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The Olive Fairy Book [BOOKS] ✯ The Olive Fairy Book By Andrew Lang – The universal elements of the fairy tale – intrepid heroes fair maidens resolution by subterfuge shine through in this collection that stretches as far afield as India Turkey and Sudan In ‘The Sat The universal elements of the fairy tale – intrepid heroes fair maidens resolution by subterfuge The Olive Epub / shine through in this collection that stretches as far afield as India Turkey and Sudan In ‘The Satin Surgeon’ a resourceful princess outwits her wicked sister with an artful disguise Little Maia’s adventures take her high above the Earth carried by a swallow while the Green Knight is saved from death by a soup made from snakes ‘The Story of Little King Loc’ was adapted by Andrew Lang’s wife from L’Abeille written by the French poet M Anatole FranceIn creating the Rainbow Fairy books Andrew Lang echoed the work of Perrault and the Brothers Grimm Although he was also a novelist and poet it is for his large contribution to the world’s stock of fairy tales that he is most remembered This edition of The Olive Fairy Book is introduced by award winning children’s author and poet Jane Yolen With over books to her name Yolen has been called the Aesop of the th century Here she describes how the Rainbow Fairy books were ‘a game changer in the world of children’s literature’ setting a precedent for later anthologists like herself Kate Baylay's exotic Art Nouveau inspired illustrations are a captivating accompaniment to the stories A dragon curls around the balustrades of a beautiful palace the lovely Dorani flies across a starry sky the Boy who Found Fear at Last frees a sinking ship from a mischievous sea maiden The tales are also interspersed with intricate black and white drawings by the artistClassic stories included in this collection 'Madschun'; 'The Blue Parrot'; 'Geirlaug the King's Daughter'; 'The Story of Little King Loc'; ''A Long bow Story''; 'Jackal or Tiger'; 'The Comb and the Collar'; 'The Thanksgiving of the Wazir'; 'Samba the Coward'; 'Kupti and Imani'; 'The Strange Adventures of Little Maia'; 'Diamond cut Diamond'; 'The Green Knight'; 'The Five Wise Words of the Guru'; 'The Golden headed Fish'; 'Dorani'; 'The Satin Surgeon'; 'The Billy Goat and the King'; 'The Story of Zoulvisia'; 'Grasp all Lose all'; 'The Fate of the Turtle'; 'The Snake Prince'; 'The Prince and Princess in the Forest'; 'The Clever Weaver'; 'The Boy who found Fear at last'; 'He Wins who Waits'; 'The Steel Cane'; 'The Punishment of the Fairy Gangana'; 'The Silent Princess'.

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  1. Jennifer Girard Jennifer Girard says:

    I'm almost done with these and I honestly can't wait cause it's getting very repetitive

  2. Abigail Rasmussen Abigail Rasmussen says:

    These traditional fairy tale stories are rich in character building ualities The sun may shine purple and zebras may be blue and green polka dots but however fantastical the imagined world may be the stories retain a faithfulness to the moral order of the actual universe The characters in the metaphors are not just random figments of a fancy imagination but rather reflections of our own invisible world the supernatural The audio book version of The Olive Fairy Book is now complete and has been cataloged here Each short story is read by a different reader I started this book as a project on LibriVox a few months ago I was the Book Coordinator as well as the Dedicated Proof Listener Many different LibriVox readers signed up to read one or of the 29 fairy tales told in this book

  3. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    As before with the Blue Book many of these were long in length I didn't recognize most of these but my favorite new one is probably The Billy Goat and the King just because the characters amused me the king with his giggles and the wife with her suspicious glares Want a perfect life and happiness? Apparently that's achievable only by falling in love with a beautiful prince or princess the moral of most of these storiesI may enjoy some of these in print format since I listed to audio and let's admit that audio and I are a bit out of sync

  4. Shauna Shauna says:

    Sadly this collection ran in the way of The Billy Goat And The King in which the happy ending comes in the form of a wise old goat teaching the King to better control his wife by threatening to beat the poor woman I'm afraid neither women or men come out of the grand majority of these stories at all wellThere are a scant few tales in The Olive Fairy Book that I truly enjoyed but they earn those three stars

  5. Jalilah Jalilah says:

    Andrew Lang's Colored Fairy Books are classics that I somehow missed as a child This particular volume has a number of Armenian Turkish and South Asian tales in addition to European ones

  6. LobsterQuadrille LobsterQuadrille says:

    35 stars I think this was the first of Lang's Fairy Books that I ever read I looked forward to trying it out again but compared to most of the others I ended up with a rather short list of stories that I would re read most of them were enjoyable but just not very memorable for me since they dragged on a lot or were overly repetitive These were the ones I did really like and may re read sometime The Blue Parrot Little King Loc A Long Bow Storyloved this one Thanksgiving of the Wazir Samba the Coward He Wins Who Waits The Punishment of the Fairy Gangana

  7. Aileen Aileen says:

    Very enjoyable tales full of magic and superstition and talking animals I enjoyed The Silent Princess and The Thankfulness of the Wazir among the dozens of tales I think this gave me a better impression of the beliefs of traditional India though the tales from other countries also had remarkably similar lessons and outcomes

  8. Kaion Kaion says:

    At this point in the series Lang must have long run out of the familiar stories and casted further abroad for this 11th installment of the Fairy Book series If the volume is somewhat lacking in first rate tales as a result it largely makes up for this in freshness There's also a general cohesiveness to the collection that at times lacking in the Red Fairy Book— sure there's the same number of literary fairy tales that have been abridged beyond intelligibility— but overall the writing has become polished With stories from Sudan Armenia Turkey and India The Olive Fairy Book certainly fulfills my wish for cultural variety in the series Anyway to the highlights Jackal or Tiger? Indian unattributed is an odd little tale of marital dispute in which the comic exaggeration of greed and selfishness juts up against the darker currents of familial breakdown and suggestions of murder and incest This is the stuff of Greek tragedy I'm saying so it seems especially strange that the king gets a relatively happy ending Water and blood seem to be the major motifs in the story — the bond of blood which he doesn't owe to his father and half sister vs the bond of water by which he is connected to the witch So then magic is only created through an alchemical reaction of both a sacrifice given of both honor and blood Who knows what this has to do with the jackaltiger though Kupti and Imani Punjabi unattributed is a charming take on the classic story of good sisterbad sister in which bad sister is lazy and unprincipled and good sister is hardworking and self reliant see Tam and Cam Imani is altogether awesome and it's nice for once to have a romance with a long friendshipcourting period As it always is though no one recognizes anyone else in drag Also you should seek medical advice from monkeys It's a pity that we can't tell some man of a medicine so simple and so save a good man's life But men are so silly; they go and shut themselves up in stuffy houses in stuffy cities instead of living in nice airy trees and so they miss knowing all the best things Major Campbell is credited with a number of amusing Punjabi folk stories notably Diamond Cut Diamond in which we learn the only way to defeat a con artist is a hire a better one He also provides Dorani an even heartening variation of the Dancing Princesses story than the one I praised from The Red Fairy Book As in that rendition Dorani leaves the life of nightly escape of her own accord Not because she has been bested; rather having found her voice within the dream she is ready to take it with her into reality Silence as an act of female self determinationdefiance see The Piano dir Jane Campion rears its head again in the Turkish The Silent Princess Echoing something of 1001 Nights the hero must spin a story every night that tempts the princess to speak or lose his head in the failing Notably he does so by engaging her intelligence and even importantly each story ends with the exercise of female judgment Ignac Kunos also provides The Boy Who Found Fear At Last which true to the title shares a similar premise to the Grimm's The Story of a Youth Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was Where the Grimm tale is a comically morbid affair that implies fearlessness is a kind of sociopathy The Boy Who Found Fear At Last is even haunting in its implication that it is our ties to society that provide the greatest existential horrors ‘The king the king’ but as he listened to the cries a vision swifter than lightning flashed across his brain He saw himself seated on a throne spending his life trying and never succeeding to make poor people rich; miserable people happy; bad people good; never doing anything he wished to do not able even to marry the girl that he loved a cold shiver that he knew not the meaning of ran through him‘This is fear whom you have so long sought’ whispered a voice which seemed to reach his ears alone And the youth bowed his head as the vision once flashed before his eyes and he accepted his doom and made ready to pass his life with fear beside him And all that time Lang insisting the Fairy Books are for children Ha Rating 35 stars

  9. Erik Erik says:

    I got this book for Christmas It's definitely my favorite of Andrew Lang's Fairy Books I was lucky enough to get an illustrated version The pictures are beautiful and the stories are entertainingMy favorite stories The Blue Parrot my favorite one of all The Story of Little King Loc Kupti and Imani Dorani The Story of Zoulvisia The Snake Prince The Boy Who Found Fear at Last The Punishment of the Fairy Gangana The Silent PrincessA few stories weren't to my liking The Strange Adventures of Little Maia Grasp All Lose All He Wins Who Waits or flat out confusing Geirlug the King's Daughter comes to mind but overall the stories were excellent I like how non European stories dominate the book it's nice to see stories from other cultures Definitely a recommendation for fairy tale lovers

  10. Mary Catelli Mary Catelli says:

    A mix of tales leaning toward India and the Middle East The Green Knight gives us a new and different promise a dying ueen should not extract from her husband The Prince and Princess in the Forest and The Silent Princess are unusual tales Several literary French ones which I was by this point able to pick out of the others just by style

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