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Blood Lust (Blood Ties, #0.5) ❰PDF❯ ✓ Blood Lust (Blood Ties, #0.5) Author Jessica Gibson – Ronan has lived for hundreds of years In all of his years there has only been one for him What will he risk to get back what is his by rightThis is a short story and is the preuel to Love and Blood bo Ronan has lived for hundreds of years In all of his years there has only been one for him What will he risk to get back what is his by rightThis is a short story and is the preuel to Love and Blood book in the Blood Ties series due out in January .

10 thoughts on “Blood Lust (Blood Ties, #0.5)

  1. Jackie Jackie says:

    This is no sparkly vampire novella but a gory blood soaked look into a viciously sadistic vampire named Ronan The author has written this preuel to her new series to introduce readers to this particular character and to explain whom his love interest will be however in doing so she leads the reader through senseless killing after killing as Ronan slakes his voracious hunger for blood which in turns leads to a final confrontation with his maker KeelinI have no wish to read further in this series Ronan is too gory even for a jaded reader of vampire stories such as myself

  2. Kendall {Book Crazy} Kendall {Book Crazy} says:

    I actually read the first book in this series before I read this preuel because I forgot to read it so I went back after I finished the first book and read it It is such a short preuel with only 23 pages so it only took me like half an hour to read You do not have to read Blood Lust before you read Love and Blood but it does help a little as it gives you some back story The plot of this preuel leads nicely onto Love and Blood but I only know this as I have already read it The plot had some action gore and a whole lot of blood It was also fun to get to know one of the main characters of Love and Blood in this preuel before reading the first book in the series as it helps you get a feel for the character and shows you any changes that they go through I was uite excited to read this preuel as it is told from Ronan's point of view and as I had read the first book then I got to know what Ronan was like and the way that he acted This preuel helps you to understand why Ronan acted the way he did in Love and Blood as well Ronan in this preuel was very different to the Ronan that was in Love and Blood I liked him in this preuel as you got to see how he feels about the main character in Love and Blood Bronwyn and it also lets you get a glimpse into his mind There were a few other characters in this preuel that were not in Love and Blood but I am hoping that they may appear in the rest of this series This preuel has changed my mind a little bit about Ronan but it hasn't put me on his team uite yet After reading Love and Blood and I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series and finding out if any characters from this preuel are in there The cover is also hot

  3. Autumn Autumn says:

    The thing about novellas is they are such teases Introduced to Ronan and his desire for his child the woman he loved who he turned vampire She couldnt bare to be what she is so she fled and hes been looking ever since and now shes been found Ronan is a mess with her being so close yet so far hes on a binge attacking and killing nearly everyone he comes across and this bothered me only slightly because i feel the first novel in the series will clear this up he ripped the throats out of his victims and made no effort to cover up this deed UNLESS you count the ripping of the throats i do not count that so im eager to see how Gibson spins this part of vampire lore Again this novella did what any good novella should do it made me eager to read the next installment This Novella was given to me by the author herselfafter a rough night and a loaded uestion she really was a sweet gal that being said my thoughts on Gibson the person had no effect on my thoughts on Gibson the writer

  4. Naznin Azeez Naznin Azeez says:

    The book is aptly named This short preuel to Jessica’s book named Love and Blood introduces us to Ronan who is a vampire with an insatiable lust for blood and is about 560 years old He is constantly on the watch out for his child or rather a woman whom he turned into a vampire and is in immense love with But she ran away from her maker wanting to be human than a vampireThis preuel is only 16 pages Throughout the pages it has the most gory details about how Ronan feeds on his preys I did like the way Jessica gives so much details into these However as I am not a fan of gore I rate this book 25 which by Goodreads standards mean ‘it’s OK’I do have to mention that if you are indeed a fan of gore blood and vampires this would definitely be a 45 for you Towards the end of the preuel she ends it in such a way that you are left wanting She ended it in a good and intriguing way such that even I did wish I got a bit so imagine what gore lovers would feel

  5. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    The problem here wasn't so much the writing as that there isn't anything to it It's basically just vampire attacking woman after woman and stalking another woman altogether As a means of letting you know how little there is to this story let me make examples of freuently used words which are emblematic of repeated scenes Both dropdropped and ground are used 10 times As in he dropped her body 14 times to the ground That doesn't count the ones he tossed in trash cans or at his feet etc Throat is used 14 times as in he tore 6 times her throat outupetc That's separate from the times he sank his fangs 12 times into a neckAnd his favourite method of getting them alone to callously kill them is to take the women walkwalking It's used 19 times Finally blood was used 50 times Yes I'll concede that it's a vampire story but the darned thing is only 23 pages longAs a preuel I suppose it does introduce Ronan who I assume is the villain in the following novella's but as a story this is pointless

  6. Darcus Murray Darcus Murray says:

    I had seen these books floating around for a bit and found myself growing curious about them Given my curiosity level was rising I was excited when the author began seeking out blogs interested in participating in the blog tour for the newest book in the series I jumped at the opportunityBlood Lust is exactly as the title implies Ronan it seems is a true vampire He kills because he enjoys the blood and gains pleasure from the hunt and kill he loves the terror in his victims and he makes sure to have manyThis book was uick and simple to read An interesting introduction to the characters that makes you wonder exactly what their stories are and how they intertwine I can't wait to read

  7. Never Never Land Never Never Land says:

    Roman a 560 year old vampire is on the hunt to uench his insatiable appetite for blood Then he finds HER His mate that he has been looking for since they split 15 years ago This is a short preuel to Love and BloodThe story is a fast read because you find yourself turning the pages faster and faster with anticipation Great freebie to get you hooked and eager to buy the next in the series I gave it 4 stars because it really was too short and at times I felt it was a little rushed There were a few errors in regards to extra words If the piece was longer then they wouldn't have stood outIf you love vampires novels with romance mixed in then I suggest you take a look at this short story Beware you will be hooked

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    What an amazing kick off to a series Growing up one of my first introductions to vampires was Interview with a Vampire It has gone from the violent dangerous type to the sparkly vegetarian type I was so surprised and relieved when the first blood shed in Blood Lust was vicious and messy The way Gibson described the flesh being torn into was awesome Call me crazy but the blood and gore is what made this an amazing preuel I think she may be onto something here with the behaviour and characteristics of her vampirestaking it old school and representing the way vampires used to be I received this book in exchange for an honest review

  9. Linda Linda says:

    I know this is a short story and typically I give a lot of authors credit for writing anything given I am not creative However this was a bloody mess Ronan is completely horrible I haven't read any of the other books so perhaps reading this one first is not helping but if he is the main character in a later book he would have to do a complete 180 to become likeable All he did was kill and stalk people I'm just not sure what the purpose of this story was Was it to portray how evil he is? Was it to show how he killed his maker? How he treats his contemporaries?

  10. Mary Mary says:

    First I want to thank Jessica Gibson for giving me this amazing preuel This short story is short and GREAT All I read need to say is Vampires blood lust fighting hot vampire guy and beautiful vampire girlRonan is over 500 years old and a vampire He is searching for someone Bronwyn is his true love As he searches for her there is a trail of blood and violence along the wayJessica definitely leaves you wanting I cannot wait for January 2013 for Book 1

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