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  • The Iron Daughter
  • Julie Kagawa
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  • 07 October 2014
  • 9789034755841

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  1. Dija Dija says:

    Mild spoilers aheadSince a picture's worth a thousand words and all that allow me to sum up everything that happens in The Iron DaughterGirl meets BoyGirl becomes obsessed with Boy Boy treats Girl like crap and tells her to leave him alone after insulting her in front of everyoneGirl does not react like this as any self respecting female would haveOr even this which would have sufficedGirl decides to weep insteadFriend falls for GirlGirl pines after Boy anywayBoy tells Girl they can't be together Girl runs to Friend for comfort Boy gets jealousIn the middle of an apocalyptic crisis Boy declares his undying love for Girl despite all evidence to the contrary Boy and Girl live happily ever after I elope with Friend The end For reviews visit my blog

  2. Kim Kim says:

    I wasn't sure if I was going to give it 4 or 5 stars because this book is very good but it does has one mayor flaw that I found to be annoyingMeghan and Ash When you think about it What does she really know about him besides that he's gorgeous and 'icy'? He tried to kill her several times now I don't know but that doesn't exactly scream boyfriend material to me Don't get me wrong I nearly creamed myself when I read he has a silver stud in his ear Add the billowing coat and I'm sold But having those kind of feelings for somebody who is still a stranger smells a little too much like Bella Edward to me To give you an idea of how bad it was sometimes I'm into romance and I go aaaawwww and OMG every time a guy in a book does something even remotely cutesweetromantic But there was a part where I laughed out loud; This was me being very inappropriate Like laughing at a funeral inappropriate I won't give away any details but there is a scene where Ash is standing there while Meghan and her entourage are running through a door When Meghan looks back the door is falling shut and she sees Ash standing there with I forgot the exact wording a trace of a single tear frozen to his cheek I think even Ironhorse would have hidden under the bed when he heard me laughing It was a little bit too much I know I'm horrible It should have been pretty and amazing and all To me it was just cheesy over the top and hilarious But very serious face The situation was very very grim and I did feel sad about what was happening But that specific part Nah It didn't work for meHowever I like Ash a lot and I also liked the way this book ended even if it was pretty predictable yes I'm a very complicated creatureI adore Ironhorse I liked him in The Iron King when he speaks his voice booms in my head I love it and now he's one of my favorite characters in The Iron Daughther Grim still takes the lead though ^^

  3. Haleema Haleema says:

    Beware of spoilersWhat a complete disappointment compared to the utter bliss I felt from the first one Meghan is the reason why I gave this book a two I shall proceed to have my fangirl moments and my complaints nowFangirl moments1 You see the first 114 pages were decent However I must say I had a deep longing to see my Puck I couldn't stand it I did not laugh or giggle once throughout the beginning considering that Prince Ash is an absolute boreWhen Puck finally made his grand entrance as a raven on page 115 I shrieked and proceeded to do my happy dance Finally some action and humor 2 I also had my fangirl moment when Puck and Meghan kissed It wasn't awkward Well if you completely disregarded the fact that Grimalkin claimed that they were humping like rabbits on the bed Besides that I thought it was sweet Before that I was utterly furious at Meghan for romantically turning to Puck after being turned down by Ash I wanted to strangle her with her own hair and dump her into a river She's so unbelievably selfish when it comes to Puck and only Puck All she Okay I apologize This is my fangirl section I shall continue about this later See how hard it is for me just to fangirl without having my complaints spill out of me?3 Ironhorse I absolutely loved himComplaints1 Meghan's obsession over Ash Besides Puck's heartbreaking absence in the first 114 pages I was completely annoyed by Meghan's constant Where is Ash? The Winter Prince stole my heart I loved him Where is Ash? Knives stabbed my heart as I watched him walk away I love him I couldn't stop thinking about him Ash this Ash that Ash Ash Ash I turned to see if Ash was there or not I turned to see if Ash was waiting for me or notI do not need to read about your constant How long have they known each other?2 The whole I'm treating you like horse crap because I have to not because I want to concept is very exhausting Seen it before over and over again And Meghan crying over him and believing that Ash's love for her was false and blah blah freaking blah He treats her like crap and she cries over it instead of telling him off That is one of the reasons why I do not want Ash and Meghan as a couple Besides the fact that they bore me to sleep with their chemistry they are just not right for each otherWe cannot be together Stay away from me There are too many barriers shamefully 3 Ash is clearly still in love with Ariella He thinks about her everyday of his life He compares her to Meghan He keeps her personal items with her He is a destroyed prince who is in love with a half breed only becomes she slightly reminds him of his old love And of course Meghan is absolutely fine with that because she's head over heels with him Idiocy 4 The love triangle Why must there be a love triangle? I should have known this would happen though I was praying to myself that somehow Meghan would end up with Puck because he's such an awesome beast that always made her laugh and made her comfortable BUT NO The love triangle TWILIGHTMeghan turning to Puck because she's depressed over Ash TWILIGHT5 Meghan sometimes befuddled me with her stupid remarks One time I just wanted to smack her across her head with my bookA conversation between Ironhorse and Meghan This is after Ironhorse kills a pixie that was trying to rip Meghan's head off You didn't have to kill it It was like three inches tallIT ATTACKED YOU IT CLEARLY HAD AGGRESSIVE INTENT MY MISSION IS TO PROTECT YOU UNTIL WE RETRIEVE THE SCEPTER I WILL ALLOW NOTHING TO BRING YOU HARM THAT IS MY SOLEMN VOWYeah but you don't need a machine gun to kill a fly Iron horse killed this teensy little faery So when a knight dies she's okay with it but when a little pixie dies she cries about it? Thank God Grimalkin was there to shout at her for being so stupid and ungrateful that such an enormous creature wanted to protect her See Meghan was decent in the first book She wasn't stupid Then Ash came along and flipped her brain upside down so that all her cells fell out My secret hopes1 Despite the fact that Meghan has now returned to her mortal world I want a new faery to arrive and steal Puck's heart away She could be anyone I just want Puck to be with someone who makes Puck their first choice not second I just don't want Puck still pining for Meghan at the end of the series He's Robin Goodfellow hello Meghan can live happily ever after with her prince but Puck needs someone better than MeghanSomeone like Tiaothin Eh eh?They'd be awesome together Although we haven't seen much of her we can conclude that they're both mischievous sly and so beastly I wonder if anyone else ships them? Phin No really I want them together Really I'm Sirius Black Overall I am very disappoint son This is not how a seuel should be I just wasn't as happy with this once as I was with The Iron King

  4. Candace Candace says:

    The second book in 'The Iron Fey' series 'The Iron Daughter' definitely had my attention from start to finish I'm a sucker for angst and emotional pain in my romances This book was jam packed with both However it also had a healthy dose of action for the adventure junkies out there'The Iron Daughter' begins with Meghan in captivity at the Winter Court Ash has transformed into someone unrecognizable denying any feelings for Meghan and turning his back on her As his antics become crueler Meghan is forced to come to terms with the possibility that she never really knew Ash at allAppearances aren't always as they seem though This is a lesson that Meghan learns time and time again as she attempts to navigate the politics and manipulative games of the Winter Court The sadistic tendencies of the court members may be the only thing that Ash was fully honest aboutAs you can probably guess already ueen Mab played a much significant role in this book Prince Ash's brothers were also introduced making the story multidimensional Each has their own motives for their actions and their own agenda The same is true for multiple characters in the Winter Court that also enter the picture during this bookEventually all hell breaks loose Meghan and Ash are thrust back together by circumstance Ash is faced with the same feelings of betrayal that Meghan had been forced to cope with when the tables are turned on him There's nothing uite like the harsh sting of betrayal to put things in perspective While there was plenty of angst and adventure to keep me engaged I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't something that drove me crazy with this series This series featured one of my biggest pet peeves in a story beginning in the first book and only becoming pronounced in subseuent books the perfect dead ex girlfriend Every time I heard Ariella's name I wanted to scream Marsha Marsha Marsha Seriously Who can compete with the beautiful ex girlfriend that is canonized upon death? Nobody that's who In spite of the infuriating fixation with the dead ex I still found this book to be a fantastic read overall Aimed toward a younger audience than most of my book choices I was able to listen to this story with my kids Other than a few mild naughty words no f bombs or anything there was no content that was concerning or too controversial for them to hear In fact it was kind of provided some insight into my fifth grade daughter's blossoming interest in boys I'll just say that I wasn't the only one in the car that was sick of the repeated mentions of the perfect AriellaAs expected the book doesn't offer a lot of resolution One adventure comes to a close and readers are primed for another one to begin Luckily I didn't start this series until all of the books had been released so I was able to jump into the next one immediately Otherwise the wait might have killed me I listened to this book in the Audible format and I have to say that the narration was superb I really enjoyed the voices for each character and the emotional responses of the characters was almost tangible If you're an audiobook listener I'd definitely give this audiobook a shot

  5. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    I'm beginning to really appreciate reading a series where all the books are out Aww look at me and these wise life decisions But anyway I uite enjoyed this one too The stakes weren't as personal to my soul since book 1 was all about Meghan saving her little brother vs this one is just ya knowstopping the destruction of all the fey who are horrible anyway but apparently Meghan is much nicer than I'll ever be but I enjoy literally every breath that Puck and Ash take Oh and there's waves vaguely Meghan too I guess But pUCK AND ASH ➸ PLOTLike I said super high stakes since we're stopping all of faery land from destroying itself in a war But they're literally like a writhing mass of 5 year olds and they're BORED and have viciously wicked magic they want to use I can't even I love them so much ' I also love how murderously gorgeous everyone is and how amazing the glamours and magic and descriptions are They also go to the Lenansidhe's magical house where she keeps human pets who play music and she calls everyone darling and disappears in clouds of glitter Wonderful I love her Don't even try convincing me she's straight But those chapters were some of my favourites ➸ CHARACTERSOk here is the issue I love everything about this series except for Meghan McPlain Pancake lmao I am so sorry I am the worst here But she's so nothing She doesn't even do much in this one except pine after Ash and have her magic blocked I am very very tiredWhereas we have ASH AND PUCK who will happily stab each other forever and then stop each other bleeding out because what is the point of life without their eternal feud? afdkl I agree boys Pls continue on And of course we get into of the love triangle now bUT hear me out what if they all just kissed Also I am going to say Ash Gryffindor Puck Slytherin Meghan HufflepuffHaving Ironhorse as a starring character was uite interesting and I am here for it He TALKS IN ALL CAPS which reminds me of Jesse Dittley in The Raven Cycle and this pleases me Also he sees Meghan and goes YOU'RE SO PATHETIC I WILL PROTECT YOU and like thank you Someone called itAlso Grimalkin continues to be the star His answers to everything are 1 eyeroll 2 I'm a cat I do what I want and 3 disappearing Big mood Every page with him is a blessing ➸ MY FEELSI have feels Definitely than 3 Maybe even 5 Sometimes I actually suspect my brain is fluttering off into a personal fanfic world to twist parts of the story into what I'd like them to be lmao my shipping but overall I'm just really enjoying this It's fun it's not stressful it has a lot of old tropes that I laugh softly at but also somewhat enjoy Except it's as WHITE as WHITE BREAD and this is tiresome bUt anyway People get hurt and stabbed there are surprising deaths blood everywhere creepy iron fey doing their creepy stuff and yay Fun times I love everything except Meghan wow sorry about that could she just take charge of her own fate pls

  6. Simona B Simona B says:

    This book is so compelling and exciting So much so that I need to share with you a detailed summary of the plot Hold your breath from now because I swear it's a roller coasterShort but detailed recapOh pleaseI'm so pissed off right nowYou don't need a machine gun to kill a flyNo but you'd probably need one to kill a Meghan so I'd keep it within reachI’m not some suealing cheerleader you have to babysitOn this one I agree In comparison cheerleaders have so much dignity that they could choke on it And then make Meghan choke on it too You know you'll never know when you'll have another occasion to kill her Why not seize the moment I sayI'd come back from the dead for youBut why not take her with you instead Puck? I've heard weather in Hell is so beautiful this time of yearBut stop bullying Meghan nowBasically I think that to understand what I think of this book it will suffice you to read my riview of The Iron King multiplying by googolplex isn't this a lovely number now? all the negative things I said about Meghan about the plot being uninteresting and I add here repetitive about Meghan about the characters not speaking to me about Meghan about Kagawa's unsatisfying clumsy and shabby use of mythology and at last about oh how much I want to kill you slowly Meghan I said I was done bullying her? I must have been jokingBut just to make this resemble a proper review here is some serious stuff•With the most ridiculous excuse I've ever seen and read of in my life an entire chapter is occupied by the events taking place at a prom thrown by the school that Meghan doesn't even attend any Of course she's accompanied by both Ash and Puck My head is throbbing•I don't see romance here I see a girl creepily obsessing over a boy Given the nonexistent development these two's love story had he may as well have been shot by a Cupid's arrow For Meghan I don't even feel the need to come up with a metaphor she is so stupid as to make insta love believableI didn't think I'd have ever managed to put into the same sentence the words 'insta love' and 'believable'And yeah Kagawa thank you The love triangle becoming heavy and annoying was exactly what this series needed to be absolutely perfectI'm going on only because I own the next two books already

  7. The Flooze The Flooze says:

    6122011 ETA Finished book three and this is one of the most frustrating YA series I've read to date If you've no tolerance for angsty bratty obtuse heroines steer right clear of itWhen I first read The Iron King I enjoyed it I found Ash intriguing Puck endearing Grim deliciously mysterious and the iron fey’s origins refreshing I applauded Kagawa for conceptualizing a breed of fey borne of our obsession with technology I noticed obvious similarities between The Iron King and the movie Labyrinth but they didn’t prevent me from appreciating the story as a whole Time passed and friends read the book In their reviews I found references to other works plot points they’d come across before in movies books and manga and I decided to lower my rating Nevertheless I still clung to the idea that these concerns fell into the FBS zone Surely the second book would heighten my opinion of the series and distinguish it from other YAIt surely did notThough I still enjoy the concept of the iron fey and the destruction their technology brings to a magic dependant realm The Iron Daughter was such a frustrating read that I may abandon the series My exasperation can be summed up in one word MeghanApparently our heroine is a fickle emotionally charged idiot Time and again her angsty cries defy all logic and she comes off as completely self absorbed Some examples? Gladly Slight spoilers for the trajectory of the romance Ash explains he cannot show kindness towards her at Mab’s court because any weakness will be preyed upon Yet when he publicly behaves in a boorish manner she decides that he played her anguishes over his rejection and begs him to snatch her up in an embrace in front of all of Winter Waaah I thought I was special she cries Guess that warning went in one ear and out the other He shouldn’t have wasted his breath Ash makes an attempt to rescue her from Mab’s cruelty Meghan chooses this tense time sensitive occasion to have a hissy fit in a hall putting them at risk of getting caught This is made all the worse by her admission that she’s being an idiot preventing me from ever having any sympathy for her again Meghan learns of numerous precautions Ash put into place at great risk to himself to ensure her well being yet she still considers the possibility that he used glamour to manipulate her affections And the most confounding moment Her love for whom her soul was crying earlier on sits in a corner dying Instead of heeding Puck’s repeated statement that the boy needs a healer Meghan takes the time to browse her CD collection and interrogate a bogey Zero sense of urgency But when they reach the healer she bullies the woman into helping because her darling man doesn’t have much time left Where was this fearsome concern over the passage of time this “heart twisting” worry when she was uizzing the bogey under the bed?Add to this the all too common love triangle Not two minutes after going into a lengthy tirade about how she longs for Ash Meghan actually thinks “Why not try with Puck?” Why is this convention so freuently used in YA? Are teen emotions really this changeable in the writer’s eyes? In my experience it’s the opposite When a teenager finds someone to pine over crush on lust after they become absolutely fixated Especially when the object of fixation is set in a Romeo and Juliette us against the world light Moreover what do Puck and Ash see in her? It’s a common complaint across the UF genre too often writers create a heroine with multiple suitors only to fail to justify her allure to the reader Other than Meghan’s odd powers and her unthinking willingness to tumble headlong into trouble there’s nothing that sets her apart The only character whose fascination I can understand is Grim for him it’s like a front row seat at a train wreck or the Jerry Springer show Why shouldn’t he amuse himself?As an aside Puck and Ash’s relationship is far deserving of discussion than Meghan’s relationship with either As one character observes “They’re either best friends or darkest enemies I can’t tell which” Neither can we since they’re the embodiment of the fine line between love and hate Forget Meghan these two boys are perfect fodder for some slashy fanfic making mental note to check the interwebs later Back to Grimalkin These characters would be dead many times over without his help He repeatedly pops in at the eleventh hour to save them picking up the slack in their poorly conceived plans Grim’s disdain riddled comment that Ash Meghan and Puck are “the hope of the NeverNever” is all too valid With these illogical inept children next in line to take up the mantle Faery seems doomed regardlessGrim’s timely interventions raise another problem convenient plot points abound Kagawa also freuently halts the action so she can insert some new twist leading to scenes that feel forced and unnatural in context a day trip to a spa comes to mind frankly every scene with the new character Lea seems out of place view spoilerI can’t get over the fact that Meghan’s Winter Formal just happens to take place while they’re in the real world allowing Ms Social Outcast to attend with not one but two attractive boys Ah a Cinderella moment Not cliché at all hide spoiler

  8. Maria Maria says:

    Worst piece of garbage I have read in yearsThat's the TL;DR version of the review The longer version is a lengthier rant of sorts so strap on if you're readyYou would think the seuel could not get much worse considering the first book had already a bunch of cliches but somehow just somehow it beats it by far The Iron Daughter is full of predictable twists there is absolutely no mystery in anything because everything is so obvious from the moment the first hint comes up but of course every single character in the book has as much brains as a mouse so for the entirety of the book you see them bring up important details but conveniently NEVER discuss them again so you always have intelligent conversation that go something likeWhat do we do now?I don't know We have no power and nothing could help usOh my God we are so powerlessWe are yes Let's hope luck is in on our sideAnd of course luck always is and at the last moment that important detail comes up again and somehow everyone is surprised Literally I do not know how someone can write such slow characters? The writing is awful in basically every aspectMeghan in this wonderful book acts like the stupidest boy crazed person around without really realizing the dangers when she should but only complains why Ash isn't giving her his utmost attention and she has the gal to compare other fae sticking to Ash as high school mean girls You are a Class A high school girl Meghan Her development? None She keeps being boy crazed pulling Puck into the mix even though EVERYONE knows her final pick so the triangle isn't even a triangle and then as always she ignores all the important details for the plot's sake She uses a special kind of power a couple times now but she never really thinks on working it EVEN BY THE END OF THE BOOK when she has done so much She is one of the worst main characters I've ever readThe boys are inconseuential Puck gets way mor annoying in this book always trying to be funny when the situation has nothing to do with it and it's just cringy and Ash is Ash the emo boy who keeps going back and forth in his decisions I actually feel sorry for him that is stuck with Meghan Now the development of the story had potential but ends up atrocious because the main priority is fanservice Nevermind we have an impeding war and we are trying to beat the Iron Fae that no one believes they exist but we have to put there random romantic moments between Meghan and Ash even though there is literally no need Ash needs a large capacity of human emotion? Turn invisible and sit at the corner of Jesus Do we really need to make this a big deal? And not only that but the single character that I liked was killed off I guess it's better to be dead that be in this book and risk getting Meghan level stupid but still my only hopeEither way I have way too much gripes for many details of the story such as the war seemingly taking forever to start even though the march started right away to Oberon barely having any line in 2 whole books he's basically a prop for Meghan at this point to side characters barely offering any value to the plot to Grimalkin always licking his paws like it's the only thing he can do and how he seems to be the only smart entity around and should have no reason to hang out with them as he lost favors than gained to how trods are so easily found to how they always meet the right person for help to every single thing they do But I digressWill I continue? I'm not sure I want to for completion's sake but I didn't expect things to go from bad to soo much worse so fast The only thing that has it going for it is the identity of the false king who apparently no one cared to ask who it was so it's not secret because they are hiding it but because characters can't even ask Who is in charge this time?

  9. Em Lost In Books Em Lost In Books says:

    25I know I would have loved this five years ago Sadly it's not 2013 and these days I demand better love triangle than this one in my stories

  10. Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral says:

    See I have a thing about seuels they either hit the mark or they don't There's no in between point at least not for meAnd I loved The Iron King's mythology charcters and plot so I did have to wonder could Julie Kagawa do that all over again? WellYA Fantasy Fans she did even What I loved about The Iron King was the mythology the nod to traditional faerie lore and then the completely justified and believable addition of an Iron Court This tilted the familiar power struggle between the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts and created complete chaos It was exhilirating to read through it But now what?Well Julie answered that uestion She answered it in spades When we last left Meaghan and Ash they were on their way to Ash's home The Winter Court Not exactly the turf that a Summer Court Princess albeit half human half fey would feel comfortable in but Meaghan had made a promise to Ash and to the fey promises are everythingI'm going to keep this review spoiler free so let me just say that the book may start off with the fulfillment of a promise but where it leads you is so unbelievably unexpected that you will be gasping out loud I've read a few books like this so chock full of action that you find it exhilirating to turn the pages only to discover that there's even Isn't that the best part? I'm going to take a moment and compare Julie's action writing seuences to those of my favorite YA fantasy author Cassandra Clare Yes they are THAT good That unbelievably goodBut that's not the best part The very best part were the characters' arcs Meaghan's Ash's and Puck's Their back stories journeys and amazing transformations were so credible that I found my heart aching for themAnd please don't even ask if there's romance There is unbelievable forbidden beautiful romance Again my hat's off to Julie who wrote the scene on page 99 so well that I had to text a few of my close bookwormish pals just to vent What did the text say you ask? It said He's breaking my heart but in a good wayA full five stars to Julie Kagawa's The Iron Daughter If you love action romance and watching how characters mature through heart wrenching trials you will love this story as much as I do

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The Iron Daughter➻ [Reading] ➽ The Iron Daughter By Julie Kagawa ➰ – Mijn naam is Meghan ChaseIk ben mijn belofte aan Ash de Winterprins nagekomen en ben meegegaan naar het Winterhof Hoe lang ik daar nu al zit Geen idee De tijd verloopt hier anders dan in de gewone wer Mijn naam is Meghan ChaseIk ben mijn belofte aan Ash de Winterprins nagekomen en ben meegegaan naar het Winterhof Hoe lang ik daar nu al zit Geen idee The Iron ePUB ´ De tijd verloopt hier anders dan in de gewone wereld en ik ben overgeleverd aan de grillen van de kille koningin MabAsh heb ik sinds we aankwamen niet meer gezien dus het ziet ernaar uit dat hij me in de steek heeft gelaten En ik maar denken dat hij van me hieldOndertussen dreigt er oorlog tussen het Zomerhof en het Winterhof na de verdwijning van de machtige Scepter van de Seizoenen Ik ben de enige die weet dat de scepter is gestolen door de IJzerfae maar niemand wil me geloven Sterker nog alleen Ash en ik hebben de IJzerfae ooit in levenden lijve gezien dus hij is ook de enige die me zou kunnen helpenAsh waar blijf je tochAls ik wil blijven leven zal ik snel met bewijzen moeten komen en dat terwijl ik al mijn pas ontdekte magie wel kwijt lijk Nu kan ik alleen nog vertrouwen op mijn eigen vindingrijkheid Maar is dat genoegKan ik een halfbloed fae een oorlog voorkomen en Nimmernimmer van de ondergang redden.