bryn A noble and endearing thousand year old vampire who has served most of that time as a priest a loving father a caring and loyal friend He’s also funny and so engaging He looked like he had been turned in his thirties but had the personality and humor of a teenager He wore the ugliest Hawaiian shirts she had ever seen He also loves wrestling on the uiet Building From Ashes is the first book in the Elemental World series the spin off the Elemental Mysteries Seriesand it’s our time to read Carwyn’s HEA with a new character named BrigidWe finally get his whole history meet his family we see his struggles between his priesthood and the love for a woman named Brigid She was pale skinned with a scattering of freckles dotting her cheeks and her garishly dyed hair was chopped short and lay in irregular chunks around a pixie face Her large eyes were the color of amber ale and her chin came to a sharp point under a bow shaped mouthCarwyn thought she looked like an extremely pissed off fairyBrigid has been part of his life since she was a little girl and in the protection of his family Saved from an abusive childhood by Carwyn he has watched her go through a hard and difficult time growing up and discovers that she is the first woman in a long long time that has touched his heartThis is not an insta love story Their feelings for each other unfold slowly and over a few years which makes is so believableBrigid really grew on mesuch a lot of pain inside her“I don’t like princess stories”How she dealt with so many issues in her life and rising above all those obstacles to finally becoming a strong and lovable personThe romance and courtship of Carwyn Brigid is so beautiful and so lovely“Gemma told me that women like being courted so please read the following reasons that you should marry me I only included five I didn’t want to overwhelm you And yes I realize this isn’t a traditional courtship It’ll work anyway; I’m irresistible” “Just with less clothes which makes if far brilliant”My favorite uote“Did I burn everything?”“We’ll build again”“Ashes” He saw tears come to her eyes but she refused to let them fall “I saw the room I left it in ashes”“We can build again Brigid I promise Even from ashes”A beautifully written love story which can be read as a standalone but I strongly recommend that you read Elemental Mysteries Series first as this book is timed around the events of all four of those books

  4. Georgia ♥ Georgia ♥ says:

    4 SOLID STARS We can build again Even from ashes After 5 books I can say for sure that I just love Elizabeth Hunter's writing style It's lyrical and fluid almost effortless and the story it's not a canvas you admire but a musical beat that you can feel pulsing in your chest Her original take on vampires is refreshing and almost believable and sometimes it makes you think that you can meet one down the road This book is a spin off of her highly praised Elemental Mysteries books It is a stand alone novel but I believe that you can savior the experience only if you know the backstory about the vampire drug from the previous books And certainly if you have met Carwyn before it is only a pleasure to read about him nowCarwyn ap Bryn Picture is from the casting in Elizabeth Hunter's site Thank you Elizabeth for the visual I love Damien Lewis and it was no hardship to picture Carwyn as himCarwyn is a 1000 years old Welsh vampire priest I know what you are thinking A vampire priest??? He is gonna be stiff and distant WRONGCarwyn is a breath of fresh air He is loony funny passionate loyal powerful and absolutely perfect The man is known for wearing Hawaiian shirts during Mass under his robes Picture him in this and try not to laughfor watching professional wrestling and drinking beer Don't get me wrong he is deeply religious and devoted to God he just knows how to loosen upBrigid ConnorA human child rescued by Carwyn's family from the worst kind of abuse now under their protection she struggles with her low self esteem addiction problems and coming to terms with her own past This is their story Not a glimpse but the whole life story since Brigid was 10 years old That's what makes this book so rich and vibrant We witness their ups and lows their struggles and successes and we are right there when they fall in love Add to all this the magical setting of Scotland and Irelandand you can't help but enjoy it I didn't have any particular complaints though I could do with an extensive glimpse in Gio and Beatrice's life Also don't let the priest thing deter you from reading this book There is enough explanation and discussion and Brigid is a Catholic so no harmI highly recommend all Elizabeth Hunter's books

  5. Wendy Wendy says:

    Carwyn an ancient old vampire with the elemental power of earth; a priest that prefers to wear Hawaiian shirts to the clerical collar who likes to watch wrestling matches is funny adorable and oh so charming Has he finally met his match with Brigid? And can she resist his wiley charms? Brigid is one tough cookie and has had a rough childhood and a tough life and until she finds solace in the man they all call Father This is again another fantastic instalment from Elizabeth Hunter She has a wonderful voice in portraying these vivid characters and she really knows how to tell a story that evokes emotions from the reader It has a great balance of action mystery and a wonderful romance that’s slow building and teases the senses Not to mention the wit and humor that shines through Here’s one of my favorite uotes “They both start pissin’ and Mick looks over to Paddy ‘Paddy’ he says ‘I wish I was as well hung as you are my friend I can see that you’re using four fingers to hold yerself’ And Paddy says to Mick ‘Ah Mick yer fine lad And I see you’re using four as well’ And Mick says ‘Aye Paddy but I’m pissin’ on three of ‘em’”Love it this is another winner Enjoy

  6. AJ AJ says:

    Carwyn Carwyn oh how I love you As a total scene stealing side character in the Elemental Mysteries series he absolutely shines in his very own book the first in the spin off Elemental World series And let me just say right now don’t even think about trying to read this book without reading the Elemental Mysteries EM series first You will miss out on so much detail you won’t know the characters and most of the world will probably not make a whole lot of sense Start with A Hidden Fire you won’t be disappointedAnyway moving on We know Carwyn as the wise cracking earth vampire with a massively huge heart and something was definitely going on with him during the last EM book And here we get his whole story played out in glorious detailTime wise this book starts way before the EM books when Carwyn saves 10 year old Brigid from a traumatic childhood and she is placed under the protection of his vampire ‘son’ Ioan and welcomed into the extended family From this point we essentially get two stories – the story of Carwyn and the story of Brigid There is a lot of time spent developing both of their stories individually which I loved but of course their stories overlap and we see them interact over the years as Brigid grows older struggles with her past and hits rock bottom only to drag herself back and start to make a life for herself she's kinda awesome by the way Carwyn stays involved in Brigid’s life keeping an eye on her and they grow close And then come the feels Brigid has pretty much always crushed on Carwyn but has written him off as unattainable due to him being a priest she is unaware that he is already uestioning his calling – and understandably so after 1000 years From his side Carwyn is shocked when he starts to have feelings for Brigid It’s not insta love it’s definitely a slow burn and it takes him some time to come to terms with it When Brigid is suddenly thrust into life as an immortal things take a massive shift and Carwyn is absolutely sensational as both her support and her protector and their relationship starts to move to a whole new level Because of their history I was worried that them coming together would be creepy and weird but it’s totally not It feels really natural the pacing of it is perfect their reactions are spot on and I loved every little moment that they had together – both before and after the romance started happening And when Carwyn falls he falls HARD “I love you I’ve lived as an immortal for a thousand years and I’ve never met a woman who warmed my heart my body and my soul the way you have I admired the woman you were as a human and I’m even excited to see who you become in this new life I think you’re extraordinary”True to his nature Carwyn in love is completely outspoken and totally unapologetic about it the scene where he ‘outs’ his feelings is freaking hilarious He is so open with how he feels and I love his confidence that Brigid returns his feelings and his absolute determination to win her over “When you fall in love with me you’re going to love me madly Completely Because that’s who you are”With so much story happening in the book we don’t get a whole heap of time with them together as a couple but what we do get is sensational The banter the laughs the love and the swoon one scene view spoiler the ‘marriage’ scene hide spoiler

  7. Melindeeloo Melindeeloo says:

    45 stars Returning readers to the world of the Elemental Mystery series in this first Elemental World spin off the outrageous gaudy Hawaiian shirt wearing earth vampire priest Carwyn gets his own eternal happily ever after in a wonderful character driven story laced with a bit of mystery sprinkled with a bit of action warmed by love sweet love and heated by an eventual touch of steam I read Building from Ashes twice back to back I liked it the first time through but I was so excited about reading the advanced copy of Carwyn's story that when I finished I realized that I'd madly turned the pages to find out what was happening next for Carwyn and his leading lady Brigid and by rushing to devour this story I really short changed myself because Hunter's strength is in the slowly unfolding exploration of her characters and their relationships Which is not to say that nothing 'happens' in the book one scene especially was both 'shocking' and 'explosive' and in addition to giving fans ' of Carwyn' Hunter comes at the events surrounding the reveal of the secret from her four Elemental Mystery books from another angle – and looks to take the continuing saga even further in the future with the repercussions that secret is having on the immortal vampire worldSo while I initially focused on the 'destination' Building from Ashes is really all about the journey and on my second read through I slowed myself down to enjoy just what an excellent journey this is The dialog is so good there are wonderful conversations and letters that tell the story of Carwyn's long mostly charmed life and Brigid's shorter but challenging one and allow us to really get to know and love these characters – this is where Hunter's writing truly shines – Carwyn Brigid and Carwyn's extensive family live love and breathe on these pages I loved Carwyn as a supporting character in the previous books but even though I had a good sense of who he was from that story his history and his long life devoted to his faith and his family is truly fascinatingBut as much as I've loved Carwyn and wanted a HEA for him I have to say that with the incredible age difference between him and the twenty something Brigid and the fact that Carwyn is at the edges of Brigid's life from the time that she was a young and very damaged child I was a bit worried about Hunter pulling off a romance between the pair I shouldn't have fretted Hunter not only pulls off the relationship but also manages to grow Brigid into a the perfect fit for Carwyn – his strengths complement her weaknesses and he is wily and pragmatic enough to take advantage of her strengths when after a few stumbles along the way Brigid grows into an impressive power of her own It is also fun to watch the thousand year old vamp flounder when he attempts to 'win' Brigid with the courting skills he never hadWhile I am sure that fans are going to be very happy with Carwyn's book I do have a warning for those who are new to Hunter's universe and haven't read the previous series Since Building from Ashes has a large contingent of characters who were previously introduced and who 'live' in the same world of Hunter's Elemental mysteries you will enjoy this book so much if you read those stories first – also this story weaves through the time line of those books so Building from Ashes has spoilers for past leads B and Gio's story and for their series' overarching mystery as wellSo I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that was Building from Ashes and loved getting to know so much about Carwyn and his 'children' and now that I've again reached that journey's end I can say that Building from Ashes is one of the rare books that I can actually see myself rereading againElemental Mystery Series ARC received for review from author

  8. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ says:

    Reviewed by Rabid Reads35 starsThe Elemental World is a PNR spin off series from Hunter's Elemetnal Mysteries series and as excited about this book as I was FINALLY and HEA for Carwyn while still being good it didn't uite live up to my expectations Carwyn is a nearly 1000 year old Welsh vampire and has been a priest that entire time When he dedicated his life to the church priests were allowed wives and Carwyn had one but when she died leaving him a single parent of several small children he was understandably distraught so his father also a man of the church sent him traveling on an errand to distract him from his melancholy It's on that errand that Carwyn was changed into a vampireDespite his dedication to the church Carwyn isn't the stodgy over serious type you might expect him to be not at ALL He's actually a bit of a prankster who enjoys WWE wrestling and has an extensive collection of truly horrible Hawaiian shirts He's also a huge flirtBut he's never felt compelled to move beyond flirtation 1000 years No sex suintsWell he's never felt compelled to move beyond flirtation until one of his daughters turns a beloved member of their human contingent into a vampire Brigid Conner has not had an easy life She was adopted into Carwyn's extended family after being rescued as a child from her pedophile stepfather Overcoming something like that is never a simple or easy task and Brigid has struggled both with developing healthy relationships and with drugs Throughout her life Carwyn has always been a constant Her rescuer when she was a child the one who discovered her addiction as a young adult various times in between as well I liked the main plot of this book very much What I struggled with was the timeline In Elemental Mysteries the first couple of books book 1 especially took place years before the present It wasn't my favorite part of the series and while it didn't particularly bother me I was glad when we finally got and stayed current This time it felt like a reread of previous events from another POV I've never been a fan of that and it was perhaps even off putting having just finished reading said previous events Another issue I had was the religious overtone Carwyn's man of the cloth status brought to the situation Carwyn obviously struggled with his commitment to the church in conflict with his attraction to Brigid while Brigid as good Catholic vowed over and over that she was going to hell for being attracted to a priest and those are the kinds of things I avoid in fiction as much as I love Hunter I only read the first book of her Irin Chronicles long enough to figure out that it was about angels before calling it uits It's just not my thing But the religious aspect is an isolated situation so I have no ualms about continuing to read the series And it must be said that a slightly disappointing Hunter book is still leaps and bounds better than most others so the issues I had were not big enough to keep me from enjoying Building From Ashes overall Recommended

  9. Joy Joy says:

    Hate to be odd man out on this one but it was slow well written but slow will read the next one hoping it flows better

  10. Lauren (The Novel Lush) Lauren (The Novel Lush) says:

    The major problem with this book is that it dragged like nobody's business It took place spread out across multiple years and so much of the story felt unnecessary and could have been cut out for pacing By the time I was at 30%ish I caught myself skimming Due to this I kind of lost interest in the romance because that too dragged on through the majority of the book before anything interesting happened between Carwyn and Brigid Disappointing because I remember loving another book by this author in a different seriesAlso this could be nitpicky but the elements that made up the mystery of the book seemed like a silly one to me Immortals live so long because they're intelligent and ruthless Of all the ways they can gain money and power these ones choose drugs? Drugs that will affect vampires who drink from them? Poisoning the food supply and killing themselves off? Usually the things immortals do to steal power hurts other races for instance the vampires screw over werewolves fae and humans without killing humans because they need them for food but not other vamps What good will it do you to gain all that power and be master of a race you killed off? Unless there was a political reason or some kind of gain to be made from killing the other vampires ie killing them off in one city to clean house and move your own vamps in and take over a lucrative territory But there was no advantage to killing them except selling the drugs made them money A temporary gain at best once it started killing everyone off

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