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Web of Lies [PDF / Epub] ✅ Web of Lies By Laura OConnell – Buyprobolan50.co.uk High school sweethearts Stephanie and Lachlan are torn apart by circumstance bad decisions and a web of lies leaving an unknown future for their son Ryan Eight years later they reconnect but the time High school sweethearts Stephanie and Lachlan are torn apart by circumstance bad decisions and a Web of Lies leaving an unknown future for their son Ryan Eight years later they reconnect but the time apart has changed them The family had made decisions based on lies Web of Kindle - and deceit and now they must find a way to either reveal the truth or find another option On the surface their arrangements seemed flawless but dig deeper and the people they thought they knew aren’t as they appear Lachlan and Stephanie are forced to confront the conseuences of their actions and the entire family is compelled to reveal the truth find forgiveness and renew loving one another But the hardest decision is still to comewhere does Ryan live.

About the Author: Laura OConnell

Laura enjoys writing contemporary stories about second chances in love and life She calls the Gold Coast home however her curious nature leads her on adventures to locations that surprise and delight her Laura has a passion for telling a good story set in places where Web of Kindle - she has lived and travelled.

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  1. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    Spoiler AlertDavid and Ellen are likeable parents who have lied deceived and manipulated to have their own way in their son's future But it's all about to come crashing down for themLachlan and his former girlfriend Stephanie have based many of their life decisions on those lies Lachlan is keen to rekindle a romance but Stephanie is not so sure She's still grieving the loss of the baby Lachlan fathered But there's a twist in store for them both baby Ryan was adopted by Lachlan's sister All arranged by those very likeable but cunning parents of course to keep Lachlan's son in the family But this is one secret that threatens to rip the family apart when it is exposed Because Lachlan's sister is determined to hold on to Ryan whatever the costI liked the fact the ending wasn't tied up in a neat bow That although it was in many ways a HEA it wasn't so tidy it felt unrealistic

  2. Iola Iola says:

    Eight years ago teenage Lachlan Hunt was injured in a rock climbing accident that left him unconscious for almost a year Now aged twenty five and financially independent he decides to leave New York and return to his childhood home of Sydney in the hope of reconnecting with Stephanie his former girlfriend who had been pregnant when he had his accident This announcement shocks his parents Ellen and David as they realise they will now have confess the lies they told all those years before like telling Stephanie that Lachlan was dead and not telling Lachlan that his son was not miscarried but in fact was born and is now being raised by his sister Tania after Stephanie’s Aunt Sophia forced Stephanie to give Ryan up And that’s not the end of the secretsLachlan is single minded in his desire to reunite with Stephanie and claim their son to raise almost to the point of becoming hard headed He knows what he wants and barely stops to think about the impact of his plans on others in particular Ryan and Tania And Stephanie suffered severe depression after giving up Ryan and isn’t convinced she would be the best mother for him Tania is naturally distraught at the thought that her own brother might destroy her small family while David and Ellen have their own lies to face This is a uick read partly because it is so engaging On the face of it the tangled web of lies sounds as though it could have come straight out of a daytime soap opera yet the author manages to tell the story without descending into melodrama The characters were likeable and their reactions felt true to life although I sincerely hope that situations like this aren’t as common in real life as they are in fiction Although this is published by a Christian publisher the faith element is very understated Ellen and David are Christians but the faith of the other characters is less clear cut and this a novel that can be enjoyed by Christians and non Christians alike An excellent Australian readThanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free ebook for review

  3. Susan Barnes Susan Barnes says:

    The well apt title of Web of lies describes the way deceit has silently crept into a number of relationships in this story Lachlan and Stephanie had formed a relationship during high school but circumstances and family lies had pulled them apart with Stephanie left to deal with being pregnant and a sick guardian aunt Eight years later Lachlan decides to reconnect with Stephanie I liked the gradual process of untangling the lies and finding truth I felt the characters dealt with their pain and confusion in realistic ways It was not an overtly Christian story but just enough to give hope There were a number of minor glitches I couldn’t figure out the time span It felt like the story took place over a few weeks but this didn’t account for Stephanie who lived in Sydney being on the Gold Coast so often and where did she stay? No explanation was given as to how Lachlan was able to find Stephanie in Sydney especially as she had married and changed her name I found all the characters very believable except eight year old Ryan He had been brought up in a semi dysfunctional home yet was practically a perfect child Also the story did leave some loose ends One is only left to assume that Stephanie leaves her job and moves to the Gold CoastDespite these minor issues overall I did enjoy Laura O’Connell’s story and felt content that the major dilemmas in the story were satisfactorily resolved Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review

  4. TashNz TashNz says:

    Web of Lies is an emotional roller coaster of a story which follows the lives of a family when the first secret is discovered Yes I did say first there are secrets and lies to followLachlan and Stephanie are high school sweethearts Tragic events lead to Lachlan believing Stephanie miscarried Their son Ryan however is very much alive and living with Lachlan’s sister To make matters worse Ryan believes Lachlan’s sister is his MotherAll this is discovered in the action packed first chapter and from there you follow uickly the path that truly is a web of lies Lachlan and Stephanie’s family have spun over the yearsAll the characters are likeable and you grow with them as they themselves grow Your heart tugs as you read from everyone’s perspective about how the revelations are going to affect many lives You turn each page with baited breath as to which way the story willend because you really do learn to see it from both sides’ points of viewWe of Lies is a truly sobering read because in all reality this story could actually happen that’s how realistic it isThis is the second book I have read by Laura O’Connell the first being African Heart and I can definitely say although both stories are as different as chalk and cheese both are beautifully written full of description and I will definitely read future books by Laura

  5. Dale Harcombe Dale Harcombe says:

    This book is aptly named for it is not just one lie that has been woven into the fabric of this novel and the Hunt family but so many lies Now all of the Hunts including Lachlan and his childhood sweetheart Stephanie are caught in the middle and faced with a decision that could affect lives than just their own Anything to do with a child and custody of a child will nearly always get and keep me reading In this case the child is seven year old Ryan He is the innocent party caught in this web of lies If you can get through Web of Lies without a few tears you’re better than me This novel had me tearful at times because I was so caught up with the characters and the predicament they found themselves inWeb of Lies is a novel to do with actions and conseuences of those actions It’s also the sort of novel that not only involves the reader in the lives of the characters but makes you wonder how you would react in similar circumstances Is forgiveness for the lies and their results possible? Was the right decision made in the end for Ryan and all concerned? You’ll have to read it to find out and then make up your own mind

  6. Omega Writers Omega Writers says:

    From our CALEB reviewersLaura O’Connell’s latest novel Web of Lies is very different from her earlier book African Hearts but it is just as gripping and enticing Laura has writing skills that draw the reader into the story and ask What would I do in these circumstances?Lachlan and Stephanie are teenage lovers who after one serious mistake find themselves a world apart and separated by family interference It is a story where one lie leads to another and then another until it is very hard to discern what the truth really is and who if anyone can be trusted Web of Lies is a story of love repentance forgiveness and ultimately that truth is stronger than deceit and true love is sometimes the tough option Web of Lies is an easy to read book and would appeal to women of all ages There are a number of subtle messages contained in the book without being dogmatic A top read

  7. Desere Desere says:

    Reviewed by DesereWeb of lies was one of those books that completely captured my attention from the start go I loved how the author brought her characters back together and I completely adored how she page by page let the lies deceit and secrets unfold to us the readersThe book have a fabulous backdropand amazingly inspiring characters that will stay with me for a long time I did however feel really sad for the character of Ryanhe is the innocent in this whole mess and had no choice but to just go with itThe author loaded the book with such a extreme amount of true heartfelt emotion that it was just a simply unforgettable read and definitely one for the keepers shelfThe author once again proved to me that she makes sure to give us a valuable and re memorable lesson from her bookswhich I totally love Well done Laura Keep them coming 55 star review

  8. Narelle Narelle says:

    I enjoyed reading Web of Lies I have watched this story evolve and critiued earlier versions of the story Laura has done a great job in tackling a complex family drama She keeps the reader hanging until the end turning the page to find out how the main story uestion is resolved The conseuences of what seemed like small lies many years ago create a massive snowball with the potential to destroy a number of family relationshipsI received a complimentary copy of the book from the author

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    What a tangled of twisted lies this family unravels Though on some ways it is predictable its a great read and intriguing to see how the characters deal with knowing the truth as they learn it

  10. Carol Preston Carol Preston says:

    Engaging Aussie drama with a good message and happy ending

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