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Filth ➥ [Epub] ➟ Filth By Irvine Welsh ➯ – Suitable only for persons of strong constitutionContainsDrug usePerversionMurderCorruptionSexismRacismLaw EnforcementAnd a tapeworm Suitable only for persons of strong constitutionContainsDrug usePerversionMurderCorruptionSexismRacismLaw EnforcementAnd a tapeworm.

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  1. Carlos Lavín Carlos Lavín says:

    The ending the damn ending to the bookIt’s been like five years since I last cried with a book I actually had to step out of the office I started reading the book on the bus ride to work I had 20 pages to go when I arrived and I sure as hell wasn't going to stop reading and to the bathroom to try and cool myself down view spoilerwhen I read the last two pages hide spoiler

  2. F F says:

    Loved this Read it when i was in 4th year so I was maybe 15 or 16Film was amazing too

  3. Shamus McCarty Shamus McCarty says:

    Use uotation marks you limey bastard

  4. Baba Baba says:

    Ne'er has a book been aptly named as we read from the viewpoint of the head and stomach of Borders Lothians Detective Bruce Robertson who is the main lead in an investigation of a possible racially aggravated murder on the streets of Edinburgh Bruce however is concerned in continuing his love of debauchery manipulation and personal hate of pretty much everything A trigger fest of sex harassment violence narcotic use corruption law breaking and Freemason secret society membership ensues Meet Bruce RobertsonSomehow Welsh takes this ongoing never ending onslaught of hateful behaviour and makes it a story that you get absorbed in and can't let go of despite loathing Bruce from beginning to end Great work 85 out of 12

  5. Martin Martin says:

    I'm so glad I listen to my friend's book recommendations sometimes'FILTH' is the story of Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson and the first thing you should know about him is that he's a complete and utter BastardDuring the build up to Christmas the race is on for the much desired Detective Inspector position and Bruce is adamant that he is going to be the one Now if that means he's got to lie cheat steal manipulate and back stab his way there then you can safely bet that he will The media sensitive murder investigation of a black tourist might cause some trouble but that's not going to stop him enjoying his week holiday of drinking and whoring in the 'DamIt is refreshing from time to time to read a first person perspective of a complete and utter Cunt He is a user a misogynist a racist a drug user and an abuser All the things most people aren't And he's unashamedly so as well he has no ualms with lying or betraying his friends in his selfish designs Bruce Robertson is the type of controversial character that although despicable you just can't ignore He is just so reprehensible and disgusting and that's before we get onto the rash on his cock or the tapeworm growing in his stomachA truly inspired idea to give consciousness to the Tapeworm Bruce is all but lacking a conscience There is no Jiminy Cricket sitting on his shoulder telling him right from wrong but there is a Tapeworm who refers to itself as The Self Like the reader the Tapeworm learns and about Bruce as the book continues In the end it's the worm who is Bruce's advocate and perhaps last remaining meaningful contact as Bruce has all but fucked over every human being he has came acrossDespite the drugs meaningless affairs betrayals and tortures 'Filth' is actually very funny Irvine Welsh has a flair for dialogue that cuts to the bone and a writing style that engrosses the reader Forthright and unabashed in it's overtly controversial opinions it stands out like the best stand up comedian Daring to be dark disgusting and horrible; saying and doing things so that the reader or any well adjusted member of society does not have to I'm glad my friends put me onto this book otherwise I might never have picked it up Irvine Welsh is better known for his famous novel 'Trainspotting' something which is of a story OUT of darkness 'Filth' is the opposite it is a descent INTO darkness A story of loss told through abuse consumption self loathing and TapewormsYou are unlikely to find a book like it

  6. crίѕтίŋα•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●• crίѕтίŋα•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●• says:

    35 stars“One of my mottoes aboot the job is better you wasting some cunt else’s time than some cunt wasting your time” DS Bruce Robertson “In a sense we are together because nothing space time distance whatever can break the delicious communion between us” Carole

  7. Lily S. Lily S. says:

    Same rules apply I needed a book I could finally rate 5 stars As many said before me the book perfectly corresponds to the title; filth There is nothing I've read before that so perfectly illustrates utter and complete burn out Our protagonist Bruce is a cop whose life is in ruins his wife left him he drinks takes drugs and fucks whores on top of that there is eczema all over his privates and a tapeworm in his gutsReading this is like fast forwarding on a nightmare where the same elements keep repeating and everything spirals out of control slowly Bruce hates everything and everyone and his only joy left is making people's live hell around him with perfectly planned scheming Most if not all of his thoughts are racist misogynistichomophobic hateful angry and nihilistic At a certain point the only sound of reason is the tapeworm inside him The ending brings a true catharsis it shows that the things that happened weren't just pointless rants from the writer and one could close the book with a sense of every piece falling to its place Welsh's writing is incredibly powerful it swept me away and I kept reading it compulsively to the very last page I'm certain that this book is a masterpiece in its own way

  8. Steven Stennett Steven Stennett says:

    I have never been so glad to finish a book Great writer and I found bits of it funny but my overriding impression of the whole experience of reading it was one of deep depressionI am glad to say that I will never have to do that again

  9. Sal Sal says:

    There are several reasons why I will never forget this book The main reason is Bruce Robertson the main character of FilthBruce Robertson is a Police Investigator in Edinburgh He's also in every sense of the word the WORST human being you can imagine He's depraved completely void of morality racist and worst of all believes in what he does Reading this book actually makes you fearful that there are people out there like this in positions of power His actions are awe inducing in their maliciousness Sometimes they are horrifying And amazingly if you connect with this book not everybody will you will actually laugh out loud Sometimes at yourself when you come to the realization that you are actually finding humor in his actions In my adventures of reading modern fiction I don't think I've ever come across such a horrible creation such as Bruce Robertson He is filthThat said what a thrill this book was and what a thrill it is to discover a novelist such as Irvine Welsh He's drunk on the possibilities of language and that's what makes this book so special He makes it bearable to co exist with Bruce Robertson for almost 400 pages because he writes in such a way that gets you on the same wavelength as his character And as Bruce finds justification in his actions and philosophies even if you don't as a reader you are still right there with him the entire time The Scottish dialect is easy to get used to and adds so much to the authenticity and grit to the story Couple all of this with a truly satisfying ending and this is one of the most fun and memorable reads I've come across I'll surely be seeking out Irvine Welsh to read as wellUpdate 24 hours have passesd since I finished Filth and wrote the review above As the book continues to linger on my mind I find myself feeling and sympathy for Bruce Truly the mark of a good bookthat it remains with you and continues to make you think

  10. Xandra Xandra says:

    A few years back I was watching some pissed off religious zealot going all loony on TV because gays were having their pride parade oh the horror and proposing they should all be sent to the desert or be given a country Australia he suggested to inhabit Maybe I should have been outraged but I couldn't stop laughing to tears at the poor ignorant fool and his unbelievable stupidity Some people are so deranged you just can't take them seriouslyMy reaction to Bruce Robertson was not much different Yes he's a racist a sexist a homophobe a cokehead a liar a scum Everything you despise in a human being He's the lowest form of life possible His words thoughts and actions end up with you angry and repulsed and swallowing back a bit of your own vomit You sure don't empathize with him because you're a decent human being who's been sheltered from this kind of behaviour and lived surrounded by nice people your whole life And if you can't empathize with the scumbag character you might not like the book You might even fall into a trap and get the impression that the book promotes hatred and glamorizes despicable behavior But I think the difference between right and wrong is clearly defined here it's wrong what Bruce thinks and does it's right what Bruce says mockingly when he contradicts his own regular dirty thoughts Thoughts that are not beliefs though They're just a form of self defense because at his deep core Bruce is not as horrible as he appears Bruce is not to be taken seriously he's not where you draw your morals from that would be Drummond his antagonist You just pity him or point at him and laugh at his ignorance Did you know this is being made into a movie starring James McAvoy and Jamie Bell?

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